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Default Re: Video: WagonR AMT moves up & down an incline by itself. Use the handbrake!

Nope - cant happen! As soon as one opens the driver door in an AMT equipped car, the door open sensor will kick in and the "D" mode will effectively go into "N". If anyone has the AMT, try keeping the driver side door open and slot it into D and allow the car to creep - it wont!

If there is a slope, it will roll as if in Neutral. The "D" engages only when the driver side door is fully shut - believe me - getting the doors to shut on my Alto is something of an art that I've learned over the years. Too gentle - and it will just half click into place (the half-shut door syndrome) and too hard - the entire car will sound like lightning has hit the roof!

However, if someone got out of the car while it was in "D" and then shut the door fully (and handbrake was not engaged), then it may be a possibility. But who in their sane minds will try to get off a car in active driving gear?

Plus, once the clutch engages in "1D" mode, it will climb slopes easily (I've experienced this in poorly designed mall exit ramps) - only factor is that it takes a few seconds to analyze how much of clutch needs to be slipped/engaged for the car to gain forward rolling momentum. Once this momentum is gained, it just keeps moving forward steadily.

From the video, the car seems to lose momentum after climbing the first few feet of the slope (which are the steepest) - and the AMT would generally allow the car to continue to move forward in the lesser gradient, ahead of the steep ramp near the gate. Something doesn't add up in that video!

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Default Re: Video: WagonR AMT moves up & down an incline by itself. Use the handbrake!

Maybe the handbrake just failed, or was not applied properly.
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