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We have been witnessing a progressive spurt in road accidents due to several factors including the rise in motor vehicle population, coupled with avoidable negligence and scant regard for traffic discipline by many concerned road users of all categories. The "might is right" phrase befitting animal behaviour is apparent many a time, throwing all cautionary norms to the winds. As a result, the traffic users who follow rules and try to abide by some disciplinary norms are inconvenienced and often land up as victims of others indulging in inhuman behaviour on the streets. I have been a regular for the past few days into the ICU of a prominent hospital in my city and was appalled by accident-emergency cases arriving regularly after 9 pm or so.Head injuries,bleeding,fracture and trauma were all common.
The traffic movement in most cities have some common flaws that are summarised here:
(1) Lane discipline is non existent and many fast moving bikes and cars move cutting lanes, following the least interruptive trajectory to wriggle their way out of congested roads. Lane changing needs to be done with the usage of indicators patiently. Slow moving vehicles must stay as far away from the road dividers to the extreme left,in the respective traffic users own interest to avoid being hit from the rear.
(2) Jumping red signals is rampant and so is driving on the wrong side, especially on roads with dividers. Two wheelers, cars and sometimes even trucks move from the wrong side , which not only inconveniences others but also catch many by surprise.
(3) Over speeding is also rampant. It seems that the speed demons are always in a hurry. Such demons must be made to tattoo their family contact details on their bodies or show it prominently somewhere on their vehicles for emergencies to safely reach some ICU or orthopaedic or neurosurgery ward.
(4) Dazzling headlights at night inconveniences the oncoming traffic, blinding many for a while.Many prefer not to use the dippers while many are not aware of its use and misuse. The headlights of cars at full beam even consume excess battery power.
An added street attraction are the coloured bright headlamp bulbs used by some, which do not conform to the statutory norms. The original equipment (OE) headlight bulbs are swapped by many to fit coloured bulbs that pose traffic hazards.
(5) Parking violations, double parking and non-use of available road space judiciously, due to encroachments and unwanted barriers constrict the traffic movement.The road dividers limit the space further. No doubt, such unwanted barriers restrict speed, but these also contribute to traffic bottlenecks.
There are many other reasons that contribute towards many avoidable mishaps. The fact is that negligence and rashness coupled with the lack of perception causes accidents that cause misery for the victims and their families. Many are maimed while many succumb.
Its high time that we all realise the consequences and adhere to traffic rules and manners by adapting defensive driving techniques.An accident is defined as "that which happens: an unforeseen or unexpected event". Motor vehicle accidents have been happening ever since Daimler's landmark invention during the end of the 19th century.But exercise of a little caution with some defensive demeanour by everyone concerned on the roads can save many lives and also many families from trauma and/or ruin.
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Clicked by a friend of mine at Karnal expressway yesterday. Is there such thing called as pentagonal safety in India? Who needs a car when 5 people can comfortably travel on a bike?
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Reading this thread, I feel happy to be part of a community that believes in safety and in wanting to change this rotting community.
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