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Re: Brutal year due to road-related incidents for me | Need for a national level road safety campaig

Campaigns like these are often run by the authorities:

However, it would be hearting if they are run more often as part of a proper scheduled program rather than because of incident like this where a kid lost her life.
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Re: Brutal year due to road-related incidents for me | Need for a national level road safety campaig

Originally Posted by dhanushs View Post
Right now in India, majority of the RTO's are very very leniant and favorable in issuing Driving Liscenses. Thats where the problem starts.
Very true. In addition to this the fines for violation should also be taken seriously by the authorities. Delays in paying challans should result in the fine amount being increased followed by the vehicle registration being black listed after certain number of days. Not sure about other states but here in Telangana, they offer discounts at times. It is 90% discount for government buses, 80% for 2/3 wheelers and 60% for LMV/HMV.
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Re: Brutal year due to road-related incidents for me | Need for a national level road safety campaig

I worked for a while with an NGO in the area of road safety. The NGO is SaveLife Foundation. As many have said, the solution has to be holistic, which takes into account many, many things.
A. Driver training and Driving Licence certification
B. Road design and safe design for pedestrians
C. Speed limits
D. Learning life saving and basic first aid in case of an accident
E. Defensive driver training
F. Emergency medical aid which can get to an accident spot in less than 30 minutes
G. The Good Samaritan law being enforced and also awareness on the same.
H. Traffic signages and their design
I. Pitstops for trucks and heavy vehicles ( instead of them just parking on the side of the road)
J. Patrolling on highways
K. Use of Drones and speed trap cameras

As many have said, it does feel sometimes very difficult and hopeless seeing the epidemic of road accidents. More than 150,000 people die every year in India and countless who are critically injured. If this was happening due to terrorism we would all be shouting from the rooftops to drive some change. However, we have to do our bit, number 1 being driving safely , with patience, and following all rules and doing our bit to educate people around us.
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Re: Brutal year due to road-related incidents for me | Need for a national level road safety campaig

Three out of the four incidents you've mentioned involve bikes. While I'm not implying that cars always adhere to road safety precautions and follow rules, accidents involving bikes can be fatal, and it appears that bikers in Mumbai, Bangalore, and on national highways are not fully aware of this.
During my daily commutes, much of the stress stems from interactions with bikes. They often dominate a meter left of the leftmost lane, and if a car blocks this space, they tend to gather and confront the driver.
At traffic lights, they disregard lanes, further impeding the flow of traffic.
It seems they lack courtesy or a polite conversation about a scratch or a dent they caused, itís always cars fault.
Folding their rearview mirrors without consideration for others' safety. There's a lack of caution when changing lanes, with little regard for checking their surroundings.
Not implying all bikers do that and no disrespect to the Bhpian bikers but couldnít hide the sentiments.
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