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Default Need help - Cedia, SX4, Optra or ANHC ? EDIT : The Cedia it is!

Hey Guys

I am new here but have read 100s of threads on team-bhp site in the last year or more, thanks to google that any advice/info i seek on cars/routes, usually i find TBHP links coming on top and frankly i have not seen such impressive advise and updated info on any other site... so, i thought its time i created a log in as i have a question to ask and i am sure, kind people here would share their thoughts/experiences that would help me take a decision !

I am planning to purchase one of these cars and below are my thoughts, your vote for the best car with the reason for your choice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I am planning to keep this car for 5+ years and my preferences in a car are in this order: drive quality, safety features (especially ABS + EBD), good interiors & features (with sufficient leg room), ground clerance, exterior looks (with good color choice), trouble free after sales & service. Budget is 10 Lakhs but flexible upto 10 - 15%

Cedia - I have driven the Spirit variant a couple of years back and i liked the ride but not the interiors - was a little outdated and boring. But, now i see they have a Cedia sports that can win hearts with the cool momo steering and many other pleasing features (though the older grill & lamps were awesome). All is good in the sports except the ralli-art stickers that creeps me out and the color choice seems to be better in Spirit. One big fear about this car is though its been in the market for a while i hardly see them here in Pune and wondering if there is a good enough reason why most people dont prefer this ? Also, if anyone could comment on J.Williams A.S & S. in Pune it would be helpful as they are struggling to give a TD car for more than 2 weeks, they have promised to give the TD early next week.

SX4 - The new sx4 seems to have worked on its previous issues - though not much to complain about the old variant, i love the honey comb grill and the interior changes in the new one - yet to get a test drive of the new SX4. I have driven the old one, thought the hard suspension was giving a bumpy feeling on pot holes and a thud noise. Though its a VFM car the engine refinement and the noise levels in the cabin was not impressive. Not to mention the features are great, everything you could ask for in this price !

Optra Magnum - Love this car for the ride quality and the cozy leathers, but features and interiors are a little outdated - i can probably work on these after the purchase, but no ABS & Airbags only for driver is not something i am convinced about. Also, from various reviews it appears chevy service is not that great either. I did ponder for a while on the idea of getting a cruze, but dropped it as the maintenance cost could kill me as I have had bad experiences with Pune drivers.

ANHC - Already own a Honda city, its a lovely car but everytime a crazy driver bangs into my car (most times while waiting for the signal or rightfully going in my green - can u beleive it ?) the repair bills drive me nuts, my friends with other cars laugh at the exorbitant bills i run even for a small paint job. Also, i beleive the ANHC doesnt have good rear leg room and the density of the body has been comprimised for better FE. The car weighs atleast 100kgs less than the SX4 or Optra - so not sure of the ride safety on highways. One of the things i really do not like about the ANHC is the low GC - 160 mm though my better half is a big fan of all Honda cars.

Now i eagerly wait for all your valuable comments...

Thanks again guys.
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Originally Posted by kartho View Post
Also, i beleive the ANHC doesnt have good rear leg room and the density of the body has been comprimised for better FE. The car weighs atleast 100kgs less than the SX4 or Optra - so not sure of the ride safety on highways. One of the things i really do not like about the ANHC is the low GC - 160 mm though my better half is a big fan of all Honda cars.
Rear legroom is decent but it is slightly lower then the rearbench of the previous city.
Regarding the weight, I believe Optra (wider and longer?) and SX4 (taller) are slightly bigger and hence heavier. But it is quite possible that they use thicker guage sheet metal, which by the way, is no indication of better safety.
You concern about the GC is a valid one.
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Why dont you do the TD of Linea and go in for Emotion PK variant.

New SX4 has been launched.

Optra also in top variant some changes like ACC and new music system. It has ABS no EBD.

in my point of veiw:

1. Honda City

2. Optra (may be discontinued)

3. Fiesta

4. linea

5. SX4

By the way whats your budget and how much you will be driving monthly.
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Go for Cedia if you want a drivers car ! Actually from your requirements ANHC suits your bill , But the interiors are surely not worth 10 lacs (it might be improved quality wise in new model but it still lacs the premium feel) , GC is an issue ! Rear leg room is excellent IMO!!


Why not wait for the Linea 1.4 T- Jet?? To me its well worth the wait.
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Of the lot, the City does most of what you want better than the rest. The GC is a concern but I think you can live with it.
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As far as the car is concerned, the Cedia is better than the rest and by quite some margin - be it features or dynamics or whatever else. Having owned one for close to 3 years now, I have zero regrets about the car. Its running fabulously and brings a huge smile on my face every single day. Ask any cedia owner and you'll get the exact same response.
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where do you drive most - city or highway? How much you clock in a year?

As a drivers car - Cedia is the best of the lot. Negatives - been there too long, and in some areas service is limited. Check how its in Pune. It also has great GC. Its got a poor resale though and bran perception isn't so great.

Fiesta & SX4 - not a big fan of either cars - so wont comment. I don't think they are in the segment of other cars you mentioned. SX4 got the best GC of the lot though - its almost an SUV.

Magnum - and if you are thinking diesel would be a good bet if you are looking at highway use. Again like Cedia, its a car past its prime. if its a petrol - i would recommend choose between Cedia & ANHC instead. The diesel would be great on highways but turbolag will trouble you in city.

ANHC - disagree with you on rear legroom. Its probably got the best legroom in the cars you mentioned. GC is the lowest - i didn't have problem with it yet in Bangalore, not sure how its in Pune. Blr is speed breaker country.

And about your maintenance worries - if a driver rear ends you - you have some tinkering and repainting - its not going to go away with any of the cars you choose. And repair bills would be similar for most cars you mentioned.
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For all the cars you mention, I would still say the ANHC is the best bet. The best in trouble free driving. If I may add, if you are looking for a driver's car. Fiesta-S is also an option. Both from city and highway and performance.
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I would say go for the New SX4 and save money. It'll satisfy all your requirements. It'll be easy on your pocket in the long run.
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If i were you, i would wait for the Linea 1.4 Tjet which is around the corner than any of the cars mentiond by you. If i need to pick among the choices you have listed then it is ANHC followed by Cedia.

As a Car, i find cedia better than ANHC. But if you consider resale value, service network, etc then it has to be ANHC. I would consider a used Cedia also.

PS: These are my views and may differ from person to person.
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Default Thank you

Hello Guys, thanks a lot for all your replies,

Guna, sorry for my blah, I meant that due to thin sheet metal or whatever some people say that in high speeds you can feel a certain instability in the ANHC, doesn’t give you a safe & secure feeling like an Optra or Cedia

Anuprav, my budget is 10 Lacs +, my monthly driving is about 500 kms within city and approx 500kms in highways and prefer a petrol car.

Karan, Cedia is what my heart says too, though most people have suggested ANHC for best interiors, when I visited the showroom, the ANHC I got to see did not have a convincing finish – the civic had refined interiors but the City was way below the mark for the price tag it comes with. Also I negotiate too many speed breakers & bad roads every day, so I think GC is important. Not sure of Tata A.S.S. for Fiat in Pune, I went to a showroom here for a test drive, the dealer took my contacts and promised to bring over a car as he did not have one at that time, but never actually bothered to even ring me back. IMO Tata showrooms in Pune atleast are not keen on pushing Fiat cars, so a little hesitant !

Reignofchaos, I like the Cedia too, the interiors of the current Cedia sports is not bad either, I liked the display, steering, seats and over all appeal too. It may not be the best in interiors, but quite good considering overall as a car.

Skywalker, same with me, not a big fan of fiesta or the sx4, also I am more keen on the car performing during my ownership rather than resale value, I don’t think we can predict how the second hand market will be 3 years later with so many cars coming in to the scene in the coming years.

Ampere – thanks, will give a go at the Fiesta – S too !

Prskumar – its only such practical reasons that I am still considering a sx4, so, not sure if I would think through my pocket or my heart, cos I do plan to keep this car for long and would really like the feel good factor of a nice ride !
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HI, if you have a budget than ANHC is the way to go. Its a clear winner in the class.

Cedia is 2nd in my list after that Linea & SX4.
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Default I bought the cedia sports

Your priority of requirements point to a Cedia sports. You can read my initial ownership report. You can't go wrong with this. I am an obvious fan of the cedia but take a test drive before you take a decision.

Cedia sports is the equivalent of Yamaha RX in bikes (but with better brakes). If performance is not a decision maker, you can look at the rest of the makes.

Only cons with cedia - looks can be better. I havn't heard of cedia requiring after sales...:-)
I did a lot of research before I bought mine and I did not find one negative review of the Cedia.
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Go for either cedia or optra they are entrly level d segment cars where as sx4 and ANHC are c segment cars.
For petrol cedia is the best bet.
For diesel look no further than the optra. Also AFAIK optra comes with dual airbags and abs. (LT variant)
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Hey KC, I did read your ownership report, its awesome, infact for the first time i liked a white car, nice decision with the partial stickering ! I am waiting for my TD of Cedia sports, hopefully i will get it soon. If I have any questions on the deal, i will probably get in touch with you. I agree with you, i have read a lot of reviews on various sites, yet to find a negative review of the cedia but still you hardly see them on the roads, its surely a head turner, but why isnt it popular is what makes me a little cautious. But yes, i might very well end up taking my chances with Cedia, especially if the dealer throws in a good deal !

Cool dude, I have been considering petrol cars only all the while, not been a big fan of diesel cars due to the higher maintenance cost of diesel cars compared to petrol cars (please correct me if i am wrong as i am not sure if this applies to Optra diesel), since my running may not be more than 10 - 12k per year, not sure of taking chances with diesel engines. But yes, Optra diesel does have ABS + Dual airbags and that makes it a better package than the optra petrol. But at 11L, Cedia seems to me a shade better than optra diesel - though quite confused.
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