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I got a reply from one of the travel agencies, and they have suggested the following itinerary:

Swiss Alps – The Passion
Interlaken, Jungfraujoch, Schilthorn, Luzern, Titlis, Pilatus, Zürich
7 Nights / 8 Days

Tour Programme

Day 01Swiss Border – InterlakenTravel to Interlaken by train (approx. 2.5 hrs), leaving from the Swiss border or any Swiss airport. Overnight stay at Interlaken.

Day 02Interlaken– Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe
After breakfast, you board the train to Kleine Scheidegg via Lauterbrunnen (approx. 1.5 hrs). The famous Jungfrau railway takes you to the highest station in Europe (approx. 1 hrs). A day of fun and excitement is awaiting you in the captivating snow peaks of Jungfraujoch– Top of Europe (3’454 m/11’333 ft). Visit the Ice Cave with its ice formations or else explore the snow on the glacier. You find a range of international restaurants on the Jungfraujoch. Return to Interlaken (approx. 2.5 hrs) by train with an optional stopover in Grindelwald. Overnight stay at Interlaken.

Day 03Interlaken– Schilthorn
After breakfast, enjoy an excursion to the Schilthorn (3’000 m/ 10’000 ft/). It takes you just 32 minutes by cable car to reach the summit of the Schilthorn. Enjoy the beautiful view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (UNESCO World Heritage) and on more than 200 other summits. On the Schilthorn you will find the world’s first revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria, where you can follow the tracks of James Bond: the 007 movie “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” was filmed here. Otherwise simply enjoy the spectacular view from the big terrace! Overnight stay at Interlaken.

Day 04Interlaken – LuzernAfter breakfast, the scenic-train takes you to Luzern via the Brünig Pass (approx. 2 hrs). Enjoy Luzern with its beautiful view to the mountains. Walk along the Lake Luzern or go shopping in the old part of the city. Overnight stay at Luzern.

Day 05 Luzern– Mount TitlisToday, travel by train to Engelberg (approx. 1 hrs). Experience the world’s first revolving cable car that takes you to the top of Switzerland’s highest vantage point with a breathtaking 360-degree view (approx. 45 mins). Spend some time in the snow with your snow disc. In the evening you return to Luzern (approx. 2 hrs). Overnight stay at Luzern.

Day 06Luzern – Mount PilatusAfter breakfast, take a boat to Alpnachstad (approx. ½ hrs) & travel up the Pilatus (2’132 m/7’000 ft) by boarding the steepest cogwheel railway in the world (From mid May till end of Oct). In wintertime take the bus from Luzern to Kriens (approx. 10 mins.) and continue with the panoramic gondola from Kriens to the Pilatus). In the afternoon, a cable car takes you back to the base. A coach takes you back to Luzern (approx. 10 mins.). We also offer this excursion in reverse order. Overnight stay at Luzern.

Day 07Luzern– Zürich/GenevaAfter breakfast, you are free to explore Luzern on your own. Visit the 700 years-old wooden Chapel Bridge, the Lion Monument and the malls. Buy some of the famous souvenirs like Swiss watches, Swiss cheese or Swiss chocolates.Proceed to Zürich by train (approx. 1 hrs). Overnight stay at Zürich/Geneva.

Day 08Zürich/Geneva – Depart for the onward journey
After breakfast, you either proceed to the airport for your onward flight or else continue your stay in Switzerland.
I had a talk with my bro. He is insisting on just 5 nights in Switzerland, and wants to spend 2 nights in Paris.

So, my questions are:
- First of all, is this itinerary good?
- What all can be removed from this package to fit into 5 nights?
- The agency quoted a price of CHF 1215 (approx 50K INR) excluding airfare/airtaxes/other meals (The accommodation will be in 3 star hotels). Is this price fair?
- Which city should be the entry point to switzerland - Zurich or Geneva?

Thanks in advance!

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My thoughts on the below itinerary

1. Port of Entry - Zurich
2. Visit Jungfraujoch
3. Travel from Interlaken to Luzern
4. Visit Mount Pilatus/Titlis
5. Travel to paris further

Is the cost per person or for a couple?

Hope it helps.
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Hi Woof. Congrats for the upcoming wedding of your brother.
Since he plans to go to Paris too, then I suggest a Eurail pass which will be very handy.
France and Switzerland share a border so one can even take a train to and out of Switzerland. In this way you can take a XYZ-Paris-XYZ flight and do the rest by Eurail.

Switzerland is one of the best destinations which one can go for a honeymoon or even just for a short holiday.
Sam has already briefed you about the nitty gritty of travel and how to go about it. I will try to tell you where to go and what to do, which you can forward to your brother is useful.

Usually when honeymooners want to go ti Switzerland they want to go to the destinations which are seen in the Yash Chopra movies. You definately dont want to waste your precious time in seeing big cities like Geneva (too far) and Zurich. At the most appoint one day each for these. It may not be possible to delete both from the itinerary as you will have to travel to and fro from one of these airports, I suggest you drop Geneva which is to far and as most probably the airline you fly, will commence and begin from Zurich.

The places you (ie your brother) will want to visit would be Zurich (point of entry or/and exit.)
Interlaken, Grindelwald and Lucerne. That is what you can pack in, in seven days.
Please note that you will effectively get only 5 days to see these places.

How to plan your trip abroad:

Since it is your brother's first time he will be traveling abroad and that too with his new,y married spouse, i would strongly suggest take a package tour. For situations like these, it is God sent. No worries about anything, no airport transfers to care about etc.
Having said that, if he is the adventurous (and confident) types, then first pay a visit to two or three big travel companies that offer packaged tours in seven days and get their brochures.

This will help him understand where he should be going and what he should be seeing.

These tours always take you to the best sites which one can see and try to push in as much as they can in the short trip.
Once you have studied the brochures, you will get an idea of what to do and how.

Interaken is the lake city where all these famous tourist peaks are situated such a Jungfrau, Mt.Titilis, Schilthorn, etc. If you've seen one you've seen them all so pick Jungfrau (must see) and another one. Dont go to see all of them.
There are wonderful places to see around Interlaken which are a short train ride form Interlaken such as Grindelwald.

Grindelwald is a beautiful lazy place which looks like out of a fairy tale. WHenevr I have been to Switzerland, I have always gone to Grindelwald in teh morning and returned backto Interlaken in the evening.
In Grindelwald you walk around the sleepy town and then head for a dept,. Store. There is a "Coop" (like our own Big Bazar) just near the staton.
You buy a bottle (or two, depending) of good quality wine (I suggest Zinfandel or a good Chardonnay ) some freshly baked loaf (bread) and whatever you want to eat or drink.
Walk out of the store and ahead of you (you dont have to look, they are everywhere) there are huge Mew like gardens inviting you to sit on them and make a picnic out of your trip. Eat, drink and if you like sleep on the soft lush grass. Wherever you sit I guarantee you, you will be facing a mountain whose base would not be more than a Km away.
Wake up, put all the trash in the bin and head back to the station.

You might need at least three days in Interlaken.
In in terlaken you stay near the West Interlaken station. There are a host of hotels just across the tracks. Merkur etc (three *) are available there for within 100 Euros. You dont want to stay far as then travelling to and fro from the station is a pain and difficult, especially with bags and stuff.
On this (West) station, you will find a wall with a direct hotmail to all hotels in the vicinity with prices. Speak to them and get a room Expect to pay around 100 Euros.
The main street is Bahnofstrasse (station street if im right) and you can walk aroung the city to reach anywhere. Also take a train to the Interlaken ost (east) station to get to the other end.
Dont be surprised to see a few restaurant menu boards outside wirtten in Hindi. Yes this is the time when Indians travel. You may find some instructions in your hotel room in Hindi too.
For a hotel surf the net and get a good deal. Any location on the Bahnofstrasse is good and the West is better to stay than the east.
Now dont think of shopping as it can be killing.
Switzerland is an expensive place so dont try to convert what you are spending or you might not be able to eat.
There is plenty of different types of food available, even Vegetarian. I gorged on salads as You cannot get the freshness of the vegetables you get there, here.
Also visit the Trumbellbach Falls (i think ive got the name right)
You may also visit the Alpine Grdens.
Interlaken - Tor zur Jungfrau

Lucerne is a beautiful town again. See the museum and the Lion Monument, the City Wall, etc, etc.
Cafe culture is rampant in Lucerne and there is a lot to see and do. You can go to one of the many clubs and restaurants and bars ans night life is great unlike Interlaken. Even a good shopping destination.
Spend two days here. The rest you can use to get in and out of Paris.

My suggestions:
If traveling by Eurail from one country to another take overnight trains wherevr possible. You can sleep in the trains (We can only get the First class eurail tickets) and save your hotel bill for one night.
Stock your room with something to eat and drink as room service (wherever available) is killing.
But a small day pack to carry around slung on your back. You can put your essentials like cameras, water, jacket, eats, small shopping etc in it when going around the city.
Always walk. The best way to see a city is to walk around and discover.
Be on time for trains. They are precision timing driven and are exact on the dot in timing.

...err think i got carried away. This is turning out to be more of a travel blog. Please read the useful part only.
Hope it has been useful.

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Originally Posted by married2speed View Post
My thoughts on the below itinerary

1. Port of Entry - Zurich
2. Visit Jungfraujoch
3. Travel from Interlaken to Luzern
4. Visit Mount Pilatus/Titlis
5. Travel to paris further

Is the cost per person or for a couple?

Hope it helps.
Cost is per person exclusive of airfare / visa charges
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woof that is the exactomundo same itinery i had last year. My entry and exit both were from Zurich. My package came to 85k per person including the airfare and visa.
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In addition to all the tours and there are a few more things that you can look forward to -
the scenic train from Interlakken to Montreau via Zweisman.
Also try and visit / walking through Berne, it is a very beautiful city
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Originally Posted by autopsyche View Post
woof that is the exactomundo same itinery i had last year. My entry and exit both were from Zurich. My package came to 85k per person including the airfare and visa.
It will cost my bro roughly the same amount, I guess.

BTW, any review of your trip? What is worth visiting, and which place can be removed from the itineary?

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I'm bumping up this thread because my parents and I are planning on visiting Switzerland, Could you guys please help me with more details about the tour operators, We have a budget fixed at around 75k per person including everything.

Thank you
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Even I am planning a family tour to Europe, primarily to Switzerland next summer. I also plan to cover Italy and Austria as well. We did a 12 day packaged tour through Thomas Cook 4 years back covering Switzerland. Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and UK. This time we want to go on our own and only to the above three countries.

Duration: 10 days
Expected travel period: April - May 2011

Some of the "must have locations/trips" as as follows.

1. Interlaken, Lucerne - Jungfrau
2. Engelberg - Mt Titlis
3. Glacier Express trip (St Morriz to Zermat)
4. Mt. Pilatus
4. Lausanne, Geneva
5. Rome, Milan, Italy
6. Innsbruck, Austria

Looking for suggestions to plan an itinerary around the above places. I welcome any other interesting places to be added as well. I prefer Alps and lakes than crowded cities such as Zurich/Geneva. No plans for any shopping either.
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Italy itself would take a week vasoo! Also check out Salzburg - famed for the sound of music and Mortzart!
So we can expect a mind blowing travelogue next year!
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Default Swiss plan

Following are my suggestion.

1. Buy a 4 days 2 person swiss paas, it is called as Swiss Saver Paas. With this paas you can travel to anywhere in Switzerland by swiss train. Valid for 4 days. Each day can be utilized seperatly. The day you stamp it, will be valid for that day. So if you do not want to go anywhere next day, or just want have a walk around, dont stamp it.

The current price is $482 for 2 person 4 days. So after buying this paas you dont have to spent anywhere for travelling. Butttt... If you take train to jungfraujoch(top of europe), there is a catch. Will explain you later. I think local transport, like buses and tram are included.

Day 1.

1. Land in Zurich - Below is the link for local transportation timings in Zurich.
Go to the Bürkliplatz by tram 2, 5, 8, 9, 11. Take a ship ride around the lake. Choose only 1 hour ship ride. It is more than enough.

2. Catch the train to Lucern. - Enter the source and target destination, you will get the timings. No need to pay for the fare, use the paas. It takes 1 hour to reach lucern.
Check-in and lets have rest for the day.
Use to book the hotel. This site give you complete detail about the hotel. Read the review, which will tell you location as well. You should get decent hotel for 500 to 700 Ru per night.

Day 2.

3. Roam in lucern. You will get all the site information in hotel itself. Every hotel provides the site information. Or google for the local attraction in google.

Day 3.

Take a train to Interlaken, It is 2 hour journey. You could have done it in Day 2 night itself, but Luzern to Interlaken train journey is amazing. So, should do this journey in day time.
Note- There are two routs for Lucern to Interlaken. DO NOT take train via Bern, take the other rout.
Roam in Interlaken.

Day 4.

Take a train to jungfrau. Now, you will get only discount with your paas in this train. Normally the fare is 180 CHF per person for return ticket but you have to pay 100 CHF per person.
Go early morning to Jungfrau, so that while returning you can get down in Grindelwald.

Day 5.

Visit Gstaad, 2 hour journey from Interlaken. Come back in the evening.

Day 6.

Interlaken to Zurich, back to India.
For every train journey, check the website.
5 Day hotel - 150 CHF * 5 = 750 CHF
Swiss Pass - $482
Interlaken to Jungfrau - 200 CHF

So the total cost 70,000/- INR for hotel and Swiss travel. Add Shopping and Food extra.

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Thanks a lot pawan! That was a wonderful plan. I need to cover the places I have mwentioed in my earlier post. Glacier Express trip is also a must as it is rated as one of the best train journeys in the world.
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Default Trip to Switzerland

[quote=iraghava;880173]No, they'll require seperate Visas, Switzerland is not part of the Schengen.

Boss, small correction. Since last year Switzerland is part of Schengen countries, only the currency Swiss Frans still remains. Most places still dont accept the Euro freely. I returned 2months back after driving around Germany, Austria, Switzerland & France. Clocked 5600kms in 13days crisscrossing the above countries. I had only only 1 Schengen visa and other than the 1st port of entry & final port of Exit , nobody even asks us for the passport or the Visa.
Warm Rgds
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Default Re: Trip to Switzerland - How to plan?

Instead of hopping around staying in couple of hotels in Switzerland, try and stay in Interlaken - approx. centre of Switzerland. From there any city is max 2 - 3 hrs away. You can do day trips easily.

One nice & affordable place to stay in Interlaken is Schwizi's. Check out their website We stayed in their Neiderreid place in 2002 and were very happy.
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Default Switzerland Queries


Am planning to cover Switzerland in the coming future, once winter is over and would like to understand the passes that I should buy.

A family of 2+2.

I would spend a week in Switzerland and would like to cover:

1. Lucerne
2. Engelberg
3. Bernina Express
4. Interlaken
5. Matterhorn
6. Lausanne

Any place that I may have missed.

I see that Bernese Oberland is available with a lot of discounts and freebies for kids. Also there is a Swiss pass which has many options.

Any advise will be highly appreciated.

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