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Default All Laura Owners and Accord Owners, Please stand up

Hi..I am planning to get upgraded to a luxury sedan which would happen around Jan '09. The Car would be based out from mumbai.

My run-in with the car would
1. Not be more than 1000 kms a month in the city.
2. 75% chauffeur driven and 25% (Over Weekends) personal driving.
3. I plan to keep this car for at least 5 years. Hence, the resale wouldn't really matter to me.
4. All other car options are out-of-the-window since im very sure i desire to choose ONLY between these two options and i do not desire to be confused anymore.
5. My budget would be around 12-14 Lacs (This budget includes all auxiliary costs like insurance, road tax, registration and so on. This could stretch by two lacs considering my final option but not beyond the same.)
6. Would prefer an automatic, if i find the same in my budget.
The choices i am contemplating are the following.
A. Skoda Laura
B. Honda Accord (Second Hand 2007 or IF i manage to get the same in the above mentioned budget, then the 2008 Accord)

A. Skoda Laura
I would love to buy the l & k Automatic. Automatic being the preferred option. However that would be pushing my budget accross the board. So i would have to stick mostly with the Manual Ambiente.

I wouldnt have a problem with the second hand l & k. However at a personal level, i have had 2 friends who had their turbo blown on the skoda. One was an octavia L & K and the other was the Laura L & K. Both 2005 models with turbo repair bills of over a lac. Hence am a bit apprehensive about the same. Though it could be that both cars were driven extremely rash. Probably you guys can correct me if im wrong.

I love the gizmos which come with the Laura
Fascinated by the sturdy tank-like look
Diesel Economy

No Leg-Room at the back if both seats are pushed right back
Expensive A-S-S (After-Sale-Service) and Parts
The turbo-worry as mentioned above

B. Accord

I wouldn't mind the second-hand Accord 2007 or 2008 whichever fits in budget by the time of purchase.

I love the airy space which the accord provides
Honda A-S-S and cheaper parts
Bigger engine and a category above the Laura

2007 Accord may look outdated with time.

I am slightly confused as it stands. I wouldnt have a problem with getting any of these cars second-hand since my friend deals in impounded Auto-Loan cars. Hence, it will be a breeze to get a well-maintained car. The only contemplation is budget and should i go for a second hand L & K or Accord. Another worry is i read in a publication that Skoda Laura is getting its new model in 2009. Is it worth the wait? Thanks in advance to one and all.
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Close your eyes and get the Accord. Its more spacious, very cheap to maintain compared to Skoda, has a good resale value (even if you are not looking at it now).

If you like associated bells and whistles like Parktronic, headlight washer etc then the Laura is good.
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For 1000km/month one can choose Accord with even thinking twice. As you have already researched not only it will be cheaper to maintain in furture but also a very family mover. Laura is undoubtedly a nice package with too much bells and whistles, but still it ain't got a snob value of an accord.
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Considering 1000km p.m city driving with 75% in the rear seat, Accord makes more sense. Laura is for exactly the opposite needs (compact, driver's seat, long distance). IMHO.

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Any idea if any radical changes are in line for the laura '09? If so, any estimated launch date? In the interim will start specking the accord.
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My friends.. My father uses a laura automatic.It is a good car but i would advice you to go for the accord or the jetta. the reason is that though the l&k is good, it has reccuring electrical problems such as air bag fault.The spares and service also burn holes in the pockets.
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Suggest Accord because of space, comfort, reliability, peace of mind in terms of after sales service and largely, the kms that you would run it in a month and that it will usually be driven by a driver.

The faulty parts and reports of Laura may be put to rest and it simply doesnt make sense for you to buy a Skoda unless you are sold out on its looks and features. Though, if you would go for a new one , you could get a three years 50K kms maintenance package as well and of course reduced prices. Check it out before finalising.
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go for the accord as it satisfies your needs perfectly

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@personified: check out an Accord V6. It has the space for when you are chauffeur driven and the power when you drive it yourself. Also, it will be much more cheaper to maintain and much more reliable.
If you are lucky, you might end up having enough change to get a new set of tyres to take advantage of the performance.
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Recommend the accord. i'm also in a similar situation as you, looking for a used automatic car in similar budget. there's a V6 accord on sale in this forum - classifieds. looks to be well maintained. Have a look at it.
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