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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

Indian roads are filled with idiots and irresponsible people like these 3 guys. People like these have no regards to their own life or others life on road. Imagine if they had hit a pregnant lady or an old couple and left them for dead just like they fled the scene now! You can teach people if they make a mistake, but you cannot teach people if they are arrogant brats.

I would take a hard stance and see them punished. Sending them to jail is the decision of court, I have no say in it. Indian law system should look at other options for punishing the accused like giving them time in community service (cleaning street, managing traffic with police etc.) People like these should be taken as ride along in Ambulances that handle accident victims, I know this is a little extreme. But if this extreme cannot teach them then nothing will.

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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

Never do the mistake of letting them off, if they can afford 200 cc bike and petrol at this cost, not to say of alcohol and drugs, they don't deserve sympathy at all. If they don't have a slight concern for their family then why you. In this country of 1.25 billion people, all goes well because of the mutual goodwill of the majority of the people. But there's no bargain for drug addicted and alcoholic. One should pay for the crime else you or someone else might end up paying further for their crime.
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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

Honestly speaking, if I was in your place, I would have never let them off free. And I realised that after what happened to me today. Here's how it goes:

While I was cycling back home, three idiots (I'm controlling my emotions here) on a bike rammed into my cycle from behind; worst part is they didn't even look sorry after that. All those three guys were laughing straight on my face. I decided to just ignore it and continued to ride. While I was riding once again, all those three guys came from behind, tried to push me off balance by hitting me really hard on the head and the back, as a result of which my glasses (worth 5k) fell down and went missing. I couldn't record the registration of the bike, as it was pitch dark in the locality.

I went home, told my parents about the ordeal who insisted to check for my glasses once again along with them. By this time, the electricity returned and we found my glasses underneath one of the cars parked in that area.

Now, coming back to your story, what those guys told you seems too good to be true. They can afford a bike, beer, alcohol or whatever, at a time when their family is undergoing a financially tough time. Irony at its best!

If I were you, I wouldn't mind trying my best to put them behind bars, as they have damaged my property, that too not by mistake. They should have known not to ride under the influence of alcohol.

I know I'm sounding harsh in some areas, but I can't help it, as the ordeal I faced today prompts me to do so.

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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

Originally Posted by autobahnjpr View Post

Should I take a hard view and let them suffer for their misdeed and spoil their life with a police case which will make it difficult for them to get a job, a passport and stop many avenues in life or should I take a lenient view considering that there is no injury and there is only damage to the car and let them leave for their karma to act out itself. I am in a dilemma. What would you do if you were in this situation?
I would take the hard view. No doubt. They were lucky that they only hit a car and not some pedestrian.

What it they had actually hit and caused the death of a pedestrian. As some said if the riders weren't under the influence of alcohol and drugs, maybe I would have been a bit more lenient but under the circumstances that you mentioned, I wouldn't care about their conditions, they deserve the maximum punishment that is applicable for their crimes.
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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

Originally Posted by autobahnjpr View Post
Last week while I was waiting with my brother at a red light junction for the signal to turn green, a bike (200cc+ category) rammed into the stationary car from behind, denting the bumper and damaging the lights and parking sensors.
The type of people who hit you are not the type of people who will go for a corporate job and apply for passport to go abroad. They care nothing about life and career. If they did they would not be high on alcohol and drugs.

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Default Re: The Accident Victim's dilemma - Drunk biker rams into my car

@autobahnjpr : I am curious to know what happened eventually ? Did you proceed with the case or did you drop it ?

I am of the opinion that either way these guys are not going to learn anything or change their behavior in the future.
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