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Shan2nu 27th February 2004 21:02

The Official Car and Bike Videos Thread! - good "best motoring" videos

GTO 27th February 2004 21:35 - Huge reserve of top gear videos, street racing and a host of other automotive flicks. One of the best sites around.


Shan2nu 27th February 2004 23:51 has a good collection of TG videos and download is faster.


Revvmaster 29th February 2004 01:29 has an amazing reserve of great car vids, including tvrs, panteras and a host of TG videos. Great server and fast downloads. check it out!!!Sleepy-Fish

Shan2nu 1st March 2004 03:53

Lots more videos........


Shan2nu 1st March 2004 15:13

There's nothing like a well tuned car with a good, experienced driver behind the wheel. Watch as this Civic humiliates an F40 on track.

I hope the F40 driver killed himself after the race, i'd do it if i were him.


Shan2nu 1st March 2004 15:26

interested in getting close to 200 "Top Gear and 5th Gear" videos via MSN and AOL messengers???

Check this out


Rehaan 2nd March 2004 01:10

Hahaha..that civic is running with the big boys.

Yeh i agree with C4S, the civic had some major kick, but if you look closely the F40 isnt even breaking in preparation for the corner, which shows that he wasnt even trying on the straight.


Dippy 2nd March 2004 01:21

Holy cow

Was the F40 driver sleepin or what? Enzo Ferrari would have turned in his grave had he seen that footage. Jap hatchbatch overtaking an Italian exotic... now I've seen everything


ported_head 23rd March 2004 13:18

1992 Review on the road by Takashi Ohi

1993 Review on the road by Takashi Ohi

1994 Top top speed test by Nakaya

1994 Time attack at Suzuka by Takashi Ohi

1996 Road test by Takashi Ohi and a non-pro pilot (he's scared!)
(car with Tubi Style racing exaust system)

1998 Top Speed test by Takuya Kurosawa
(car with Tubi Style racing exaust system)

2000 Run at Suzuka circuit by Tsuchyia Keiichi ("The Drift King")
(car with Tubi Style racing exaust system)

zen 23rd March 2004 16:25

awesome stuff! if only we could filter out the animated commentary!

Shan2nu 23rd March 2004 16:48

Speaking of "Best Mortoring", here are some more amazing race videos.

2wd vs. 4wd battle on Touge

GTR vs. Evo vs. NSX vs. RX7 vs. STi

Turbo vs. NA

Japan vs. Germany

Movie of the week is a Best motoring vid for those that forget to check it each week (like myself).

Ferrari F50 vs. Murcielago vs. 911 carrera 4s vs. 911 gt2 vs. Gemballa biturbo gt500 vs. NSX-R ( A must have video)

360 Modena vs. M3 vs. Evo

Evo8 vs. STi

350Z vs. S2000 vs. GTR vs. M3 vs. Boxster

Civic Type R vs. S2000 vs. Accord Euro R

Mazdaspeed RX8 vs. S2000 - I couldn't get this one to work (go figure! the one I really wanna see) but may start workign again.... g

850hp Blitz Skyline GTR 343km/h (Awesome footage of a Skyline ripping on the Autobahn - This car makes the other cars on the Autobahn feel like Snails)

AE86 vs. S2000 vs. E36 M3 vs. RX7 vs. E46 M3 (All cars are tuned )

RX7 vs. GTR vs. NSX vs. Evo

NSX Type R Nurburgring time attack

Supra vs. GTR vs. S15 vs. RX7 ( Amazing battle - Supra is 600bhp)

bonus footage

DVD volume 9 preview

RX8 vs. Miata vs. WRX vs. Integra-R vs. S2000 - See if it works - didn't work on my comp)

Amuse Supra, Mines Skyline - this one is slow as Far Eastside Connection but it will go

NSX-R, NSX-S, NSX-S zero, R34 GTR:

Touge Showdown 2 (was posted before in the thread "For the Touge freaks...."
Skyline GTR vs. AE86, Silvia vs. MR-S, Silvia vs. Integra



Shan2nu 23rd March 2004 17:41

I love watching Kurosawa "Gan San" drving the cars. He's so smooth and fast.
I feel he's the best driver on "Best Motoring". Tsuchiya comes in 2nd.

Give both of them equally powerful cars and they will fight till one of them goes offtrack. Best Motoring is truly a dream come true.


Rehaan 24th March 2004 05:59

Hey Shan2nu,

Thanks for the links man...but only 4 worked!

Thats becoz uve cut and pasted the any URL with "..." in it is incomplete!


Shan2nu 24th March 2004 13:26

Oh really!!! I didn't realise that, try this should work.


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