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Default Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Maruti Suzuki conducted a 'Seatbelt Use in India' survey across 17 cities covering more than 2,500 drivers. The results reveal that only one in four drivers wears a seatbelt.

Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts-three_point_seatblelt-rear.jpg

Over 80% respondents revealed that the fear of fines and police action is the primary reason for wearing seatbelts. The survey also reveals that 81% of women and 68% of men did not wear seatbelts.

Over 90% drivers in Nagpur wore seatbelts, whereas, over 80% drivers in Jaipur and Chandigarh wore seatbelts. These three cities were placed at the top in the survey. Shockingly, in the city of Coimbatore, it was found that not even one of the surveyed persons used a seatbelt. Cities like Indore and Bangalore stood at the bottom of the list.

According to the region-wise report, only 11% respondents in the southern states use seatbelts followed by the eastern states at 22% . For the front passenger, Mumbai is leading with 79% people belting up followed by Jaipur and Chandigarh. The overall usage of seatbelts by the rear passengers stands at a low 4%.

Comparing the vehicle type seatbelt usage - only 12.5% SUV, 28% hatchback, 32% sedan and 36% luxury car drivers use seatbelts. The most common excuse given for not using seatbelts was that they ruin the creases on clothes.

According to studies, in an accident, wearing seatbelts decreases the risk of death by over 45% and lowers the risk of serious injury by 50%. It also reduces the chances of the occupants being thrown out of the vehicle in a crash.

Source - Economic Times

Link to Team-BHP News

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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Not surprising at all. Even when I drive out of some of the most hitech or financially affluent cities onto highways, I spot that complacent behavior with the driver and the co-passengers who have total disregard to their safety.

Seat belts like helmets are "penalty savers" and never looked at as life saving standard accessory by car owners. Heck, most don't even know how belts functions and are totally oblivious to their locking mechanisms during an incident or an accident.

I feel all Car dealers should make it a must to show a 2 minute video on to show how not wearing belts can result in serious injury and/or death. They must also give a demo on now seat belts lock up.
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

I'm sure Mr RC Bhargava will use this as a justification for Maruti cars to come fitted in future with 1 seat belt between four seats!
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

This is honestly so shocking, it pains me. As someone who personally escaped with minor injuries from a head on collision thanks to my seatbelt I can't comprehend why one would not use such a simple yet effective safety solution. It beggars belief.
I remember when we first moved back to India being rather distressed that cars didn't come with seatbelts, and remembering mum having to order and retrofit them to our cars at the time (her old Maruti 800 IIRC). I remember constantly pleading with chaffeurs to use their seat belts only to be told it is like a noose for them. I think my constant haranguing was more effective than the seatbelt warning in getting some of the older guys to relent and wear it when I was in the car with them.

I know the community here is obviously amongst those that advocate and spread awareness but I do hope that manufacturers make more of a concerted effort at dealership level perhaps to spread awareness about how effective they are as noted by another reader above.
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

True indeed! And this is true of passengers in cars with 6 airbags as well. Seat belts are the primary line of defence irrespective of other features that the car might have
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Was reading this earlier and it's quiet sad to say the least. When will people in India realise the importance of safety. I make it a point not to start driving till everyone is buckled up, my family is used to it but most other people either give me the stare or start arguing. I just tell them 'Buckle up or find another mode of transportation'.
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

It's rather unfortunate that people in India have failed to realize the importance of belting up and the significant effect it can have in coming out of a crash unhurt! This is especially true for people sitting at the back. I could never travel in a car without belting up, it makes me feel connected to the car and has now become a habit.
On a lighter note sachin tendulkar was spotted advising pillion riders to wear helmets while traveling unbuckled in the rear of his car. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

I think 25% is a very high number!

I think it is much, much lesser. Probably 0.1% of cab drivers wear seatbelts. By wear, I mean over them, not behind them. And amongst the educated class, not a majoroty; and negligible in smaller towns. There's absolutely no way 25% is right. That said, even 25% is an alarming statistic.

People have a silly excuse in not wearing helmets: that they have to buy them. Seatbelts come along with the car. Absolutely beats me why people wouldn't wear them. Oh, and let's not even go to the passengers.

Originally Posted by mayjay View Post
I'm sure Mr RC Bhargava will use this as a justification for Maruti cars to come fitted in future with 1 seat belt between four seats!

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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

MSIL might be talking about their customers. I am not flaming the owners of Maruti cars here but my point is most of them buy these cars only because of two factors: after sales support and resale value. Such is the herd mentality, they don't care a damn about anything else.

As a person who drive for more than 3 hours a work day I must also tell here that I don't remember seeing a Punto or Polo driver without seatbelts (in Kerala). The "only 12.5% SUV" is not applicable for the Creta in any case either where IIRC the usage is nearly 100%.

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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Most surveys, like this statement of mine, are generalisations :- of manufactured facts and/or opinions. They are rarely, if ever, non partisan.

However, in the instant case, the findings of the survey are completely plausible because it is just stating something that all of us know for a fact; a hard reality that stares us in the face. Most Indians simply don't want to wear protection while on the move. The reasons are as varied and colourful as our nation's hues, with the following being the oft repeated one.
Originally Posted by blackwasp View Post
The most common excuse given for not using seatbelts was that they ruin the creases on clothes.
I think it wouldn't be amiss to quote my own post made a few months ago in a different thread.

Originally Posted by dailydriver View Post
Doesn't a seat belt cause wrinkles in your shirt?

This will spoil the pleats of my silk saree.

We never drive at more than 30km/hr in city limits.

Independence Day is approaching. You still want to shackle me?

Are you not confident of your driving skills?

This will spoil my hairstyle. Do you want me to lose all my hair?

These are some of the questions that i frequently get to hear from my acquaintances, friends, family, colleagues and even the chaps at the service centre.

Over the years I have realised that when people start dishing out these nonsensical objections, only one thing can make them reach for their seat belts and helmets; the threat of being challanned by the cops . Sadly, the fear of losing a hundred bucks is far more effective than the possibility of forsaking one's own life.
Having said that, I have noticed that in my own place, which is a small town, majority of the drivers have started wearing seat belts ever since the cops started flagging off four wheelers for checking on the violators. But that has addressed only 20% of the problem. In a car that can seat 5, none other than the driver even glance at the seat belt, thus endangering the remaining 80%. Funnily, I have seen shopping bags, laptops and even teddy bears being belted up in the co driver's seat .

When I hear youngsters refer to seatbelts as being sissy, unmanly and cowardly, I can only pity their foolishness.

How I wish the present survey inspires Maruti to device a mechanism wherein their cars won't move an inch unless an occupant of a car seat also wears the corresponding seat belt properly. I stress the word properly because there are geniuses who,

1. first buckle a seat belt and then sit on it in order to stop the warning chimes.


2. pull it over the shoulder and belly without buckling it to escape cops' censure.
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Unfortunately, we need a paradigm shift in our thought - firstly we need to value our own lives and the lives of others on the roads even more than we do today.

If we do that, we would all use safety equipment be it seat belts, helmets, life jackets (on water) and so on. We would always follow traffic rules, especially not flouting one-ways and traffic lights. And, once we have ~80% compliance on these fronts, we will probably not need surveys like these

And Maruti, if you're reading this - Please offer at least 2 Airbags and ABS on all variants as standard equipment/features.

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It is high time people realise the importance of a seat belt. I believe even with all the modern aids, seat belt is the most important one of them all. They are the single most effective safety measure to reduce serious and fatal injuries in the event of a collision. When coupled with airbags, the effectiveness of seatbelts in preventing serious injury during a collision increases. I don't understand when will people realise this, most of them do it to avoid paying fines to the cops.
Same goes with the Half helmets for two wheelers.
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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

Safety culture in India is very poor. It's in our blood.
Wearing safety belt or not is one issue. What about safety of small children and infants. In many places around the world you can't leave the hospital till you have car seat for your baby.

In India we hunt shops to put a Rs.400 screen guard on a Rs. 10,000 cell phone but we don't care to wear a helmet. I have spotted many riders who take off their helmets in style once they cross the police points.

Coming to the original statement. Safety culture is very poor in India. How many of us stay or work in a tower more than 12 floors. What are the fire safety precautions in the tower. Most of the time the fire pump is never used, the sprinkler systems are never tried out and fire extinguishers are empty.

We are 50 years behind developed countries in terms of safety awareness. We are still grooming ourselves for seat bets. Second thing will be seat belt for rear passengers. And third thing will be car seats for infants and toddlers. When all three criteria will be followed and when one involuntarily follows them only then we can say we live in safe India.

We need to change ourselves for the betterment of the society and a better future for our children.

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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

The irony is that a subset of the same kind of people go looking for cars with ABS, ESP, curtain airbags, while not wanting to use the easiest and most effective means to protect oneself while on the move.

I vividly remember getting seat belts retrofitted in our 91' model 800, when we brought it to Bangalore. It felt like an upgrade

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Default re: Maruti Survey: Only 25% of drivers use seatbelts

My wife is not reluctant to seatbelts but every time she is in passenger seat she has to be told to strap up. She has her own excuses like having to hold the baby etc. Yesterday afternoon, when we were heading out to the market, at around speed of 20 or less, I slammed the brakes hard (In a contolled way, in response to a biker making wrong turn. Moreover, this hard braking was avoidable) making her jump from the seat and reach to the dashboard. Lesson taught. That's why it's always better to show than to explain.

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