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Default Re: How does one teach a newbie to drive / ride safe?

Originally Posted by LeoChakraborthy View Post
Personally, my Dad ensured that I observed how he was driving, be it a 4 or 2 wheeler and I listened to everything he had say about the various maneuvers he was doing with his vehicle.
YEP, same case here and here's what my dad taught me :

1) Going around the neighborhood road in 3 circles in reverse, slow, with me using the left hand on the passenger headrest and looking back. Driving straight was a piece of cake after.

2) Emphasis on reverse parallel parking only, even if I could go head on, soon enough I knew just how much gap was left to the inch.

3) To not check the vehicles too often on the rear and instead protect myself from those at front.. "the rear will take care of itself most times as long as speed is normal"

My driving trainer taught me :

1) To understand the bite of the clutch to the millimeter and to consider the clutch as the most important part of the vehicle.

2) To not let oncoming vehicles bother me too much as long as I'm on the right lane, to flash and take precautionary measures only when needed.

3) No hesitation when stomping on the brakes, this teaches a lot about the brakes themselves and doing them at emergency maneuvers. Of course when doing so, equal emphasis on the RVM and what's coming behind.

I think these 6 rules are pretty much the golden rules for any newbie, I'm fortunate to have picked em up from the right people before even touching the wheel.
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Default Re: How does one teach a newbie to drive / ride safe?

Way back in 1995, right after my class 10 board exams, my parents fixed up a local taxi driver to teach me to drive. Used to wake up at 5:30 in the morning as the guy had to report by 7 am.
Needless to say, my training was more instinctive than structured. I picked up very poor road manners and barely knew driving etiquettes. I called the accelerator 'race', half clutching was 'holding' and learned hand signals for turns without any reference to using indicators.
But, I learned the basics very well. How to feel the engine feedback, proper gearing, keeping engine at right rpm and an instinctive sense of what is going wrong under the bonnet.
We had a Mark IV Ambassador, and I was a half trained mechanic as well!!
City dashes were NFS for me in the initial days, but longer drives taught me relaxed driving to ensure longevity behind the wheels.

I have never dared to try teach driving to anyone, even for my wife we got a professional training service.
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Default Re: How does one teach a newbie to drive / ride safe?

My father passed away long back when i was 14 years old. To take my mind off things, my uncle started giving me driving lessons in open spaces. He was an experienced mountain driver, and I learnt a lot from him. Despite what I was going through, the thrill of driving that Omni for a few hours everyday, has been one of the happiest memories of my life, and I have cherished being behind a wheel ever since.
I recently started teaching my wife how to drive, but sadly, I don't have half the patience of my uncle!
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