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Default Re: Is it legal to gift 5 litres of petrol in a can at a wedding?

I have a 2-stroke 50cc brush-cutter ,used for cutting grass and shrubs, sometimes even for pruning branches. It has a small one-litre tank. Will I have to take it to the filling station every time I need petrol ? That maybe halfway through my monthly lawn mowing !
But that apparatus has a plastic fuel tank. So will the pump attendant refuse to give me petrol ?
I have army surplus metal jerrycans for storage, also for long haul during road trips in my gas-guzzlers (Jonga & Gypsy). Still, there are pumps in Calcutta who have refused to fill these, others would fill but decline a cash receipt (!). On highways and villages they are not bothered, and some even draw attention to the tough and safe receptacles -- different from the cheap plastic cans and soft-drink bottles normally brought by other customers.
But all over the world, particularly in Australia and Africa, it seems people driving to the great outbacks and outdoors without frequent access to filling stations are switching over to plastic cans for petrol (and diesel). Same in our remote mountainous regions, and also during rallies. These cans are stronger, with adequate leak/spill proof features. There are some which are supposed to be tough enough to be used also as sand-ladders -- as seen advertised online !

But petrol, being more inflammable than diesel or kerosene, should certainly not be carried around, or stored, in the ordinary plastic can used to 'gift' five litres to the wedding couple ! But that was simply a unique way to highlight rising prices.
While we flog this topic to death, I am scared that some over-enthusiastic cop might investigate and nab the poor filling attendant/pump manager/owner or even the 'gifters'/'giftees' and set about to punish them for breaking some rule under the Indian Explosives Act (or some other law), to gain similar publicity !
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Default Re: Is it legal to gift 5 litres of petrol in a can at a wedding?

Shell in Bangalore have the option of taking metal cans on rent from the fuel station to carry lose petrol. Once you are done you are supposed to give it back to get back your security deposit.
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Default Re: Is it legal to gift 5 litres of petrol in a can at a wedding?

The fears of the forum members have come true, and even worse, rather than copy the idea, our people have decided to go one up and gift a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder that's used for household purposes as a wedding gift to the newly weds.

Let's leave aside the legal part, where LPG cylinders are strictly not transferable. What if there was a leak? The cylinder explodes with such an intensity that it's very devastating. And where does this end? What other things are we going to start gifting to make a point? The only saving grace here, it appears to be an empty cylinder, from the way they are handling it, but still, it sets a bad precedent.

Honestly, I just don't understand what goes on in the heads of these people! The lengths they go to just to get a few seconds of fame on the internet, wow. Can't wait for one uber rich parent to gift their child a 20,000 liter Bharath-Benz Petroleum transport truck filled with the best of Shell, the V-Power.

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