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Default Re: Hyderabad: Crackdown on drivers using headphones

I totally support this step. BTW Hyderabad police didnt put all 198 offenders behind bars, those 6 who got jail term must have been booked under some other offence in addition to ear-phones.

In Ahmedabad, almost 80% of 2 wheeler riders use earphone while riding. During my daily office ride of 10KM, I face atleast 2 such morons who cant hear the sound of 2 horns of Thunderbird just because of earphones. So I use my hand gestures to convey my feelings effectively once I manage to overtake them. I've even seen an AMTS bus honking continuously to a scooty rider to get aside but the scooty driver couldn't hear.

So, IMO using earphones on a two wheeler should be a punishable offence, even at the cost of car audio systems ( I am an audiophile too). In any scenario, human life is more important than entertainment.

P.S. This is my 100th post and I get to write my feelings on the most annoying thing on road.
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Default Re: Hyderabad: Crackdown on drivers using headphones

Very good initiative by Hyderabad Traffic Cops, I wish they enforce it not just to make headlines but always. At-least some amount of accidents can be avoided.

Hyderabad Traffic Cops have gone to the next level, and here in Pune Traffic Cops don't even care to implement Helmet rule, let alone headphones. All they are behind is out of station vehicles. Such highs and lows in law enforcement.
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Default Re: Hyderabad: Crackdown on drivers using headphones

Meanwhile in Chandigarh, I was pulled over for talking on the phone while I was driving. My phone was connected to the car's bluetooth system though.
Both my hands were on the steering wheel.

Cop saw my lips moving (that's what he told me) and stopped me. Figured out I was on a call because he could see the screen on my car showing the active call.

i don't know if this is illegal or not. To my knowledge if both my hands are on the wheel it shouldn't be an issue.
Sure I can be distracted while I am on call, but I can be distracted by so many other things while I am driving.

I asked the cop, how would he prove I was talking on the phone had he not seen the display in my car? What if I was just singing along to a song playing on the radio or something? To that he had no answer.

So I dunno. Cops keep coming up with these rules yet you will still find people breaking the most basic of rules and no one wants to tackle those issues first.
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Default Re: Hyderabad: Crackdown on drivers using headphones

While I do not agree with their logic of sending these offenders to jail, Iím with them on fining those who ride with these headphones. I have seen so many of these youngsters on their two-wheelers with these over-the-ear headphones. It is such a threat to the rest of the road users. Most of the time, these jokers are so engrossed in their music that they are clueless about the surroundings.

Due to my amusement, I tried plugging in my earphones once while riding and I couldnít even ride for more than a KM with the earphone and helmet. 2 things that bothered me in that 1 KM ride was:
  1. It was quite uneasy with those earphones in a snug fit helmet
  2. I was completely oblivious to the sounds from the outside. I was constantly looking in the rearview mirror to keep a tab on the vehicle behind me. Add to that, in the back of my mind, I was worried that I might not hear if someone is honking and they might end up banging on my bike.
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