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View Poll Results: Do you follow speed limits
Yes. 99 25.78%
No. 31 8.07%
Sometimes. 120 31.25%
Only If I am aware of speed guns/cameras. 115 29.95%
Others. Please specify. 19 4.95%
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I chose "Others". 90% of time I follow the speed limits but for occasional spirited drive in Highways. Follow the speed limits in CITY as Bangalore traffic does not allow you to exceed the limits
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I do not, for the most part.

I follow the speed set by surrounding traffic.

I find the speed limits on the roads I drive on arbitrary, and sometimes absurd. I've seen plenty of roads which have have a limit of 30, but have 4 lanes, little traffic and everyone is doing 80. In that situation, it's far safer to follow the traffic rather than stubbornly stick to the limit.

In fact, I believe that the speed *differential* is far more dangerous than speeding itself, IMO.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I chose other. Judging speed is not a normal x+y = z equation. From a naive driver ( but educated ) perspective, the below thoughts go through my mind before I really zoom.
- Am I alert enough to maintain that speed?
- Probability of sudden obstacles? Cattle, pedestrians etc..
- Stability of the vehicle in high speeds
- Tyre condition road grip etc.
And all the above is done in the mind in a fraction of a second a "confidence boost" arrives from the brain. ( Sorry, I am not talking about DUI. But a genuine confidence that I would be able to handle the speed ).

I can only imagine how much more tougher it might be for enforcement agencies to come up with a reasonable limit. Check this excellent site which details USA federal highway administration's guidelines to set speed limits. Not sure how it's done here in India though.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

This was one of the question which was always on my mind, Do we follow official speed limit? The other being do we follow all the traffic rules?

Now to answer the question and to be very frank, I might be adhering to the speed limit say about 25-35% of the time. Most of my drives are on national highways having official posted speed limit of 100, I've found myself doing 110, and in some cases even 140 (Blame the car here, I never realize when the speed hits the mark ) on these roads. On way to office on TN sate highway, I'm always above the official speed limit on my bike and surprisingly within the limit if driving my car. Even in cities I've caught myself doing 80 KMPH. So I can say with conviction that I can't boost of being a responsible driver following the speed limits all the time.

per my observation all the speed limit violations by myself were on good roads (in MAS and other parts of TN we are blessed with some good roads, period!). And as per the statics TN accounts for maximum road accidents.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I voted for sometimes. Because below are my speed limits at different scenarios

Within Bengaluru city: I donít get a chance to think about speed limit when there is hardly any road to drive. On rare occasion if you get some good roads to drive and think of following the speed limit almost everyone will be honking behind you to go faster. So, the answer is no.

On highways: I usually maintain a constant speed between 80-100 kmph, depending on the number of passengers. Higher the number of passengers, slower the speed. Most of our express ways have speed limit of 80-120 kmph. So, on highways I follow the speed limit for safety reasons.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

It depends on the multiple factors. I consider myself to be a defensive driver and would stick to a speed which gives me a lot of reaction time and be relaxed on the wheel. But that speed might be a bit higher than the official speed limit published for that section of the road.

There are sections in city where speed limit is 30 , but doing 50-60 is safe. Till about an year back highway speed limit in Kerala was 70 where 80-90 was pretty safe. So it depends on the context. I opted sometimes , I don't check the speedometer / keep a track of the exact speed limit
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

Selected No.

Not that I ride rashly, but for my current steed to even reach top gear, I need to be doing atleast 4k rpm. This inevitably results in a hover around 80-85 kph.

And to be honest with you, the speed limits were defined ages ago. With better stopping power, better visibility at night etc, our vehicles are considerably safer than the ones we had even a decade back.

Infact, I have found vehicles moving slowly in the middle lanes to be more dangerous. This is amplified with wrong side drivers/riders, J walkers, random meat that decides to regurgitate their food in the middle of the road while chilling on the tarmac etc.

Obviously, a margin for unexpected road manners by others is left. But that's about it.

And when it comes to Wagon R, it hardly ever goes over 50 and 80 in city and on highway thanks to the "Kitna deti hai" attitude kicking in.

Having said that, again, to iterate, I do not do stunts, top speed tests etc on public roads. Just that I trust my machine and my ability to stop and deal with consequences of others actions.

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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

Mostly follow official speed limits in Highways. Issue is when suddenly in 4 lane empty highways the speed limit boards are put with 20kmph near some village limits. It's quite logic defying.

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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I follow speed limits for the most part, especially if they're enforced via speed cameras and such. However, when:
  • There's an empty road or little traffic
  • There are no speed cameras or radar guns
  • There's minimal possibility of pedestrians/bikers/cars/animals crossing the road
  • I am mentally alert
  • I am not angry or pissed off
Ideally, when all those list items are ticked, I may exceed the limit to a level which is fast enough but not nearly "fast". On most Mumbai roads, you'd be lucky to exceed the speed limit owing to traffic & road quality. However, the roads which are smooth have the limit set too low IMO, especially for responsible drivers.

Considering the skill level of most motorists we see on the roads nowadays, lower speed limits are good because they will reduce accidents. But if the driving skills can be improved via better assessments during issuance of DL, perhaps higher limits would be okay.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

I voted Only If I am aware of speed guns/cameras.

For some of the roads the speed limits seem unreasonable. In the ghat sections of the Mumbai Pune highway, there are 30 kmph markings. Now practically it is not possible to go that slow. Also all traffic is constantly flowing at speeds upto 60 kmph which makes it difficult to drastically slow down. Even in the other sections, the 80 kmph speed limit will be enforced again. On empty stretches it seems impractical. Some bridges in Pune have speed limits marked them at 20 kmph which seems too slow.

I have some self imposed speed limits which I adhere to. On expressways I never exceed 120. On single lane highways, I stick to speeds between 80 and 90. In the city (Pune) I always drive slow due to erratic riding by the bikers. The way they suddenly change lanes or stop, it is impossible to predict. Better to maintain a safe distance but not too much as some other biker will occupy that empty space.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

In Delhi, the speed limits are 50 kmph on most of the arterial roads. On these roads, I drive sedately as there is no point in over speeding due to unruly traffic and the various crossings and signals. Sometimes I touch 70-80 on these roads if there is a clear stretch. However, the speed limits on various other stretches is absurd. For example, on Barapulla, which is an elevated 6 lane road, the speed limit is 50. It is impossible to maintain that speed and 80 is the norm. I always assumed it to be 70 and even argued with the cops once when I was pulled over for doing 75. I said why are you making such a big deal of a marginal overspeeding instance. Then he told me that the limit is 50

Similarly, the stretch from ISBT to Karnal bypass is a fantastic 8 lane road and its impossible to not speed up here. But, speed limit= 60 kmph. Very recently received an e-challan for doing 80. Thankfully, it was just a week before the new motor vehicle rules came into effect. Whats even more frustrating is that now they have put up permanent speed cameras all over the stretch and you really cant afford to overspeed. Even then, I end up going above 70 here.

On the highways (6 lane or more), I maintain 100-110. Here it is easy to spot speed interceptors if you are alert and then one either has to slow down or move behind another vehicle so that you are out of the radar's reach.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

Voted 'No', unless I know there is an interceptor waiting to challan me. Or, the speed limit signs specially in ghats emerge like "Speed thrills But Kills".
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

Speed limits definitely yes if they are clearly marked and visible. On Hyd ORR its very unlikely you won't get a challan if you speed over 100kmph.

I feel confident adhering to the speedlimits mentioned because that speed limit board was put up there after some research about the conditions on that stretch, be it vehicles crossing, animal movement, people movement, habitation nearby, schools nearby, narrow road ahead etc. On highways where boards of 80kmph or 100kmph are put up i strictly follow that makes me feel good about the safety of the car, myself, occupants and in general load on the engine. I prefer to cruise sedately than occasionally touch 140 or 150 kmph which is anyway going to last only a few seconds for our conditions. Having matured, driving on our roads i realised i will anyway catch up with the bloke who was overspeeding at the next signal or the next toll plaza both in the city and on highways. Also, not to mention the catastrophic consequences in case of a tyre burst at high speeds. A bonus is i also get better fuel efficiency not exceeding 100kmph.

Again on good roads where there are no boards put up the max i touch is 100kmph and hence set my speed buzzer at 105 kmph. Earlier i used to zip through, cut lanes, revv heavily, pedal to metal kind as and when i found a open stretch reach the next signal or toll as if i am in a race but realised that's not taking me anyfast to my destination and is also adding to the driving fatigue and stress for me and my co passengers. I avoided. These days i take the speed bumps also so slowly i don't want my passengers to feel that we just crossed a speed bump.

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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

Originally Posted by SmartCat View Post
Narrow residential roads - 20 kmph (am scared of little kids running across)
Single lane city roads - 40 kmph
Double lane city roads - 60 kmph
Single lane highways - 80 kmph (might momentarily go over this limit while overtaking)
Double lane highways - 100 kmph
3+3 lane expressways - 120 kmph
I follow similar except 3+3 lane, I stick to 100-110. I'm scared of holy cows having lunch on median and villagers who think government has constructed 2 roads and they can select any one of them.
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Default Re: Do you follow the official speed limit?

In national highways I stick to 100-110 kmph whereas in state highways at many places the highways are not properly laned/single laned, I drive at 80kmph. Leaving all this apart when driving with my family I stick to speed limit till which i can control my car (This may var among individuals).
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