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Shan2nu 13th July 2004 20:19

Which is your fav "Top Gear" video?
Here are some of my fav top gear videos.

1. Most hilarious video - Mercedes S 600

2. Best located video - M3 CSL (isle of man), SLR (South Africa i think)

3. Best directed video - Renault Clio V6, SLR vs SL 55 AMG.

4. Most brutal video - Bentley Arnage, Koenigsegg, Zonda vs Murcielago, Nissan Skyline.

5. Wild card video - Westfield XTR, M3 CSL, Lotus Elise (latest).

6. Most elegant video - Maybach, VW Pheaton.

7. Most outrageous video - Death of Porsche 911, destruction of a toyota pick up truck, striking a VW golf with artificial lighting.


shravan316 13th July 2004 21:54

I haven't seen most of those how can i comment??
Does anyone have 'em?

GTO 13th July 2004 22:37

My favorites:

1. Jeremy in the M3 CSL (thanks to Revvmaster)
2. Tiff in the BMW M5
3. Best car in the world episode with the Mc and F40
4. Tiff and the Ferrari Enzo
5. Ferrari F1 vs F50
6. Lamborghini history

Could go on and on, but will stop here


heavy_foot 13th July 2004 23:28

hey shan2nu which site can i find the videos u have listed..

ported_head 14th July 2004 00:24

heavyfoot you may find some of these videos at Sleepy Fish
full length episodes are available as BitTorrents on TG

Shan2nu 14th July 2004 01:31


Originally Posted by [b
Quote[/b] (heavy_foot @ July 14 2004,07:58)]hi
hey shan2nu which site can i find the videos u have listed..

Top gear videos 1

Top Gear videos 2

This site has one of the biggest top gear collection after racingflix. Even download speeds are much better.


Nitronium 16th October 2008 08:15

Your Favourite Top Gear Video?
BBC produces some of the finest documentaries, and Top Gear is no exception.

The TDs, the whack challenges, and the EPIC races are covered simply beautifully.

Which of all the top gear videos do you think is most memorable? Tough choice, but i'm sure all of you have a personal favourite!
Post a youtube,googlevideo link if the video is available.


discobiscuit 16th October 2008 09:52

Aerial Atom has to be the best, hands down.

Nikhilb2008 16th October 2008 11:00

The 360CS and the 911 GT3 RS. The sound is orgasmic.

Similarly, the Lambo Gallardo Spyder, the Ferrari F430 and the 430 Scuderia, the Enzo. Only for the sound. Simply simply beautiful.

bblost 16th October 2008 11:11

The one in which the hilux was put thru everything they could think off and it still kept managing to run.

Nitronium 16th October 2008 11:12

I for one, think this is the best clip of them all :D

YouTube - BBC: Bugatti Veyron vs Euro Fighter Typhoon Drag Race - Top Gear

Nikhilb2008 16th October 2008 12:05

How can I forget the Pagani Zonda F? Season 7 episode 4 :D

DocG 16th October 2008 12:26

My fav must be the episode where they compete against the German show hosts...Loved that one, England VS. Germany haha

ak916 16th October 2008 13:25

The Areil Atom episode was unforgettable.. and what it did to Jeremy's face. Also the "clay car shooting" episode was outrageous.

Sahil 16th October 2008 14:06

I quite like the Carrera GT test by JC, the prodigy background music added to the magic and goosebumps.
And also the one in which James touches the veyrons top speed on the track.

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