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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Originally Posted by easyrider View Post
Can drowsiness be caused by air conditioning running continuously (in a long drive) resulting in carbon dioxide buildup? Especially, if air is not being circulated from outside when recirculate button is on.
I think it affects to an extent, when it happened? during two of my recent night drives in October, once on the way back from Mantralaya, the other while coming back from Chitradurga. It was around 8:45pm, I had reached Anantpur in about 2.5 hours after starting from Mantralaya, then it became very difficult for me to stay awake and took 2 breaks and on power nap. I never felt so much sleepy earlier. Then I experienced same thing around the same time while driving back from Chitradurga, this time my mother and kids were with me, I turned off A/C and rolled down the windows. I stopped for one break near Tumkur.
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Asleep behind the steering wheel! IT KILLS.

The SAFE DRIVE SAVE LIFE campaign which is the brainchild of West Bengal State Transport Department does not seem to be efficient enough to curb the accidents that keep happening at least here in Kolkata. Almost every single vehicle on the road although displays a sticker with SAFE DRIVE SAFE LIFE but its actually the persons who drive roughly that causes the menace and rage on the roads of Kolkata.

Add to that poor infrastructure, traffic polices more busy to fill up their own pockets and slamming some cheap spotfines especially on the Goods Carriage vehicles and allowing them to ply in the city throughout the day thereby choking the traffic movement all add to the menace.

Yesterday another software engineer was killed as the driver of the cab agency felt asleep behind the wheel.


This is a serious problem that seems to be present nowadays even with drivers related to App Cabs UBER and OLA. With incentives and businesses not like that in starting I personally am aware of few drivers who drive in the daytime as a UBER and OLA cab and then rush through the city to find some sleep and freshen themselves up and again start doing rounds of Night Trips with IT Parks at night.

The above incident again brings this to the light.

Since I am a newbie I am not sure if this is relevant or has been discussed earlier. Please merge this if you think it should be.
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Re: Asleep behind the steering wheel! IT KILLS.

In 2007, one day, I had some family function to arrange and attend which I did till afternoon, and then had to go to office near Manesar for an implementation which continued till 4 a.m. After completing the implantation I started my drive back from office to my home in Ghaziabad. I was, of course, tired and drowsy but thought that I can manage the 55 odd kms. I finally fell asleep on the wheel after the 3rd circle on Akbar Road, for those of you who know the layout of Delhi's roads, and crashed my car on the police barricades of the rear gate of 10 Janpath - no less!
The car turtled, but I wasn't hurt. I called out for help, no one came, but I heard a rush of boots and some resolute clicks. Finally I managed to open the door, and there were rifles and SMGs pointing at me. Anyway, they quickly realized that I'm not what they were scared it might have been, and called the police. I was grilled by 4 different departments for all of next day, but got off lightly. No one was hurt, the car held up nicely (original Logan).

But I learnt a lesson that I follow till date -
I do not drive any further if I am tired. I do not do long drives at night. I never sleep in a taxi and constantly monitor the driver for fatigue. Haven't broken these rules since then.
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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Having a good sleep in the previous night is very important before long drive you go next day. If you are sleepy during the drive, STOP, do not drive. Just handover to someone who can drive. If that is not an option just stop the car in a safe place and take a nap.

You might not require a long sleep. With a short nap of 30 mins you might feel refreshed and ready to drive for another 2-3 hours. This is based on my experience. It could work for some and may not work some we are all not tuned same way.
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Re: Asleep behind the steering wheel! IT KILLS.

Episode 1 - PART I:
Circa 2002, I was employed with one of those Tech companies and my work timings were to support UK Business hours. One fine day, I got delayed and hence had to get into a 'back-up' cab which of course would be a regular cab for the next shift folks.It was a Tempo Traveler and managed to sit on that seat behind the door on the left. Before the journey started, few regulars in that cab called the drivers name casually and said "Gothallvaa...Yaav kade Hogbeku?"[Hope you know?...Which area are we supposed to go] to which the driver nodded.

I was wondering why that question because the employee even knew the name of the driver but I ignored it.

My destination then was RT Nagar and we started from Whitefield. It was 0030 Hours and everything was normal. I managed to look at the roof mounted Stereo System (atypical of TTs). Somehow, after few mins I realised I was sleepy and closed my eyes while the cab was cruising on the Outer Ring road near Banaswadi. After only few minutes, I heard the same employee scream the drivers name.........and SCREEEEECHHHHH!!.

I noticed the TT was almost heading in diagonal direction and about to climb the median: Shockked: The driver got down while this employee was going to call the Transport control room while the driver kept insisting that he was sorry while washing his face and that he would lose his job. The employee knew this was regular and warned him that this was the last time. That night, I got dropped first. story over.
Episode 1 - PART II:
During subsequent months our team made plans to visit Goa and so the easiest option then to hire a cab was to ask the transport contractor in our office. He obliged and made arrangements for a Tempo Traveler.

On the day of the start of our journey, so we all managed to leave on time, It was decided that everyone manages to reach Mathikere from where we all would start. The TT was also asked to reach here and it very much did on time.

We load our bags and the journey starts around 2200. Since childhood I have this craving to sit next to the driver and since TT has this nice one seat near the front left door, I sat there while my colleagues watched and listened to the AV system. But one thing I began realizing was that the driver felt super lazy, was lugging the engine and not even utilizing chances to overtake when there were many. I almost felt like we should switch places. So while we were nearing Kadur (we took BH road to each Goa then), It was way past midnight and I told my friend sitting behind that we better make a stop for Tea as the driver seems too lazy for my liking. We pulled over and we consume Tea and we continue.
Episode 1 - CLIMAX
I casually glanced at the AV system and what do I see - It resembled the same system which was in the TT I had once boarded from work which almost climbed the median. Then despite of glanced at the driver's face for umpteen times in the last 4 hours this time I had a proper look only to realize it was same driver that night too!!!

That was it - We decided to pull over at Shimoga, ensure that the driver gets some sleep for few hours and then continue towards Goa!!!

We were returning from Pune in a friend's SX4. Its always usual that I don't like to be driven so I still drove till Chitradurga. After this my friend said he wanted to drive as he wasn't getting sleep. So he takes the wheel and we start.

Back then (2012-13), the stretch from Chitradurga to Tumkur was undergoing 6 lane expansion and there were at least 19 diversions, all marked and inconsistent speed breakers before or through these diversions.

We passed quite a few diversions without issues, I was awake and alert all the times and then when nearing one such diversion, I realized my friend wasn't going easy on the throttle ideally the way he should based on the speed he was approaching.

These diversions were well marked, all of them but the signage was not properly placed. Couple of them had 'Take diversion' Signage placed before the diversion starts while few of them were placed right at the place where you take left. This confused my friend and he presumed that the diversion was after the board and was about to continue straight when I yelled at him (instantly the throttle was released) and pulled the steering towards left to tell here is where the diversion was!!!

These are the 2 episodes I would never forget ever in my life and complementing the very title of this thread here are couple of things you see (of should not see) in a driver who is a risky one at nights.
  • You are not even winking your eyes or moving your eyeballs or neck to assess any of the 3 mirrors - An alert driver will do this at least every 5-10 seconds

  • You are lazy to hold the throttle at one position and time and again are releasing it and pressing it back again to remain in momentum even on a very straight and empty stretch ahead

  • You eyes are glued ahead and you aren't flashing lights to assess traffic or gaps while passing ahead

  • You are lugging your engine after slowing down and not even downshifting and want to just continue on the same gear no matter how bad it feels or sounds and how long it would takes to gain back the cruising speeds

  • You appear less alert as you are driving at constant speeds but each time you spot a vehicle ahead you are braking quite often because you have not assessed its distance from you or a safe gap to pass

  • The first thing you do when you realize someone faster than you is flashing to overtake you is to just press the brakes and not even bother to give him way or remain stuck wherever you are

  • You want to stop for tea after every toll booth to say you need a break but still want to drive
Of course, I would not list sleeping at the wheels closing the eyes and head down as part of the above list. That is the most common but a very late indication before any of these signs become visible!

All of these are some very obvious indications of a sleepy driver in you or in that driver with who you are traveling with and it is always better to pull over and stop than be sorry.

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads-1565613621_2ydmhe3leb.jpg

Came across this brilliant advertisement and had to share it.
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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

A stop-gap emergency trick for driver drowsiness

Drowsiness is indeed a silent killer, what with the increased speeds due to better highways and faster vehicles! As mentioned in most of the extremely informative posts above, ensuring required sleep-hours before a long drive (night or day) is a bare necessity. However, it may not always be possible to ensure that the driver has no sleep-deprivation, especially in situations when one has to start driving early in the morning after attending a night-long event. Otherwise also, even a well-slept driver can feel extremely drowsy in the afternoon hours. The issue is more pronounced on expressways with sparse traffic, as there is not much to do for the driver to remain active.

I have faced such situations myself a few times. On many occasions, there was another driver with me, so we alternated. However, the last instance was about a year and a half ago, when I was returning with family from Lucknow to Delhi via Expressways. After attending a wedding in the night, and taking a two hours-long nap, we started at about 5:30am. After driving about 100kms, I slowly started feeling drowsy and in no time drowsiness became overpowering. I stopped, washed face, even took tea, but all of it was of no use.

Then I ended up inventing a stop-gap emergency trick for driver drowsiness. It may even sound silly, but when nothing was working, and stopping was not an option, it worked well. There are other more sensible alternatives, like taking a long stop. But I am sharing here the method I used, with all the disclaimers, just to be of help in any exigencies, also expecting that any users of the trick would be using it at their own risk, and that too only when stopping is absolutely not an option.

I started fanning my face with my fingers, leaving the fingers loose, so that air flows into my eyes and face and the movement of fingers keep the eyes in an alert state, hence awake. I think, more than the air incidence, the startling movement of fingers kept drowsiness at bay, throughout the 460 kilometers I drove thereon. It was not required to be done continuously, but only when drowsiness would start re-surfacing, after disappearing on a round of the exercise of 15-minute duration.

I again firmly request readers to not actually test the method, but try it only as a last resort in any exigencies. If you must try, try sitting in your home, when you feel sleepy while watching TV.

(So far I have shared the trick only within my family. I have safely driven a little more than 2,00,000Kms, with a few outstation trips every year.)

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Re: Indian Aviation: A Historical Photo Essay

Just read this story about near crash of Air Canada at SFO and found it quite spine chilling. Sharing it coz I feel there is lessons in it for all of us especially when I read stories of crazy 18 / 22 hour drives on TBHP.

PS The comments made above are not with malice or sarcasm towards anyone driving long but just want to highlight a possible consequence.

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

If you experience sudden sleepiness while driving, you should stop driving as quickly as possible. Pull into the next rest stop or any other safe, well-lit space that allows you to safely park and not obstruct the road. A 20-minute nap should leave you adequately refreshed and alert, but take more time if needed. One thing to keep in mind is that coffee and other caffeinated beverages provide a temporary energy boost. After the effects of the caffeine have worn off, the feelings of drowsiness may return. A cup of coffee or two coupled with a brief roadside nap is recommended, but drinks to keep you awake while driving may not provide enough alertness on their own.
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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Thanks for this thread. I am sharing two of my experiences.

First one was 12 years ago. It's not necessarily a sleepy driving experience but is sleep related. I was a new driver and was in the learning phase. One day I had a long session (about 8 hours) of gaming (NFS Most Wanted). This was followed by 5 hours of sleep. My plan was to wake up and continue the gaming session, however we had to leave for Meerut almost an hour after I woke up.

I was driving with my father by my side (He was not aware about my lack of sleep). We were the only two people in the car. 10 minutes into the drive, my brain drifted into NFS and I had this sudden feeling to hit a vehicle to score points. However as soon as I felt that, I pulled over and asked my father to drive. I realized what I was about to do. I was so scared at that time.

Second one, I have posted it here.

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Just wanted to put this out here,

Loud music doesn't always help you stay awake.
Blaring music that gives you pain in the ear will keep you awake. But will permanently damage your ears, and most cars even with aftermarket amps etc. cannot achieve such volumes.

I fell asleep yesterday twice with my powerbeats banging at 70% volume in my ears. (at home of course) and realised that loud music doesn't work.

The only thing that works is good rest

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

This video was shared by the Cyberabad (Hyderabad) Traffic Police:

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

Haven't read the entire thread but have to share.

Either google "took a clue" from my reading the XUV700 thread yesterday or reading this thread today but here it is : (Credits to Providers)

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

A combination of sleep deprivation and rain. The driver and passenger were lucky.

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Re: Drowsiness & Sleepy Driving: The silent killer on Indian roads

I had a small incident earlier in February this year on Taj Expressway. I blacked out for a second and swirled extremely to left banging the side rails. Fortunately, I was not hurt but my old Alto took the blow, my family were in other car way ahead of me.

A day before this incident I had to donate blood for my mother's transfusion and even after proper rest we all had to travel to Delhi. Seems like weakness was the cause here.
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