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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

"2 people dead" because an underage drunk driver rams his unregistered Porsche Taycan into a two wheeler.
Irrespective of the driver being 17.5 or not, whether he was drinking or not, his actions has resulted in loss of lives.
He shouldn't go unpunished.
Justice needs to be done.
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Re: Accidents in India | Pics & Videos

A drunk minor driving an unregistered Porsche on the streets of upscale Kalyani Nagar area of Pune, ends up killing 2 people. The father of the boy, a reputed builder, who was on the run, has been arrested from Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad). The owner and manager of the bar where the teenager was seen drinking have been arrested as well.

The Pune Police have sought permission to try the juvenile as an adult, considering the deaths of 2 people in the accident.

The unregistered car was being driven in Pune since March.

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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

I stay close to the site of this accident and given the conditions, it is clear the driver was inebriated or clearly of questionable judgement abilities to be driving this fast (numbers aside, the CCTV footage reveals overspeeding).

Every once in a while an incident of such severity jolts the collective conscience of society and leads to lasting change. The Nirbhaya case comes to mind, people were out on streets, it led to legislative change and the optimist in me believes it led to societal change as well. In that case, it did not matter who the victim neither the antecedents of the culprit. On the other hand, there are several headline grabbing hit n runs which died down soon after the initial commotion. The cynic in me reads keywords such as Porsche, son of a builder, minor drinking and driving, political interference and all and feel this time as well, the case will die down in a while and everyone will move on with their lives.

For the sake of our near and dear ones, all we can do is follow precautions and pray that they don't fall victim to such a cruel human induced fate.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

There has been a series of arrests regarding this case.
The minor had visited 2 clubs on the night of the accident and the owners of both the clubs have been arrested i.e Cosie, Pune and BLAK, Pune.
Also the builder, Vishal Agarwal, father of Vedant Agarwal, the minor who caused the accident was arrested in Aurangabad after he was on a run.


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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

The worst possible thing which has happened in this case is the treatment offered to families of accident victims.

As per media reports in todays papers, police were interested in knowing the relationship between victims rather than concentrating on culprit. The bodies were kept in private hospital with no freezer and families struggled to arrange an ambulance to take bodies back home.

This incident has left a bad mark on Pune and Maharashtra and i hope no one ever goes through such a bad ordeal.
I hope Maharashtra government and Pune Police give fair treatment to the families of affected going ahead.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

Originally Posted by CEF_Beasts View Post
The father of the Pune Teen, owners of two restaurants and the server who served him the drink have been arrested, for how long nobody knows.
I believe the probing agencies should also probe why and how did the Juvenile Justice board give bail to the teen within 15hrs on a holiday!!
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

I will believe we live in a developed country if incidents like these get impartial investigation and swift judgements. The anger, pain (and cynicism) comes from ample examples of delaying, diversionary tactics where the system 'just works' to protect the influential. I remember the statement that our laws are quite stringent by themselves, the implementation and enforcement of it a third world shame.

The thought of driving to a bar with the intention of driving away oneself, that needs deterrence.
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Re: Accidents in India | Pics & Videos

Originally Posted by NomadSK View Post

Try explaining this to the parents of the kids who just lost their loved ones, why because they were not wearing helmets (I'm not sure). Their lives have changed forever, just because some under aged kid wanted to drive an exotic car under the influence and we should partly blame a 2 wheeler rider for not wearing helmet. Those kids weren't statistics for their parents.

I firmly believe these are the basic reasons we have so many accidents because we lack (in general) in empathy toward others and then can save our skin under the guise of ridiculous laws.

Anyway, thanks for being vocal for the laws.
I agree with this. After an SUV/car or anything, driven by underage kids, killing two people, one should not point out if the killed were not wearing helmets etc. If somebody doesn't wear helmet, the traffic police etc will take care of it. It is not a license for others to run over them. In fact, helmet is not made compulsory for two wheeler drivers in order to enable the wayward sons of the moneyed to drive their coupes the way they please.

Originally Posted by svsantosh View Post
Porsche wrong - yes. You got that right.

Bikers without helmet/gear - ChatGPT may call it a spade, agreed.

But even if they were dressed up like Thanos, a 150kmph SUV would have minced them.

Even if you want to present the case from a legal POV - the error of the car driver was much larger than the error of the bikers. Hence the car driver is the bigger guilty party here.
Yes, how can we compare these two?
In Lucknow recently, around a month ago, an underaged driving an SUV near Metro City Apartments, Nishatganj, killed a person sitting on the pavement. I think it was a vegetable vendor or so(?). So, is selling vegetables on pavement the problem? A music composer once in the same way tried to justify a Bollywood actor driving his vehicle on pavement and killing people.

I see a lot of parents taking pride in saying that their sons, though only 16 etc, can drive any vehicle and that they drove them around. These parents are not uneducated, they have their degrees with them. But I think it is only about degrees, I mean certificates.
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Re: Accidents in India | Pics & Videos

Originally Posted by DevilzzzzOwn View Post
  • Finally, Judge granting Bail to the Accused - Asked 17.5 Year Old to volunteer for 15 days with Traffic Police, Asked to get Psychiatric help for quitting Drinking (At the age of 17.5!!??) and Write an Essay on Drunk Driving.
My God, I HATE THESE RICH PEOPLE!! The whole system including the Judiciary is rotten to the core. I wonder how much cash changed hands that night.

If your blood doesn't boil reading all this, you are either the Rich behaving this way or getting Rich off such practices. I end my rant. Sorry, Team-BHP Mods.
Not a surprise, but after few days it will be proved that some driver was driving the Porsche, and the builder's son was in home or the passenger's seat. Every time this has happened, be it a crorepati beta, MLA, celebrity, or an affluent family member. Justice is first delayed, then its denied !!!
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

Often in the metro cities we have witnessed several shocking hit-and-run cases. We regularly hear about late-night accidents involving wealthy and influential people or their spoilt teenagers hitting cars, bikes, and people who are sleeping on the road. These incidents, characterized by drivers fleeing the scene after causing accidents, not only claimed lives but also raised critical questions about road safety and accountability.

Some of the famous such incidents are :

1. Porsche Incident: This 17-year-old boy driving a Porsche was involved in an accident that resulted in fatalities. The boy was released on bail after 15 hours, as his father was an influential person.
2. 1999 Delhi Hit-and-Run Case: In Delhi, a speeding BMW E38 caused the loss of six lives, including three police officers. The driver was Sanjeev Nanda, the grandson of the Indian Navy Chief. He had been driving back from a party when the accident occurred.
3. Janhavi Gadkarís 2015 Case: A prominent lawyer, Janhavi Gadkar, was involved in a fatal hit-and-run case in Mumbai. Driving under the influence of alcohol, she crashed her car into a taxi, resulting in two deaths.
4. Salman Khanís 2002 Case: Bollywood actor Salman Khan was accused of running over a group of people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai.
5. Siddharth Sharma's 2016 hit-and-run case : In 2016, a Mercedes hit a man named Siddhartha Sharma. The driver of this car was just 4 days short of turning 18, and thus the Supreme Court announced that the accused would be treated as a juvenile.
6. Son of the owner of Arsalan, a Kolkata-based restaurant accident, August 2019 :Parvez, 22, son of the owner of Arsalan rammed its Jaguar into a Mercedes which then hurtled towards a police kiosk and dashed into it, killing two bystanders and injuring one - all three of them Bangladeshi nationals
7. April 2017 Sonika Chauhan, a model and actress, died in an accident. : Bengali actor Vikram Chatterjee, while driving late at night, lost control of its Toyota Corolla Altis collided with the divider, climbed the pavement and smashed into a memorial. Sonika, was in the driver's seat. Vikram was under the influence of alcohol.

These kinds of incidents happen on a regular basis and it will continue. Being less traffic after dark, the fatality rate is three times higher for nighttime accidents. Nearly 49% of all traffic fatalities occur at night.

Living in the society, we need to continue advocating for road safety and equal treatment under the law, regardless of wealth or influence. Some of the best things we can do is take the precautions as suggested below because we only have control over this:

1. Limit your nighttime driving and outings unless and until it is absolutely necessary
2. As a parent, you should not let your teens remain out late or allow late outings.
3. Please educate people about the implications of underage driving, drinking, and the use of drugs.
4. Planning a trip or a surprise long drive at night may seem like no less than an adventure, but please follow all safety measures and traffic rules.
5. Rain is one of the most common causes of such accidents, no matter where you live, and itís important to pay extra attention and be cautious.

These are some measures from my end. I would appreciate it if someone can add some more to the list.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

Such terrible news. Unless they have speedguns / cameras in the lane, how do they determine that the speed was 150km/hr? It was more likely to be between 80-100 - still too fast on a road meant for 35-40 km/hr max.

But imagine two lives snuffed out in an instant. The entire chain failed - obviously the daft kid who drank and sped. The parent who gave him a fast car. The pub which served him. Honestly, I think the pub is a soft target here - but I guess they broke alcohol serving laws. How he managed to secure a bail writing an essay is what actually punctuates everything that is wrong with our country.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

The problem in society is people giving a long leash to their kids, and letting them do anything with impunity and lack of responsibility. This is true for both the rich and the poor.

I know a big builder whose sons are rank holder CAs and play a major role in their business.

Successful people have a bigger obligation to ensure their children become responsible and productive members of society.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

Mob Lynching has become a common sight in any road rage situation in India, whether it be a small scratch or a situation like this which involves death. As much as I agree that the Porche driver was at fault and he is responsible for the death of 2, the mob started beating him after the incident, people started damaging the car with stones. I feel most of these times it's the people's personal frustration rather than the anger towards the person at fault. That boy did deserve the beating but damaging the car, seriously?

He is the son of a wealthy builder, does he actually worry about the car, it costs 1.5-2 crores, and his father must have already paid 10's of crores in bribes. That car is worthless to him.

These people are mostly the ones who are frustrated with their own lives and just want to take it out, they find themselves beating up people and damaging vehicles in road rage situations. Some of them are jealous because they cannot afford a car themselves who believe in sadistic pleasure end up destroying others cars.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

This is the reason why the US allows 16 year old's to drive, due to their strict justice system.

My friend in Texas who turned 16 last year had to do a 6 month online and offline course to get his license.

Thank god that rule isn't in India and it should never be.

On the Taycan crash

1. How did the 17 year old get access to a 2.5 crore car?
2. How did he get alcohol that easily?
3. Blaming other people just because his dad is a bigshot is the most messed up thing I have ever heard this year.
4. I don't give a damn whether his dad is Elon Musk rich or not, he killed 2 innocent people, he deserved length jail time.
5. The father also deserves to be punished for his sons actions.

As a soon to be 17 year old myself, I am horrified by this incident and boiling with anger every time I see a post about the lackluster punishment the accused faced.

These incidents make me worried as a future driver, but I hope to be a good, responsible driver who follows all the rules and be a good person out on the road.
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Re: Underage drunk driver rams unregistered Porsche Taycan into 2-wheeler at high speed | 2 dead

Pune Porsche whose driver killed 2 in accident was on streets without registration since March.

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