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I think Sahil is the best name and since in real life i couldnt be Sahil i named myself that in the web-world!
If u buy that story then please change u r nick to Stupid :P
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Plagerised mine off a FIRE RED Pontiac Firebird I saw in North Carolina with the same plate.. the guy was a "street racer" .
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nothing as interesting as others but ...

Goldie is my nick since my childhood - apparently my sister wanted me to have golden hair, and when it turned light-brown, she refused to believe it.
Later my college pals came to know about it, and it has stuck with me ever since.
Malhotra is my official last name.
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Hey, Nice thread !!! 'Khaadu' is a nick given to people from Upper Himachal, though what it actually means is 'mountain guy' and 75 is the year that I became a Indian --- also when I registered on this site I didn't realise how addictive this forum wud become or else may have thought of a more appropriate nick ..... though if given a chance I wudn't change it !!!


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My nick is from college days when I made my first yahoo etc., accounts. My initials are tsk, since tsk was not available I chose tsk+year of birth! simple. tsk1979. This nick follows me everywhere on the web. Do a google search for tsk1979 and you will find me!
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My biking days came to a temporary halt when I had serious issues with my back. Had to take steroids as part of my rehab program and consequently put on tonnes of weight which I havent managed to lose over the last 8 years or so. M/s Kingfisher & Heineken havent helped the cause, either.

Once I lost contact with the handlebars, I got addicted to the steering wheel.

Still am, so here I am - Steeroid.

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Old 23rd March 2006, 12:35   #37
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mine's just this random word i came up with 2 years ago. since then all my usernames, email ids are hellraiser0906..... 09/06 is my bday.

Originally said by hkanitkar:
hkanitkar- my name - hrishikesh kanitkar.
u have anything to do with the dude who played for the indian cricket team once upon a time?
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Old 23rd March 2006, 12:37   #38
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Mine's been my nick in college. First 4 letters of the name + first letter of the surname. ShuvC. Pronounced , Shuv-see ... I also use shuvsee as a nick sometimes ..
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KB100 = My first bike - Kawasaki Bajaj kb100! ... this is a tag I have been using since my yahoo days - when the web was new to India everyone was on a "anonynimity" trip - hence I took on this one in the hope that this will make me invisible... lasted till one of my forwards came back to me... "Sujit Menon<>" ....

.. the joys of ignorance!!

Stuck with it since then!!

someone hijacked this Yahoo id from me(I got a mail informing me of a password cahnge - except I dint ask for any!!.) any of you web-savvy guys know how to get it back pls pm me!! Muchas Gracias!!
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Old 23rd March 2006, 13:09   #40
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I wanted a username which would never become outdated. So i was thinking of a Veyron but didnot like it much. So then i decided to have one on a SBK which will always be remembered at that had to be the Hayabusa since its the first bike in the 300kmph club and always will be remembered. But then HayaBUSA would be a long name so settled for BUSA.
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Well, ghostrider is the name of the F-14 Tomcat (now sadly decomissioned) that maverick (call sign of tom cruise) rode in the movie Topgun. It was a coupla close friends and my all time favourite movie. I was a military aircraft's buff back in school along with these other guys. So usually all our usernames and passwords are all associated with ghostrider, maverick, iceman, amongst other names from the movie, for all our mail id's and all.

4385= 4th, March, birthday!


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Old 23rd March 2006, 13:18   #42
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I used to be called Chandrashekar, chandra, shekar, until I started interacting with Americans and germans who really ****** my name the way they pronounced..
So started introducing my self as DRC or some times DR... It was easy and stuck to me

My name is Durgadahalli Ranganathaiah Chandrahsekar A real tongue twister for those not from this area..
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Old 23rd March 2006, 13:22   #43
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my name is Satyajit ....
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Old 23rd March 2006, 13:26   #44
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My login name is basically the english translation of my name 'Kamal Rajan'
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Originally Posted by speedsatya
my name is Satyajit ....
Does that explain the 'speed' in speedsatya?

P.S. JIT is Just In Time

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