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GTO 10th May 2011 16:30

Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
  • To view the Team-BHP App on iTunes, Click here. Or search for teambhp, after logging into the App Store from your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.

Addicted to Team-BHP? Can't stay away?
Wanna remain updated on the move?
Wish to upload that scoop picture right after spotting a test mule?
Feel like checking out a new car review, while at the showroom?
Waiting at the dentist and would rather be productive :D?
Need to search for probable causes on why your car behaves funny?
Like to update a road condition thread for the benefit of other members?
Office firewall blocking Team-BHP?

Stay tuned in to the Indian Car Scene, 24 / 7 / 365, on the move, road or wherever you are!

The Team-BHP App Feature List
  • Browse Team-BHP via an easy-to-use-interface on your Apple device
  • Native support for the iPad too!
  • Supports portrait & landscape modes
  • Basic & Advanced search options
  • View latest posts (under the "Current" Tab)
  • View attachments (thumbnails as well as larger images)
  • View a thread's image attachments in one convenient screen
  • Save thread images to your phone
  • Most images are resized before being sent to the app = faster load time!
  • Full posting options (quote posts, start new thread etc.)
  • Upload photographs from your phone
  • Read & send private messages
  • Support for thread subscriptions
  • Report posts to the Mod Team

GTO 10th May 2011 16:30

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Important Notes

• If you like the Team-BHP App, please rate it on the iTunes store!

• The fully functional app is available free of cost to our Members & Guests.

• Be sure to customise the App to your preferences. Among the many customisations, you can choose the number of posts per thread page, upload quality of your pictures, whether you go to the first or last page of a thread (after clicking on the title) and more.

• Our App works best on 3G (and other fast Mobile networks). If you have a slow mobile connection, try our light mobile skin instead (using your phone browser).

• Do remember to keep your App Store updates switched ON. We intend to constantly add enhancements, sort out bugs and harden the security of the Team-BHP App.

• Remember, using the App is optional. You can still access the full web version of Team-BHP, or our mobile skin (link), from your smartphone.

EDIT on 12th May, 2011: We made it to the Top 10 Free Social App List! And No.1 in the New & Noteworthy category. Click here for the screengrabs.

Redline Salute To:

• Rehaan for greatly enhancing the Team-BHP App...features, skinning et al. Ampere for making an early suggestion & strongly pushing the case for a Team-BHP App. Thanks to Aah78, Jaggu, Rudra Sen, Samurai, Shankar.balan, Tejas@perioimpl (especially!) & Tsk1979 for help with bug sorting & suggestions.


"How do I multi-quote on the Team-BHP App?"

Thanks to BHPian Sn1p3r for this post explaining how to multi-quote.

"I already have the mobile skin (Team-BHP - The Definitive Indian Car Community). Why should I use the Team-BHP App?"

For one, the Team-BHP App is specifically designed for your Apple device. It's also quicker and offers many more features. For instance, you can view & upload attachments, perform an "Advanced search", access your PMs and a lot more. If you use an Apple device, you just have to download & use this App. It will greatly enhance the Team-BHP experience for you.

"Can I still use the regular web version on my phone?"

Absolutely! Though, keep in mind that the Team-BHP App is much lighter than the full web version. It's faster, and also results in lesser data transfer (by eliminating unnecessary images and elements).

akshay4587 10th May 2011 16:33

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
This is just Awsome.
Going to install it on my phone rightawayclap:
Thanks:thumbs up

Looks like the Joy was shortlived.
I am unable to download the application and springboard is crashing on my Iphone 3GS running on IOS 3.1.2.
anyone facing this issue?

selfdrive 10th May 2011 16:36

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Finally the app is here!! clap:
Kudos to you guys and thanks for the tons of hard work you have put in for this!

EDIT: Downloaded the app and so glad to have the user interface and lightning fast updates to work with. Already updated my thread via the app with an image from the phone. Yippee, I am loving this :)

Some people at home are not going to be as pleased though

MurtazaGhiya 10th May 2011 16:49

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Kudos to the team :thumbs up This is a new page in the history of Team-BHP!

Turbanator 10th May 2011 16:57

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Great ..

have downloaded and will rate it soon - wish this will be best app in India .. can you send a mail to everyone ? and keep record of downloads on first day - i am sure this is going to be a record in India

dar3dev|l 10th May 2011 16:59

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Brilliant !!! Just what we were waiting for. No more dependent on the browser. So finally Apple can say, "Need to keep your self updated on the latest in the automotive world ? Well, we've got an app for that" :)

Ace F355 10th May 2011 17:03

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Wow... thanks for taking the effort to make an app! :thumbs up Will be downloading ASAP!

Swanand Inamdar 10th May 2011 17:09

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Awesome! Shall download that today itself.

P.S: Could you guys launch one for the Blackberry's too? It would be great if that happens.

dre@ms 10th May 2011 17:21

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
This indeed is a great news. Downloading it while typing here. Will report how it works on iOS 4.3.3
I can now remove bookmark in my Safari. Hurray!!!

roy_libran 10th May 2011 17:24

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Awesome and thanks. I am going straight to download it to my Pad.

Also need one for Android. Is that coming GTO?

mayankk 10th May 2011 17:29

Re: Suggestions for Team-BHP from Team-BHPians
great work on the ip** app...
already getting it on the ipod.
why nothing for windows mobile??

Rehaan 10th May 2011 17:31

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Originally Posted by roy_libran (Post 2345553)
Also need one for Android. Is that coming GTO?

Link to Android App : HERE


Pri2 10th May 2011 17:33

Thank you so much guys for the iOS app. It is simply fantastic! Installed it as soon as I got to know about it. The app is neat!! Found it to me more user friendly than the website !! Thanks again !!


BTW, I updated this post from the iPhone app !!

vb-san 10th May 2011 17:33

Re: Team-BHP App for your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Excellent! This is great news.
Now I can try to get my wife hooked to t-bhp via iPhone :)
Hope to get a similar one for Windows Phone 7 as well.

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