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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Found this stunning video on the 1968 Mercedes Benz 280 SE

An absolute treat to watch!

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Default I sat in a 450hp drift BMW!

Hello petrolhead BHPians!

Continuing posting about my European adventures from last year (yes still editing videos and still more to go), we go back to the Nurburgring where you saw me last flying in the Porsche GT3 RS (I did a taxi lap in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS on the Nürburgring).

This time though, I was on the other side at the short circuit which was used for Grand Prix racing some time ago. Co-incidentally that same weekend it was hosting a round of the Nurburgring Drift Cup.

Now this is the other side of cars that not many enthusiast appreciate. The machines here are aesthetically appalling with wires, bumpers, mirrors and other bits handing off them. But all that is for a reason, as all the money spend on these cars (which is quite a lot) goes underneath their skin.

While I was talking photos and filming there, I came across Thomas Highlander Grosse, a veteran motorsport professional who's been in the business for more than 35 years. Started off as an oval racing driver, these days Thomas makes drift cars for his clients and his team (THG). He was kind enough to agree to give me a taxi ride the next day in his personal drift car - A BMW E30 M3 with a 450hp V8 from an M5 shoehorned under its bonnet. Weighing just 1,050kg meant that there was enough muscle to break the rear tyres loose in literally every gear.

The next day, once again greeted by terrible weather, I met Thomas who lent me his spare suit. Soon we were off in his lightweight drift machine, and the rest was just the most epic experience I have ever had in a car!

More in the video below:
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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Check out this successful 'jugaad' to prevent wheelspin.
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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Absolute babe of a car, and the cinematography in this video is sweet too:

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Not sure if the following was posted on here before

The Evolution Of The Dodge Challenger

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Beautiful video. Absolutely love this channel.

Manuals definitely matter!!

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Michael Neeves from (MCN) shares simple bike changes that he does before he test rides bikes.

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Tata Motors has put out this video thanking the Indian Truckers for their dedication, and praying for their safety

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Very nice video showing Australia's beaches by 2 Italians on Ducati Multistrada motorcycles. If you are free, do give it a watch.

Drone shots are amazing, please watch it in 4K.

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Default The Favorite Car Porn Thread

We all need to cheer-up every once in a while . Sometimes to remind ourselves, "Why we go through the daily grind? " or Remind ourselves while sitting in traffic about the decision to buy a car (maybe one with manual transmission). Reasons can be many, The Place to find it should be 'One'.

here are my favorite ones:

Care to share your favorite one(s)???

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Default Re: The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread!

Does this belong here? I made this in May last year on a whim. Camera in the rear was wobbly unfortunately. It's been on my hard drive ever since. Uploaded it today because I miss driving.

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Default Good Mechanical Repair Videos on the net

Hello fellow Team Bhpians automobile fans.

I like to start this thread of the good videos on line for important repair and overhaul of cars. There was no such thread on Team Bhp hence wanted to start one. If the moderators feel that it violates some laws as we will be showing videos of other on line sites, please feel free to take it down.

While there are many videos, especially from abroad regarding modification and upgrading like adding a turbo or remapping, I like to share a video regarding humble honest repair to get the engine and cars systems back to their factory condition.

This lock down, took the opportunity to trawl the net for such videos and in my humble opinion, videos by Mr Mukesh Chandra Gond seems a good balance in information and technical facts. While on some videos he has mentioned that his intention is to teach and train mechanics, I believe it will help us gather knowledge of internal intricacies of an automobile engine.
I am sharing the link below. Once on you tube, you can see the other videos he has posted.
I request the forum members to share such videos by knowledgeable mechanics who gives out honest and correct information. Also any videos by our own forum member is also welcome.

I am in no way related to this person and I am starting this thread so we all have a list of good videos for such overhauls and mechanical repairs on Team Bhp. This will help to have a ready reckon-er to such videos should we need it and we can discuss the aspects shown on them for correctness of information. The videos to be share can be repairs on any thing from Engine overhaul, Gear box overhaul to Dent correction and Painting, Electrical repair, you name it, if you come across a good video please share it here.

Please see the link below.

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