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Default Chrome, the light-reflecting menace

With the rise of cars sold the number of customizations on offer have also risen and with that too has the possibility of putting a chrome stripís on every crevice on a car/bike/helmet/etc has too risen. This means all those angles where light can fall from Sun, HID, Etc gets reflected thanks to these modern marvels and can then be beamed straight to your eyes causing situations which many will incorrectly say lack of experience driving or some other nut theory.

This menace has to be curbed for safety and frankly they mostly never give the car a higher presence.
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Default re: Chrome, the light-reflecting menace

For some unknown reasons, people want more chrome on their cars, which they find bring more bling to their cars. Manufactures also started following this trend. I had at many times during day time felt uncomfortable due to the reflection from chrome. Wearing a sun glass can reduce the reflection to an extend. During night drive I did not encounter such a problem.

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Default re: Chrome, the light-reflecting menace

I would say that these days cars have a lot less chrome than before.

If I compare my wifeís modern Ford Fiesta with for instance my 1982 Mercedes W123, the difference is immense!

There is no chrome on the Fiesta, none!

Whereas the Mercedes has chrome front and rear bumpers, chrome outside mirror, chrome hub cabs, chrome window edges, around all windows, chrome grill, chrome bits and pieces everywhere. In those days that was just the norm. You can further back in time and especially if you cross the ocean you will see American cars of the 50-60s carry an awful lot of chrome.

In those days that was all standard. My Mercedes is completely original, it was produced by Mercedes with all this chrome.

I am cleaning my 2002 Jaguar and it too, has lots of chrome bits and pieces, or better yet. Polish Stainless steel bits!

So some people must be desperate for a bit of bling on their current cars with none, or very little chrome. Whether that is in good taste or not, remains to be seen. The motorbike scene is definitely a place where some folks go overboard with the amount of chrome.

Is light reflecting of chrome a menace?

In all honesty, in all of my almost 45 years of motoring, millions of kilometers across the whole world, I do not think I have ever come across such a situation. At least not that I remember. Physically, all sorts of parts of your car can and do reflect the sun of course. Never a real problem, that sticks in my mind.

Idiots with too bright headlights, incorrectly used, incorrectly set up, now that is a real menace! And it is a menace the world all over.

But a bit of chrome is not as far as I am concerned.

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Default re: Chrome, the light-reflecting menace

Full body chrome wraps anybody?

Chrome, the light-reflecting menace-bvcihwtaztzeb3ig3ecb.jpg
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