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Originally Posted by khaadu75
Forget that .... It seems my jinx continues !!! Rtech, I got ur team where u wanted them but next match I will be cheering for them ...

It's Italy all the way. Said it from day one and still say it.

Khaadu!! You've done great so far, don't ruin it NOW!! Please, for the sake of al things right with the world, don't support Italy!!!
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I still see a Scolari - Lipi final and Scolari winning it for second consecutive time
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One of the best matches played in the entire cup. worth the effort by the Germans and although Italy didnt have luck on 2 occasions the last 5 minutes proved fatal for Germany. I supported Germany and they did their best. remember Italy beat Germany earlier 4 -1 in March.
One more observation is that Italy "had" and "has" mostly an offside game and they get quite lucky occassionally. End result is the conversion to a goal which matters most no matter how u get it.

The Finals should be Italy France

and ZIDANE making it one of his careers most memorable win and surely will have a big smile on his retirement. Looking for Zidane & Theirry today to blast of the Scolari boys who play more of a foul game.
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Well done Italy for an outstanding performance. Defence is as solid as ever and they have now improved their midfield and attacking skills.

I see a Italy vs Portugal final.
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I knew it was coming. It was just not the day for Germany. They let the occasion get to them rather than they getting on top of the occasion. Entering with the thing in the back of your mind that you have never beaten Italy, that was reflected in their play. Ballack's passes were not upto the mark that only was enough for me to understand that Germany is going out!!
Anyways World Cup for me is over!!!
But im happy that Germany beat ARGENTINA and those irritating Brazillians are out. 2 out of the best 3 of my favs are out, lets see how 3rd one performs in Finals.

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Aarghh ! Absolutely dissapointed..... and Khaadu you take the whole blame ! I told you dont support Germany its over .......

I thought after Italy hit the goal posts 2 times that it was Germany's day but.....and it was a night of surprising decisions again...Schwienstieger didnt start the game...*** was Klinsmann thinking.....Ballack was totally off colour, his passes going haywire ..but in the 2nd half Germany had settled down nicely.

And what a 1st goal from Grossa ! Absolutely brilliant...the 2nd was a gift ..ek pe ek free kinds.....but Italy still played too defensively for my liking.

Today - Portugal vs France - France looks to be the favs...Figo and Christiano doubtful...Deco is back..promises to be another humdinger..


Khaadu - please dont choose any side now please :-)
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but Italy still played too defensively for my liking.
WHAT! You can't expet anything more than that from the Italians man. Thats their trademark. Infact the first 30 minutes was really fast. German's were just not on their game today. They had a few really good chances which they let slip. Call it pressure of being the home team or whatever, but Italy deserved that win.

And I'm glad it happened before the penalties, or else we would have seen a different outcome. Germany from the box is unbeatable.
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go portugal go
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Khaadu you are great!,Never laughed like this at 3 in the night..haha

"Forget that .... It seems my jinx continues !!! Rtech, I got ur team where u wanted them but next match I will be cheering for them ...

2-0 Final Score ..... Germany off u go to ur wives and kids !!! Bye Bye



So now Khaadu plz do not support Portugal for god's sake as I want them to win.
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Damn it!

I stopped watching game and went to sleep after 0-0 draw full time.

Didn't have patience to watch the extra time and then these buggers shot home 2 goals. Anyway, Italians were playing well.

But so far in this world cup, I am floored by Zinedin Zidane. Brazilians were simply clueless about how to tackle him. He often merrily managed to squeeze past 2-3 defenders.
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One of the best matches so farrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!
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Probably the best match of WC so far.Now who said Italians only play defensive game.Germans were no match for them.

If ballack,klose and podolski were off colour,it was coz of Italians defensive knowhow ably helped by their mid-field led by canavaro.What a match he had,should be the man of match!!
Italians only played one bad match against Aussie's,and have not conceded a goal except an own goal.They have been my favourite all along this WC and will be against whoever they play.

Today if Figo and Ronaldo r fit,then we r going to see anohter classic as Figo will have few points to prove coz he will be up against best player for the 10 yrs.Now Figo will be trying to achieve what Zidane has already achieved so far in WC centerstage and will look forward to write his name in golden words in the WC history.
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Hey , For all those who wondering as to which team am I supporting tonite ... !! Its the French obviously .. I mean comeon who wud want to see the Portugese winning ???

GO FRANCE GO ..................

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West Bengal has gone into depression after Brazil & Argentina lost..

our Goans must be gunning for a Portugese win..

But I being the chillar nationalist, would support France - after all didnt they support Tipu Sultan against the Brits
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I go for portugal.Italy shouldn't have come this far. They were saved by the referee against the aussies. France looks jaded. Portugal has been impressive and i want to see them win. But if France wins against portugal then i will go for France.

Could anyone tell me where i can find the videos of the goals scored in all the matches. I missed some matches especially the second half and the extra time of the first semi.
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