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Team Fiat 19th May 2004 05:28

Team-BHPians and their Pets
Hi guys this is some thing new for u guys what pets do u have so tell us about ur pets TF has a lot of pets for eg I (Kev )own a boxer Belgium import and plan to get another one
and my other team mates own Golden retrivers and Germanshepherds I might plan to buy a Rothwiler or a boxer lets see well come on guys tell us what pets do u have *

Aditya 19th May 2004 10:26

I love dogs - Dobermanns, Labradors, Dachshunds and Irish Setters are my favourite breeds. Might get one pretty soon. I don't have a pet right now, but have many wild parrots coming to my window to feed.

aadix 19th May 2004 11:10

hey tf cool!
i own 4 boxers from dare kennels and mr nariman shakibhai (he has few of the best boxers in india)forgot his kennel name
one minature pinscher, looking for it's mate
one lab-cross
and two rottweilers from golconda kennels!

how much did your beligum import dog cost ya?which colour, male or female?
i have 3 brindle and one albino

ps:dont run a kennel or something, i just love dogs!

v12 19th May 2004 11:44


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ]ps:dont run a kennel or something, i just love dogs!

I was just wondering that. Yoo own as many dogs as cars/bikes and helmets.

Anyways I have a pom who's almost 7 years old. Good fellow but very particular abt his hair. Doesnt let us [forget the doctor] cut his hair. We just tried it once. Took the doc almost 2.5 hrs to give him a haircut.
Anyways if you dont count "pets" , i have other dogs as well. Strays. Feed around *5-6 of them in my area.

Anyways since the issue of pets have come up what do u think abt the Govt's decision to kill strays at the airport? I feel that its not a wise decision. I read in some papers about people saying that strays [not only at the airport] are a nuisance and are dangerous to humans. Therefore they shud be killed. No what I wanna tell these people that there are so many criminals [pickpockets, robbers] in our jails. They too are a nuisance and dangerous to humans. Why shudnt they be awarded the death penalty.

Strays do not harm anyone unless provoked. I have petted so many strays and none of them have bitten me. U wont believe but strays are more friendly and faithful than pets. I feel that every housing society shud adopt atleast 2 strays.

S350L-E240 19th May 2004 12:04

Maybe you and me should seriously work together towards rights to homeless animals,
I feed a lot of them in my lane, Even call a vet if i find one of em not well,
But when it comes to pets well i want a St.Bernard but my city is too hot to keep one!!

Dippy 19th May 2004 12:30

The decision of killing the dogs is absolutely stupid. What have they done so far about the hutments around the runway . When the subject of killing dogs comes up all are for it but sometimes I feel human beings are more dangerous than dogs. Their love in unconditional unlike human beings. Even I had a few dogs from my office area sterlized from the WSD.

Coming back to the topic I have a Labrador Retreiver cream colour .Name's Justy. He'll turn 7 on the 21st of this month. hes an absolute darling and the welcome he gives me when I get home from work is like no other.

Cool topic TF. I like it


aadix 19th May 2004 12:44

hi s350
we recently got 6 st bernards imported from russia for various friends and family, believe me thay happily stay in the 40 degree temp of hyd,
try to provide good shade and since u have two top of the line mercs i am sure u can buy a voltas 1 ton a/c for just 9990rs!!!1 if the st bernard needs

but they eat a lot and **** a lot, so u need to take care and also make sure that u have a strong servant to manage it .. or you will face trouble
try to get a german import they are far better, the russian ones are good but u need to have good contacts to get them
if you want there is a litter up for sale in hyd, can find out the details if u want me to

pom as in saymoed or minpin?
generally in india saymoed is always refered as pom

v12 19th May 2004 12:48


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ] Even call a vet if i find one of em not well,


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] ] Even I had a few dogs from my office area sterlized from the WSD.

Hey thats really a good work. I remember just 2 days before my ty boards this yr i found a man running behind a pom pup with a stick. I went up to him and asked him what he was upto. He said he's been tryin to catch the pup for almost an hour. Some ba**** [feel like givin more badwords] had just abandoned the pup without removin the leash. And the leah had got stuk on the right leg and the poor pup cudnt run weithout limping. And this caused cuts on his leg. I went home got a stick too to catch him. The pup made us run almost for an hour. Used to take breaks every 10 mins under a car where we cudnt catch him. Finally we caugh him when he fell into a dry gutter. We put a hook round his leash, pulled him up and took him to an animal hospital in Malad.

Now I wish that in his oldage someone just abandons the person who left this pup.

Rtech 19th May 2004 15:21

I've had pets in my house since i was born. However, no big breeds for me though. I resent the thought of "buying" animals. Usualy, the dogs find and adopt my house. We regularly get wounded dogs coming to our place, don't ask me why. Currently, i have a 3 legged dog (car ran over his hind leg and he adopted us after we took care of him), and another fox terrier lookalike that I picked up from near my office. Aside from 3 cats who also live in the house, and a snake in the backyard. My 2 other dogs passed away recently, one of them - Lassie, was like a sister to me, crazy as that sounds. I was in Kholapur when my mom called to say she wasn't well (she had lung problems as she was 14years old), I left immediately, drove through the night reaching home at 3am, but i was too late. That was the worst feeling in the world. I know you other animal lovers out there will know what I'm talking about.

The white one is Snoop & the 3 legged (tripod ) is Frisky!

Lassie. Can you believe she's off the streets?!

Dippy 19th May 2004 15:37

Hey sweet pics rtech

I cant imagine what one must be going through after you best friend passes away and you really get so attached.

I'll post a pic of my dude when I get home this evening. He'll turn 7 on friday


Team Fiat 19th May 2004 19:18

Hi guys man this is cool petrolheads love dogs man Iam so suprised that so many of us own dogs and are dog lovers well keep it up guys:cool:

Team Fiat 19th May 2004 19:57

Aadix hey bud I bought my dog for 15thousand man he is one hell of a dog
playfull and very agressive towards strangers his name is Bruce he has killed
a pig and a lot of cats man he hates cats so now we take him for walks on the chain well oxers are like that

pree 19th May 2004 20:39

hey rtech..very sweet dogs..
hehehe....i dont have any cars but i ve got cocaine ; its a pug who owns me..
these are few of his pics




Team Fiat 19th May 2004 21:49

Hey man your dog is so cool man my kid would go mad with him love it man very cool:cool:

Pferdestärke 19th May 2004 22:01

Those are sweet pics, there pree / rtech.
I have 2 kids of mine
A Black LAB (Raven) and a Great Dane (Kaiser)!
Don't have the pics now, will 'try' to post em' later..

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