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Nitin thats one cute pup man !!! how old is he ? and yes great danes are friggin huge beasts but very docile. We have 2 danes and one St. Bernard in our neighbourhood. And kids take the danes for a walk , the sight is amazing as the dog is as tall as a the kiddo himself heheh

@Captain Pings : u from noida bud?? coz i've seen a similar gypsy with a rottweiller at the Vet in Sector 37

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aZa.. leo's about 4 months now.. some of the pics were taken when we just got him.. he's just adorable!! he's naughty,playful, and he's got all the 'smart-genes' from his parents.. its fun to watch him play with his toys..
i'll post some more pix soon..
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gypsy's and rotti's

yes aZa, am from 29. if you saw the black gypsy with the rottweiler at rappai's a while ago - then its us fyi, she charged a street vendor and pushed out my rear glass the very next day!
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larger photos

I don't know how to insert the links in order for the large photo to appear here, but click below and it should lead you to the larger picture - i hope !
the camera is an early digital camera, hence please do excuse the image quality

more later once i figure out how to insert the pictures directly, tips are most welcome ! also, dont the restrictions on posting pitures exist? PM please.

Nice on Captain. Bigger pix would have been better.
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Originally Posted by Team Fiat
Hi guys this is some thing new for u guys what pets do u have so tell us about ur pets

Excellent thread Team Fiat!

I have a huge (very wide and tall, weighs 45 kgs) German Shepherd - you can see one of his candid shots in my profile. I absolutely love him ( I dont use the "love" word on anybody/anything else )

He's one of the main reasons I can destress myself when I return from work. He's a great companion when I'm at home. And whenever I travel on business trips, its really painful for both of us.

I'll gather up some of his more famous pics and post them later.
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Good to see to many pet owners out here.
I have a german sherpard, his name is Tyson n he is 7 yrs old, i love him like anything just like my bro........ here are few pics

looking very innocent...... eyes says it all.

n now yawning...... pic taken sometime back in winters.....

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My First Dog!! A Terrier..Its about 35days old rite now, and very playful Yet thinking about a name for it..
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hey good to see this link is still alive ...
I have been very busy with work and school etc sorry for disappearing guys ..

I am a proud owner of a Tropical fish aquarium -
i have a 33 gallon hagen aquarium an running a 40 gallon external power filter ...Lighting equipment is a LED widethrow Moon light...
list of its occupants are as follows :-

1 Tiger Oscar (4")
1 Banded/ Green severum (3")
1 Blood Red Parrot (3")
2 Red Hook Silver Dollars (3")
2 Three Spot Powder Blue Gourami (2.5 ")
1 Honey Gold Gourami (2")

I am planning to sell off the gouramis before they become food for the Oscar who is the tank bully (also i'll have more space in the tank) ...also i didnt expect the cichlids to grow so big this fast (3 months) fact the oscar reached 4 inches in 5 weeks (from 1inch)..

I feed them live guppies ,blood worms, cucumbers, peas and high grade pellet food ..

i will put up pictures soon as i get my laptop going ..
Any fish lovers would love to share you experiences ...

Hope to post more often from now on ..

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Nice to have this shifting gears section, S the suggestions are not only for cars, its for anything u want

Ok, Guys I live in Chennai & wanted to know which breed of dog is best for guarding

I love street dogs, but it will not give strong messages to the strangers. Hence some branded breed pls.

ps: anyone heard of a breed called RAJAPALAYAM. ( this dog is famous for guarding farmhouses)
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surprise, the Rajapalayam, the Mudhol, and the Rampur are three sight hounds that are in India. The Mudhol seems to have the most history of these three, and Shivaji maharaj had these.

We have the Mudhol, and it's a ferocious, very independent breed. Hardy, doesnt need much. But I can see a huge difference between this and other breeds. The Mudhol is a hunter, and is not a domesticated dog.

If you are going to go for the Rajapalayam, then pls remember a few points:
* authenticity of pedigree
* meet owners, understand the behaviour, and then decide if you want to have one.

The last two points is what I would say if anyone wanted to go for a Mudhol. If the Rajapalayam is anywhere close to the Mudhol, then these two points hold. Or contact a kennel club to get more information on the Rajapalayam.

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Hey guys,
nice thread here.
I love dogs and we have a great dane at home but we shifted and are wondering how we'll get him home.
Anyways, his name is ZACK and hes been with us for 7 years.
I love him but of late he hasn't been keeping well. Hope he recovers soon and joins us at home.

Heres a pic of him -

Was taken by a cell camera so sorry for the poor quality of the image.
We are planning on getting another dog to give him company but so there isn't any rivalry, the other dog will have to be a small one. Any idea guys? I was thinking of a cocker spaniel.
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Originally Posted by condor
If you are going to go for the Rajapalayam, then pls remember a few points:
* authenticity of pedigree
* meet owners, understand the behaviour, and then decide if you want to have one.
Discussed with a dog consultant, he suggested not to go for Rajapalayam as its difficult to find a good breed & also it would be headache for finding parterns to mate.

What I wanted is a very ferocious watchful dog, which could prevent theif from entering the compound & giving him/her hardtime if he/she wanted to test how strong the pet was.

I was suggested to go in for doberman. Another confusion is whether to go for a male or female?
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My Pet is a 14 month old, brindle boxer with white socks.

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Man its great to see the responce to this thread and so many great pics of great cannines keep them comming guys and for my dog Bruce hes doing well and hearty still the trouble maker chao guys
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guess what Team fiat...more is yet to come...
like everyone else even i am surprised to see so many petro heads are also dogheads....

well even i love dogs...
i have had 2 rabbits as pets when i was small in Himachal pradesh....
then i had a street dog who would sit in front of our house all the time i named Brownie when i was in school....
during the same time i had a pet squirrel...then one fine day i just picked it up gently but then it mus've been scared so it bit me....after that it ran away...never to be seen again...
and now i have this beautiful baby of mine...i actually consider her to be my daughter....will post her pictures soon as soon as i resize them...
shes a doby!!
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