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First of all, welcome to team-BHP, Tejas. We're a jolly bunch usually.
Originally Posted by inflames
Lastly I said airbags and are not safe if seat belts are not fastened.
Stating this is incorrect on your part,Tejas.
You shouldn't negate a safety system like airbags just because a product you sell doesn't have it.
Wearing seatbelts has become mandatory today and if someone has an airbag in their car and they know of it(mostly,they do), they would have been instructed during delivery or when they go through the user's manual.
Yes, there have been injuries due to airbags when the occupants don't wear seat belts. But, have hyundai(or any car manufacturer, for the matter) decided hence to not provide airbags in any of their cars? The answer is NO.
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Originally Posted by inflames View Post
Firstly I said Hyundai cars are competitvely priced, infact i even said that swift has got a wonderful engine, however its a bit too cramped. Lastly I said airbags and are not safe if seat belts are not fastened. I also said they have killed people who ignored the seat belts, which my friend has not heard at all. Not for once did I put my competitor down.
I've told my side of the story already so I won't repeat but please stop addressing me as "friend" as you don't consider me as one. Stop this hypocrisy and be what you are. My name is clearly visible and please address me as that. And let me clarify that I don't expect or want you consider me as a friend. Everyone is free to choose there own friend.

Originally Posted by inflames
My manager's name is Fareed. Look what my friend has heard it as... "Feroze", it is not even phonetically close! Now u guys decide how much or how carefully Kaushik was listening.
Originally Posted by inflames View Post
Yes you are absolutely right! Feroze and Fareed. They are very close indeed. Try telling this to all the forum members. Come on BHPians I request all of you to reply to this.
And these I really would consider as personal attacks on my ability of what I hear or what I decipher. And my dignity really debars me from replying to your posts like these. So I'll just give it a pass.

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Mods, can we close this thread as both parties have provided explanation?
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Interesting stories aaggoswami.

Originally Posted by aaggoswami View Post
People say higher wattage bulb lets say 65W will give less light than 45W and will be blown early. where as the 65W will emit more heat and so will have slightly lower life, giving less light is undigestable.
There is actually some truth in that statement (higher wattage does not always mean more lumens), but that can be discussed in one of the lighting threads.

Note from Mod : This thread is now closed. If Tejas or Kaushik has something to add, they may PM the mods to re-open the thread.

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Default Lengths that dealerships go to.- Hilarious discussion at Chevy, Bhopal.

I was amazed at what lengths the sales persons at car dealerships go to, in order to ensure a sale. I accompanied a friend and his family who wanted to book a new hatchback. We landed up at the Chevrolet dealership at Bhopal to consider the Beat petrol. After consideration it was decided that we will opt for the top model. On enquiry we were told that the safety features like ABS and airbags were available as an ad-on package which also included alloys. Since safety was a priority, we insisted on this model. However, the dealership did not have this in stock and then began the sales lady's pitch on the model in stock.
First she told us that the safety features are really not required, as the airbags are of no use in the city and would not inflate if you manage to 'bunch' with a bike or an auto. After this lesson in vocabulary, we told her that the car would be driven on the highway too. She then informed us that the airbags are a pain in any case as you would need to regularly check their air pressure in order for them to be effective in an emergency. I was shell-shocked and my friend tells me that my jaw dropped. I mumbled something about nitrogen and not air in air bags but she would have none of it from an ignorant customer.
With an air of superiority she proceeded to drive home the final nail by saying that the alloy wheels would be very heavy in comparison and would not only increase steering effort but would reduce the mileage. When I summoned courage to tell her that its the opposite in fact, she merely ignored me.
We walked out of the dealership much enlightened.
Will someone please tell me how do I check the air pressure in the airbags in my Corolla and Scorpio ??
Mods: My apologies if I have posted in the wrong section.
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