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Default Best Cold remedies

Monsoons are here, and so is the cold season. Thanks to low-precautions and a colleague I have been suffering for over a week and totally down for last three days.

Cold medication also means - NO DRIVING

What do BHPians do when they get cold? Any "Ram-Baan dawaa" that anybody knows about?
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I tried Deslor (Caution: this tab induces heavy drowsiness), but the dose had to be doubled over the years. So I have gone back to Steam inhalation, which works best for me.
Having lot of fruits (with Vitamin C) would give you good resistance to cold. Celin tabs (Vitamin C) is also an option, but I guess it has side-effects.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I used to have very frequent cold, had vitamin C supplements recommended by my wife as she has expertise in nutrition based preventive cure. It has reduced, else i HAD to be out of action for 3-4 days at least. It used to kill my system so i can understand what it is like to be down!!
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Cold is a something that makes you handicap for atleast 3-4days . The reason behind it should be investigated if it is recurrent .An allergy test can be ordered for the same . Most colds can be taken care of if there is sufficent intake of vitamin c which gives one the reistance power to it. Guava juice orange and sweet lime and even lime which all are citrous in nature are great sources of vitamin c . These can't be sourced at all times hence celin 500 as quoted earlier and limcee are good sources of vitamin c these are chewable tablets . Easily availbale across the counter however these won't help one fighting cold they act like firewalls and help you keeping cold at bay . A DOCTORS ADVICE IS A MUST SELF MEDICATION IS BAD .
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

What works best for me is orange juice, i keep drinking this 3-4 glasses a day when ever i get a cold.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I have extreme allergy to cold, almost every season change i get cold that lasts for 4-5 days.

For the past 2-3 seasons, i have tried an alternative medicine. Its called "Hamdard Joshanda". Its available at most chemist shops.

Basically the pack contains some herbs and you have to boil this herbs in warm water and sip it 2-3 times a day.

Has worked well so far. Best part is that there are no side effects at all.

Read more about it here:
Attached Images
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

Here is the pure desy and most effective way to deal with most of the common diseases.
The best way to fight cold, soar throat and fever is to build immunity and continuously strengthen it.

Every night (I repeat: every night) the last thing you should do before you go to bed is take a pinch of turmeric (home ground is most preferred) and just leave it in your throat, such that you should feel the turmeric presence in your throat.
If its severe cold then gargle with salty warm water several times in the day followed by above.

Its bit difficult to follow this as people don't like the raw turmeric taste but believe me if you start practicing it - it will take you not more than 2 swallows to get used to it, as turmeric in itself doesn't have much taste (secondly its just pinchful).

If just swallowing seems a bit difficult then you can have a bigger pinch of turmeric followed by few ml. of water such that you should feel the turmeric presence in your throat.

Try it and let me know, I have been following it for God knows how many years - say 20 years atleast . My 4 year old daughter remains mostly free of these common sickness even though the fellow schoolmates are prone to it.

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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

AFAIK, there is no cure for common cold. You just have to endure it. Medicines just suppress the symptoms (runny nose, headache).

I endure it, and generally abstain from medicines. Although, if it gets severe and I cannot go about my daily chores, I do take a cetirizine. My wife suggested an Ayurvedic tablet Sualin.

For me the real problem is after the nose stops running. I get sleepless nights due to clogged nasal cavity. I generally use Otrivin on such occasions.

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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

Ah, Cold,cough and Headache/Body ache. Partners in crime as usual.

Typical cold lasts for 3-4 days as you all would be knowing. Some people say that whatever medication or dawa's or nautanki you do, they dont go away. I agree but here are a few things that can help you pass the day peacefully without irritation/ dripping tissues :P

1. For cough,gargle with a solution of warm water in which a tea spoon of salt is mixed as soon as you get up in the morning.

2. Ginger Tea(I like it) or water concoction in which ginger and tulasi has been boiled( drink as frequently as possible)

3. Lots of Vitamin C. Oranges, Gooseberry's(the best experience I had was with these)

4. A pinch of turmeric and pepper in a glass of hot milk.

5. Before sleeping, take a spoonful of honey but do not swallow it completely. Try to keep it in throat as long as possible.

6. Eat nicely. As the saying goes "Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold". Also drink hot water by taking small sips at a time throughout the day.

7. For body ache, try to take bath in as much hot water as you can bear. Avoid head baths as it might increase headache

8. Vicks vaporub provides great relief. Rub it on ya chest and neck and sleep warm at night. Cover your head with a warm accessory(like muffler) so that heat does not escape from the body.(Most of the heat goes out of the body through head)

9. Inhaling steam (dissolve eucalyptus oil or Vicks in water) provides relief from congested nasal cavity.

These are few things which I have followed and benefited to a large extent from them

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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I usually drink ginger-tulsi tea, i mix normal tea leaves with "Tulsi Tea" from Organic India (or something similar i guess) and add ginger while making tea.

If its still dosent get better, steam with "Karvol Plus" drops in water helps, for kids you could try the same with Olisan in either steam or few drops of it on the pillow for overnight sleep fixes it.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

Hit they gym and jog for 30 mins. sweat a lot.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

First things first, a cold is a viral attack. It needs time to go and is best conquered by the body with it's inbuilt defence mechanism. This is in case the phlegm is not showing any traces of yellow/green , which would in all likelihood indicate there is onset of a bacterial infection and you need your FNPP(friendly neighborhood pill pusher) who will in all likelihood subject you to antibiotics.

* Gooseberries/amla has a very high concentration of ascorbic acid/vitamin c. In what form can it be used? Chyawanprash for one. Almost all reputed brands are good enough, though I am partial to Daburs.

* A glass of luke warm water with a tea spoon of sea salt for gargling twice a day works like a good antiseptic. Helps in clearing out the throat and nose.

* If you are antibiotic averse like I am, I use a remedy which I came across in my reading on traditional/home remedies on the internet. It has worked for me every time. Grind cinnamon sticks into a fine powder. Boil a teaspoon of this in 2 glasses of water till it is reduced to 1 glass. Keep it overnight. Next morning warm it slightly till it is at the most lukewarm. Mix it with a tea spoon of honey and drink it on an empty stomach. Tastes quite horrid but works.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I am very much prone to allergy colds and nasal sprays helped a lot. A spray just after any dust exposure works best for me. Please consult a doctor before using any nasal spray.
Also, I have seen that drinking something hot (black/green tea in my case) before sleeping helps to a certain extant, especially if the dinner is even mildly oily.
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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

Hi, I have been using Metaspray just before sleep. It has helped me a lot. Working out also helps to keep cold at bay. If its too bad steam inhalation helps, bit I have noticed that the steam-machines available have little effect on me whereas boiling water in a vessel and hovering over it with a towel over your head and covering the vessel gives better relief (do not inhale keeping the vessel on the stove).

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Default Re: Best Cold remedies

I will be a little divergent, but i take an OTC when my cold does not abate even after a day.
I pop a Sinarest, before bed, and all is well.
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