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loving_alaap 25th September 2008 00:16

2005 honda City Automatic or 2007 December Honda Accord Manual
Dear All Team-Bhp Gurus.

I have visited used car dealer(first choice) in Ahmadabad,

2 car i like most, as I am a Honda fan,

1st one is 2005 model Honda City Automatic, is in a very good condition, 35,000km, silver color, no rattles, very smooth in test drive, though the break is so tight, that, doubt, they have knowingly fitted it so tight.

2nd one is Black beauty the Honda Accord Manual, leather seats, just 14,000 km gone, and it is just 9 month old (Dec-07), in excellent condition.

few minor scratches on both the cars.

now comes the price tag.
Honda city CVT: 6lacs
Honda accord: 12.5 lacs
both the prices are negotiable.

now, as accord's new model is already there, & city's new model is dew, should i weight for new launches or negotiate well?

what should be the ideal prices?

dealer has agreed to give me 3 free services, and a nice touch up of the car while delivery.

Please advice.please:

vkochar 25th September 2008 11:07

Both cars are very good but prices you have mentioned here are way too expensive.

Remember that there is already a newer Accord now in the market. This brings the older Accord's Value tumbling down. I know it is only less than a year old, I would not pay more than 10 - 10.5 for it.

As far as the Honda CVT goes - the newer City is just round the corner.

My Suggestion - If you want to spend so much then the Accord is a good deal at around 10.5.

Else wait for the new City to be launched and buy a brand new one at around 8- 8.5 Lacs ( I would assume this to be the price )

evo 25th September 2008 11:29

I`d suggest the accord anyday from amongst the two. There is absolutely no question.

There was an accord V6 March 07 in cal classifieds for 10.5l first offer. I`m sure it`ll go for 8.5 or 9. Its still under warranty and has the extended warranty too. Insurance is till next march.

As such I doubt your accord should cost you more than 8l all said and done.


GTO 25th September 2008 20:10

Both cars are over-priced. I suggest you TD the latest Honda City 5 speed auto, or look out for an Accord within 7 - 8.5 lakhs.

snaronikar 25th September 2008 20:25

Overpriced. Need to negotiate better. Take a look at the below linky and you may get an idea of how much to ask for.

New Cars, Used Cars, Buy Cars, Sell Cars, New Car Prices, Used Car Prices -

I would prefer Accord anyday.

jesal 25th September 2008 23:42

prices are proper as per bombay. a 2007 accord for 10 laks eh ? show me one in bombay. people are asking 14 laks for the accord 2007. the one you are saying for 12.5 can be fetched for 12 mininum. in bombay 2004 and 2005 accords are for 10 laks odd

vasudeva 26th September 2008 10:26

If you have the money, there is no way that the City is in the same class as Accord. Forget about generations. In fact, Dec 2007 Accord is as good as new, and at that price, if you can afford it, there is no contest with the City at all.

Ym-enjn 26th September 2008 12:31

Non of the above. I would suggest either to go for a new NHC which will now be available for magnificent discounts or to go for the latest Honda City (more prefered). That will be a logical choice and will keep you happy for a longer time.

Also question for everyone- As most are suggesting for Accord I would like to know what is the benefit of buying the old model Accord at 10 to 12 L?

ImmortalZ 26th September 2008 16:09

It's the Accord - that's the advantage.

If you wish to see a point by point comparison, go to Honda's website and check the features of the Accord and City.

The 2008 Accord didn't change much from 2007 in terms of anything worth mentioning when you are looking at a price of 10-12L.

anup7649 26th September 2008 19:51

Accord would be sure bet if you have the money. It should cost around 12 lacs and not more than that. Do check the service history thoroughly since selling an Accord in such less duration does pass in some smell.


loving_alaap 1st October 2008 23:53

thanks guys,

after having all your view,

i have decided to wait for some time.

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