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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Glad to learn that you guys are in good shape now.

Everyday I have the option of choosing this very Gurgaon-Faridabad road for my office commute. In spite of the tempting bends and elevation variations that this road offers, I always avoid it and prefer my commute via South Delhi.
There is a point on this road where the road bends and it has a cut (median on divider) for vehicles to take right turn (from Faridabad side), I myself had an hard braking situation wherein a truck was in my lane, trying to take right turn while standing still and looking out for vehicles coming from the opposite side. There are many more spots like this which are extremely dangerous.

In my view, this road should have speed trap cameras, ambulance availability at toll booth, and aluminium barricades on the divider and sides of the tarmac. After all, its a toll road and we are entitled to get extra safety with our toll money.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Firstly, welcome aboard! And good to hear that you & your wife is alive.. May almighty give strength to you guys & your family to overcome this situation very soon.

I am not sure how far you are physically fit at the moment to do rounds at service centre, but try not to use this car again. The reasons are already mentioned by members which is quite logical.

1. Structural strength of the car is gone. It can hardly sustain in any further damages (At-least that's what it looks like from the pictures you shared)

2. Not sure about you, but your wife may not be comfortable enough sitting in the car for quite long time. (Again, I am just guessing)

More than Point no. (2) it is the point no. (1) which is serious.

At the end of the day, Surveyors get benefit if they can save some money for the company. So he will surely try to settle it with repair (as it may cost the company less) as compared to total loss.

But if you are stick to your point they will surely come back. Just tell him, you will shoot a mail to the regional head, then company head and finally ombudsman. The moment they will hear about ombudsman they may change their attitude.

Life had already given you guys a second chance, utilize it fully.

I guess, if required, local BHPians can help him out (in case OP is still facing movement problem) to settle the case as Total Loss

All the best!

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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

I was horrified to read your ordeal.Happy that you have come over it.I hope you are fully recovered now.God has been kind to you.Your wife's presence of mind did you good.My namaste to your better half. Also the cab driver who took you to the hospital must be thanked.

In these days there is absolutely no driving sense as in the past.I am 63 years now.There is no road discipline whatsoever. It is very common to see vehicles of all types drive on the wrong side of the road.I encounter this problem whenever I drive to my native place which is around 400 km from Chennai.Police highway patrol vehicles do nothing to check this menace.Those vehicles I have seen just parked under a tree shade and does nothing.Even vehicles marked POLICE drive on the wrong side.We pay toll through our nose.The safety aspects is just pushed to the rear.We have to drive carefully.

Good luck to you.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

The pictures look so horrific that it's difficult to believe that anyone survived that.

Thank God for @Amity's luck, it certainly was some sort of divine intervention.

And for the hundredth time in this thread,

How can that car be repaired ?
Have we not got any ethics anymore? Is Royal Sundaram the Insurance co?

I have a feeling that while @Amity was being treated in the hospital, the insurance co. might have hustled his family into agreeing to fix the car.

of course @Amity can clear our doubts about the decision to repair the car.

- Slick
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Glad that you survived the crash and hats off to your wife for presence of mind. She maintained her composure during the mishap.
Sad to hear about the loss of life of the motor cyclist.
Any idea why air bags did not deploy in your car?
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Originally Posted by Amity View Post

As it was a new car with just 10000 km on the odo and more than Rs. 12,50,000 of IDV, the insurance company (Royal Sundaram) processed the claim for repair. It has been over 2 months and the car is still in the service centre. The insurance surveyor will be inspecting the car today. Hopefully, I will get the car by this weekend.
God bless you and your wife.

Unbelievable that the insurance surveyor / company has decided to repair the car. IMO, you should not agree to it on safety aspects. With such damaged pillars, it just wouldn't be anywhere close to the car that you drove earlier.

Please connect with admins on this forum on PM level and I am sure they should be able to advice you on this better.

Worst case, I hope they are changing a new body shell and that's what is being quoted as repair!
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Unbelievable! God was with you that day!

We pray god for full recovery of your healthy, get well soon.

With respect to car insurance please update us how it goes.
I was really worried when my swift toppled and then i didn't have option Jan body top replacement, which ends up safety compromise!
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Horrific crash! Your vehicle took a hit to the passenger space which isn't necessarily designed for a high impact direct hit. I think without a doubt the car should be declared a total loss and not be repaired. Any repair will not hold the structural integrity that's required for the vehicle to be safe. God saved you and family, be wise and dont tempt fate.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

I am glad to see that you are safe.
Hope you got the car back in good condition.
Now I see a need for airbags for the roof after reading your post.
When we have airbags for windows, driver, co-driver, and back-seats, why not one for roof? Does anyone agree with me?
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

oh my goodness! What a horrific ordeal. Reaffirms that old tyre advertisement which proclaimed “Indian roads are full of idiots.”

Hats off to Ma’m for keeping her cool in such a devastating time. She is your real guardian angel.

As my Uncle always tells me “Koi kitna bhi careful ho le, India me Accident saamne wale ki galti se hota hai, kyonki paisa aa jata hai, samajh nahin
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

This is nothing short of a miracle, your guardian angel must be very fond of you! Glad you came out of it and hope you are doing fine now.

Hope the police have filed an FIR for the occurrence and the case reaches a logical conclusion. Even the motorcyclist and his family deserves a closure as he had to pay with his life for somebody else's misadventures

Do follow up with the photographs of the Creta after repairs.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Hi Amity,
You must be one lucky guy for 2 reasons.
1. You survived a horrible crash
2. You have a very calm and composed partner for life.
As many have said, Please dont repair the car in whatever form or shape they propose to. I have survived a head-on collision with a bus in my Bolero, which was totalled. The insurance guys sold me a whole lot of stories to influence me to repair the vehicle. The emotional value of this car saving your life does not outweigh the risk value of driving a car whose structural rigidity is compromised. The economics of losing out on the on road price compared to the IDV value might be a factor in your mind. Remember this- you are proof of a Miracle. Use it wisely.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta


You sure are a lucky guy. Not being killed instantly proves that; your wife’s incredible presence of mine proves that further; and the presence of a Good Samaritan taxi drive puts it beyond all possible doubt.

On the body shell, presume you are getting the work verified by Hyundai engineers and not just the dealer - if that is the case, one can hope the car is safe. Will be worth getting that certification in writing from Hyundai and the insurer.

On the Honda driver, we don’t have all the facts - he seems to have been reckless but given how badly designed Indian roads are and the presence of things like unmarked speed breakers, vehicles cutting in etc, one never knows. I don’t think you need to do anything - the cops will make life tough for him given the poor motorcyclist who died. Will take a second to say a prayer for his (ie the motorcyclist’s) soul, and hope his family is taken care of.

Finally, I don’t think patchwork on this road is going to solve anything - almost all our highways are badly designed, poorly built and terribly maintained - which is why we lose almost 240,000 people a year to road accidents. (OT: That figure stunned me - in the roughly 30 mins I spent on this thread 15 people have been killed in road accidents in India). All I can say is wear your seat belts, drive defensively, buy the safest car you can afford and pray before taking to our roads.

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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

I am so much relieved to know that you are fine and have recovered fully after looking at the mangled remains of your Creta. By Gods grace you are alright and worst damage has been avoided.
I was also involved in an accident at a very young age around 25 years back in our humble Maruti 800 which took a tumble. I was thrown out of the car and broke my collar bone and right hand. It took me couple of years to again sit back in the car without fear. My dad got the car repaired out of attachment that we all were saved in the tumble and kept the car for 6 more years before saying good bye but that was ninties and we did not know anything about safety aspects of the car. In today’s time, I would strongly urge you to consider your decision to get that car repaired. Period.
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Default Re: Survivor's tale: Honda City jumps divider and flies into my Hyundai Creta

Glad you are recovering well. You've clearly done a lot of good deeds for your guardian angel to protect you in such a horrific crash. Your wife is a gem of the person- her courage during the entire incident saved your life. Good luck to both of you.

This crazy accident shows us in the importance of seatbelts irrespective of multiple airbags, ESP, brake assist, traction control etc you may have in your car. Indians highways are dangerous no matter how careful one is. People really need to slow down along tight bends and curves- there are so many highways and freeways in the US where the advised speed is 30 or 35 mph (48-56 kmph) instead of regular 55 to 75 mph (88-120 kmph.) We should have such limits in our country too as the initial step.

Unless the repair involves a new bodyshell, I'm not too happy with the decision not to scrap the car. The roof is a very important part in the monocoque chassis. I think it'd be easier and safer to get a new car instead of getting a repair.

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