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Re: High beams - Indian cities horrible to drive in. Can we drive change?

I moved to Delhi NCR 10 years ago and it's been an education in bad driving manners. I don't want to generalize, as there are good (meaning - safe) drivers here too.

The cops ignore anyone who looks like he/she can't pay. 2 wheelers routinely drive on the wrong side right in front of them. I was even wrong sided by a TRUCK in Mahipalpur.

The drive back from my hospital in Gurgaon to my house in Delhi is terrible, especially since one is stuck in crawling traffic and high beams galore both oncoming and ones behind.

I deal with oncoming dazzlers by flashing my (very powerful) high beams at intervals of a few seconds - high beams on my car have been used only for this purpose over the last 6 years - works every time.

It's the ones behind that I can't seem to tackle. I have been mentally toying with a mirror-on-hinges james bond style contraption or a chrome reflector maybe to help - any suggestions?

I always slow down, let people overtake, not worth the hassle. Anyways, I get enough accident victims in the ER to remember to let these things go. I just bought a pair of yellow anti-glare glasses for night driving and it really helps.

Bonus: Since traffic is crawling anyway, slowing down also slows the offending vehicle behind. Horns? They are connected to the brakes here, so they blaring away already.

To the OP: I don't think going to the courts will help. My wife drives on high beams despite my telling her. (My 5 year old son keeps correcting her though :-))

We already have the law, it's just not implemented uniformly.

I remember my childhood days in Hyderabad (80's and 90's) where cops would stand at signals with black paint and paint over the top half of all scooter lights that were on high beam. That aside, I have never seen this law being implemented.

Fining people isn't going to help - the police will start targeting only high end vehicles and let cabs / 2 wheelers go.

I don't have a solution. But one of these days, I'm going to go mad-scientist and equip my ecosport with some extra buttons
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Re: High beams - Indian cities horrible to drive in. Can we drive change?

I agree that high beam driving is a menace especially for oncoming traffic. This has to be curbed somehow by imparting proper education to the truck drivers and in our case to the kartc bus drivers. I can't blame them though. I believe much of it in my part of the country (I am from Kottayam, Kerala) is due to badly illuminated roads and twists and turns with lots of blind spots with ample possibility of an accident.
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