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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by Shanksta View Post
The Bengaluru traffic police should take strict action against the driver and cancel the driving licence with a case for rash driving and endangering fellow motorists ... ...
In many ways, it is not as bad as the driving done by many, many 2-wheelers on a minute-to-minute basis. Just, slightly more skilled, somewhat faster, much brasher, and hugely more expensive. And, the sad thing, is that all those guys who are so impressed are envious: it's what they want to do.

How many of those young guys will ride/drive off pretending they are driving a Porsche. Except they are not very good at driving their own vehicles, let alone high performance stuff. And their own vehicles cannot respond like a high-end car. Like really stupid stuff in movies and adverts, it sets an example that people will follow.

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Don't know what to say!

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Yesterday I had a near scare run in with a small pick up. I was making a right turn at a junction, and there was small pick up which was approaching with left indicator on. In the middle of my turn I see this character was almost upon me, I braked and gestured asking him what his problem. He was asking the same of me. I showed that his indicator showed he should be turning left, and obviously he has not done and continued on a straight track. He only then realised his mistake and looked sheepish. I continued on my way, no point in doing anything, just thanking the old man on top.
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Default Re: The Dashcam / Car Video Recorder (DVR) Thread

This i20 overtaken me from the left by squeezing through a small gap and at the end of the video again you can see that he is squeezing between a small gap, this time from the right.

I saw him, in my IRVM, coming faster in the left most lane where several vehicles have been parked and pedestrians are walking. I have applied my brakes just in time so that he could squeeze through the gap without rear ending the parked truck.

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Angry Old Man - The ROAD RAGE loving uncle

Initially I thought that this should go to the 'road rage confessions' thread, but since I didn't get into one; hence the story goes live here.
  • Date: 15th May, 2018
  • Time: Around 8:45 am
  • Location: Akshardham Setu, New Delhi
  • Car: Tata Nexon XM
  • Owner's Name: Sanjay Kumar Gupta (As per Vahan details)
  • Car no.: UP 16 BU 8393
I was driving on the newly construction section of Delhi-Meerut expressway next to Akshardham temple (the flyover there), in the left most lane doing consistently 60-70 kph, behind a Ford Figo with an LTD sticker. This Nexon was there in the rightmost lane (as can be seen in the video).

Now, I overtake this Jazz in the middle lane and decide to overtake the Figo too by switching the lanes. I checked my ORVM, indicated and slowly started shifting to middle lane. Now, all of a sudden; the Nexon driving uncle decides to overtake the Innova moving ahead of him and aggressively accelerates his Nexon by making a quick maneuver towards the middle lane. Look at the Nexon approaching me from right (His bonnet was behind my B pillar but it appeared in my ORVM), I quickly swerved by around a foot towards left (a motorcycle and a Ritz already squeezed in the space on my left) to let the Nexon pass.

Now this is quite normal for any road user and hence I kept moving normally, not for the angry uncle. I noticed that the Nexon, instead of overtaking me; has started moving parallel to me . The front passenger was making hand gestures continuously looking at me (Though there are shades on my windows, so he couldn't see anything any ways - or maybe he thought it's a woman driving and his manhood /ego was hurt).

I ignored him, switched back to my lane and kept moving, now I noticed that the uncle was not ready to let go. He aggressively overtook me and braked in front of my car. So, I decided to finally fulfill his wish of meeting me and pulled over to the shoulder. While the idiot himself stopped in the left most lane itself.

He was probably expecting some action, but neither I rolled my window down, nor I came outside. But just silently kept looking at the front passenger and smiling. He gestured me to come ahead, but I gave no response and simply pointed my finger towards the camera. Soon he realized what's wrong and started moving ahead. After that I even overtook him too and he did to me again but absolutely nothing else - just regular driving.

This was my story of road rage loving uncle from New Delhi

The video itself is enough to tell the entire story:

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

One word - Shameless!

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by harsh79 View Post
One word - Shameless!
Money can buy a degree, money can buy good car but money can't buy civic sense or ethics. I wish he doesn't reproduce, we have enough of his kind spoiling the world
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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by harsh79 View Post
Well, 'an educated man' is actually a myth is what I can make out from the video above. Actually I was living in a different kind of world, but since last one year as I started driving on the roads of Delhi (Driving myself, full time in Delhi-Gurgaon and no chauffeur here), I have discovered that the 'educated men' are harder to deal with.

That said, I really feel lucky to have been blessed with the typical Desi / Haryanvi / Jaat kind tone in my language and it works wonders in Delhi. When the 'educated men and women' decide to ignore my word, I quickly make a switch and the faces around are worth a look, even better, they start listening too.

I had a similar guy (and his wife - that also new, you know 5 dozen of bangles in hands) near ITO one day, he did even similar gesture too telling me that where I can pass from. Now you are a very sweet man Harsh (Believe me, I either don't talk at all or be very harsh - but you talked in a very nice manner), but I simply rolled down my window and the conversation was like this:
ME: Bhai hata lo, yeh gaddi khadi karne ki jagah nahi hai (Brother, remove your car, this isn't the right place)
HE: Idhar se nikaal le yaar, mood kharab mat kar (Pass from here, don't spoil my mood)
I came out of my car and spoke this way
ME: Re ghana hushiyaar hai ke? Hata is dibbe ne ekdum na ibhi 10 lamde la ke is ne thaa ke fenk duma; roz tujh sawaal 100 ne dekkha karun main. Ibhi aa ar ekdum side ne laga is ne (are you very smart? Remove this tin can right now else I will throw it away calling 10 guys right now, daily I encounter 100 idiots like you, come and park it properly right now)

Trust me man, he didn't utter a single word, came back into the driver's seat; and moved ahead searching for right place to park the car.

Originally Posted by silversteed View Post
I wish he doesn't reproduce, we have enough of his kind spoiling the world
Looking at his age, I believe that his kids maybe are of our age
I hope they haven't learned or won't learn the civic and driving sense from their daddy!

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thanks to Gulam for sharing this video!
The driver is revelling all the attention; he clearly slows down (around the 00:49 mark) to allow for photography. What a nuisance on public roads.

In other news, give a couple of monkeys DSLRs and watch them disregard every civic sense to become "spotters".
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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thanks to Gulam for sharing this video!

What a lack of respect for such a beautiful machine. Horribly, poorly driven:
Looks definitely like someone very well connected politically.

Notice the white Innova with a Government plate always tailing. Might be the caretakers, just in case the joy ride goes south.

Do not think a policeman will be able to do much.

Good proof of power and its accompanying feeling of entitlement.

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thanks to Gulam for sharing this video!
We Indians are exponents at idol worship and it shows.. be it a cricket player, a politician or even someone with an exotic automobile. I have always hated this culture, even when I was driving the Mini Cooper there'd by the occasional "peeking inside" and "explaining about the car" to the co-rider by motorcyclists.. I couldn't help but laugh at such stupidity. This was experienced with merely a couple of hours of driving, don't know what the owner will be facing daily. If the cars are more exotic then Indians are more than happy to pull out their 6 inch wala phones with dual cameras and go click happy. For people who love the publicity, hey such cars are the best.

Being in America for a week was refreshing on so many levels, it doesn't matter what you drive, you can even pass by in a Bugatti Veyron electric maroon color and you may attract about a couple of eyeballs at best. Vehicles following you? No way. Cop'pers will pull you up and jail you if required if you drive anything like that. In New York there'd by people walking into high end boutiques and walking out after purchase.. no cars.

Hope Indians evolve to a point where decency and lawfulness supercedes the fancy and lure of the thrills of a high-flying lifestyle which is experienced vicariously out of a lack of choice.
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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

New essence seems to have seeped into the drivers. Drive on the dividing lines -- smack middle of the chassis. Even on multi lane (read empty) highways, where it is easy to maintain line. It is so pathetic and sad. The driving culture is worsening day-by-day. God bless, India.
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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Not surprising or uncommon. This is how they merge onto a fast corridor from a service lane! (Skip to 25s)

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Came across this video on YouTube today. This happened in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. The culprit, who's a B.Tech student was allegedly drunk and was speeding. When stopped by cops, he had hit the barricade and ran over a cop and finally was caught after a brief pursuit. How dim-witted could he be to do that?

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Default Re: Bad Drivers - How do you spot 'em

Originally Posted by paragsachania View Post
Not surprising or uncommon. This is how they merge onto a fast corridor from a service lane! (Skip to 25s)
Oh this is such a nuisance everywhere, but especially on the Airport road, which is otherwise quite a smooth drive. One has to be wary of these merging cars (cabs, personal vehicles, TTs, the whole lot!) at every opening. It's quite annoying when you are doing good speeds and have to slow down considerably because these imbeciles will not glance behind to check!
I make sure I'm in the rightmost lane at this particular point, because there's always someone merging with utter disregard to fast moving traffic.

This guy at least just came into the middle lane. The other day I was driving back from the airport, and was going a bit too fast frankly (the road was empty and was safe to do so) and at one of the openings, I saw these 2 cabs enter, as I was descending the flyover, I slowed down a bit and honked loudly, expecting at least one of them to stupidly come right across the road into the rightmost lane as there was a truck in the middle lane. And he did just as I expected. Even after honking and flashing continuously for almost a 100 metres!
But I guess he realized his mistake and accelerated as hard as he could and then sheepishly went back to the left.

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