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As long as I get to drive, either will do.

Ok.. I prefer day driving because of more visibility and the morons who are hell bent on driving with High Beams haven't switched them on....yet.
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I prefer night driving to day because the weather is cool and your in the mood to drive.As told above,no irritating pedestrians and small vehicles to bug you.Also its easy to judge if a vehicle is coming in the opposite from far because of lights.And night driving gives you the thrill that you would never get driving during the day!
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I would say it all depends on the road that you are going to take and the time you have to travel and to spend at the destination.

Both day/night driving can be safe/dangerous. It all depends on the drivers skill to drive and identify the skill level of the others driving around him.

In my opinion the truck drivers are the most skilled/cooperative/experienced guys.

Again the road that you are going to take is important from the security and quality of road point of view. For example the road from Karnal to Ambala(haryana-NH1 i think) is a pleasure to drive during the night, simply because of the bushes that have been grown on the divider all along the tar road. The same would apply to the Ahmadabad - Baroda express way NE1 80kms of fun.

But i strongly recommend that one does not travel with family on lonely roads in the night.
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I prefer Day driving any day. For me it is safety and help in case of breakdown/emergency which is paramount. Also what better day to enjoy the scenery. I drive at night only if it absolutely essential.
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Originally Posted by punterccrx8s View Post
.And night driving gives you the thrill that you would never get driving during the day!
Doing speeds at 165 km/hr without wearing seatbelts and clicking it. Hope you Educate or learn from TEAM-BHP on importance of it

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Depends on where you are and what kind of road. Up here in H.P. it is safer to drive in the day. Too many unmarked obstacles, large animals, drunks and the occassional group of bandits.
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Originally Posted by KSM-Vtec View Post
In my opinion the truck drivers are the most skilled/cooperative/experienced guys.
Very true IMO.

Most of my long drives were started in after noon and go up to 1am-2am in the night. During this, takes breaks between 06:30pm to 07:30pm, ie; when the darkness is spreading.

But in case of shorter drive less than 200km, prefer to drive in the morning from 05:30 - 11am. Early morning in highways are little dangerous as the overnight drivers tend to fall asleep during this time. So even if u r careful, ur life is in the oppposite driver's hand.
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night drive anytime it takes much lesser to reach destination due to lesser traffic. it much easier to overtake as due to headlights u know when a vehicle is coming i prefer night driving but all in all i prefer driving to anything so i would love drive irrespective
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I prefer early mornings .Less traffic on roads average speeds is good and no drunks or bandits
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I would like to drive - Anytime / Anwhere / Anything

Just enjoy driving
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In India, night driving is a hell.

Abroad, night driving is a boon as there are less cops to catch you speeding.
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I prefer early morns or day time in general. My eye sight is not so good, so night time driving with specs is not something I usually enjoy, even in the best roads abroad.

My dad used to say he likes to drive in the night and most of the trips we did with him when I was young was done in night, starting sometime at about 7-8 pm for drives up to 4-5 hours. He says it's safer in night especially during turns since we know other vehicles approaching. This makes more sense in Kerala where most roads are narrow and full of twists and turns.
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In city it is any time day or night traffic or no traffic (except total jam!) Rain or shine I am fine anytime

But for long drives I prefer early mornings / day specifically on unfamiliar stretches reasons have already been highlighted by many; so not repeating. When planning a long trip, I would try to leave before dawn, say 4:30AM or 5:00AM so that cover as much possible before sun rises. Generally helps to reach your destination much faster.
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I've done both day and night driving on our highways.
I certainly prefer and recommend day driving. Visibility during daytime is much better than night. You can see the road a lot further. In the night, you can only drive as fast as your headlights permit. Also, in a low slung car, you can easily get blinded by the high beam lights of oncoming cars. Again there are some fools who come up behind you at full speed with their headlights undipped, which is again blinding.
On a long drive, start early, take sufficient breaks to keep yourself relaxed and stop by dusk.
In an SUV, things are not so bad since you're sitting at a height. Even then, I'll recommend day driving on our highways.
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Day driving is easy due to visibility factor but night drive is fun as after 9 pm wind becomes cooler and weather pleassant adds to the fun of driving which we cant have in the heat of day time.
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