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I am extremely sorry to hear this. Indeed shocking !! Your family is one lucky to come out of this with very min injury.
Take care of the Kid, Bro. He would horrified, shell shocked by the incident.
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Very sorry to read this and I'm happy too that you're all alive. May God bless you all, especially the cute little one. I'm the father of a 3 year old and can imagine what you have been undergoing since the incident. Please do a thorough health check up on all the three and pay special attention that cute little one. I don't mean to scare you but don't take things lightly just because there are no external injuries. I believe everything will turn out well.
Indian roads will continue to be unsafe till we get stricter rules of the law and their honest enforcement. Whenever will that happen!!!
Take care.
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Oh! God. Thats a very bad story. Good to know you all are safe. Sad that such a well maintained car is "dead".
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Thank God you and your family are safe. The car did it's duty - it took the impact well and collapsed, protecting all of you. That is what really matters.

As for the guilty driver getting punished, I doubt that will happen. From what I have read about lorry drivers, the experienced lorry driver grooms his cleaner (usually a semi-literate at best) to become a driver and also in getting a licence, as well as securing him a lorry to drive. The unwritten rule is, if the guru gets involved in an accident, the shishya will become the fall guy by default and take the rap, irrespective of whether he has got a licence or not. This is a form of "Gurudakshina" and is expected of all novice/new drivers. If he fails in this duty, the entire truck driver community will get word of it and he will be shunned by all.

There was a famous Tamil novel "Irumbu Kudiraigal" (Iron Horses) with the transport industry as a backdrop that illustrated this matter. What you had posted about another driver presenting himself before the police re-kindled my memory about this.
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Good lord!

Thank heavens you all are fine! This is nothing short of a miracle.

Cars almost become your family member when they are with you that long, and when they go down saving your whole family, its just returning what you gave to it for 10 years. Respect.
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Glad to know that you made it buddy.Feel bad for your car, but machines can be replaced and dear one can't be.
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Originally Posted by Superleggera View Post
Glad to know that you made it buddy.Feel bad for your car, but machines can be replaced and dear one can't be.
Completely agree. A sad way for the car to go but its not as important as knowing your family is safe.
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Sorry to see this , you should have been shaken with this incident . Get well soon .

Could you point this C section you mentioned ,so that ppl are aware of this place , can you google map point it if possible .

How was the interaction with police there ?

Now this is over ,what next ,are you filing a case against him ?
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You all being safe is not something that cannot be measured. That something dear which you lost today is not replaceable. These two can never make up for each other. You are in a unique, undescribeable situation where you have two face two things simulatenously ..

But today, what matters is that you are still here with us. Take care.
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Originally Posted by shishir_bn View Post
Ya Raj,Infact there was a blunder that happened. The lorry driver didn't had driving license and that is the reason for him to run off.So the driver who had the license was prsented to the police and was arrested. This is usual itseems whenever a lorry is involved in the accident.
I've also heard that cleaners etc drive lorries for sections on longer drives when the driver gets tired.
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Thats a nasty accident Shishir. After seeing your sons pics, i feel like chopping off the lorry driver's hands. It hurts to see an innocent baby with bandages. Wish your family a speedy recovery.

Hope that brainless idiot of a lorry driver and the owner of the lorry who let him drive without a license get the jail term they deserve.


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@shishir, Good to see you all escape with relatively minor injuries!
First of all, you wore seatbelts, so the miracle was possible :-) All who read this thread, there can't be a better advt for wearing seat belts.
2ndly, you reacted in the split second to reduce impact - great reactions man!

Hope you recover speedily.

We have a 10+ year old Matiz (of the same color) as well, and really sorry to see the state of your well maintained car. But it did do the job of absorbing the impact and saving its occupants.

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Glad to know that all of you are safe. It was god's will and your presence of mind that saved the day. The seat-belts must have helped too.

Originally Posted by KRRaj View Post
What? How the heck do these things happen only in India? So the FIR has been registered against another driver? He may have a good alibi then. I am confused how come Police even accept things like this.
The Police do not 'know' who the driver is. So they have to accept the person who presents himself/presented by the owner as the driver.

Sorry to see that excellently maintained car in such a state. Heart wrenching though it might be, it is better to scrap it now even if parts were available. The damage seems to be quite extensive and you might not be able to bring it up to scratch.

Wishing all of you a speedy recovery.


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Hey Shishir; wish you and your family a speedy recovery.
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Sorry to see this man, but glad to know that you and your family are safe. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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