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BaCkSeAtDrIVeR 25th October 2012 22:48

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
In those younder years, DD had no competition. For people in any part of India, we had precisely options - DD 1, Metro, and a decorative piece of expensive electronics.

And this monopoly did breed some real nasty bores on the idiot box. There were a few exceptions though. (I had little knowledge of Hindi then, as now).

One was that sardarji;s "Flop Show". And the other was "Tasveer ka dusra rukh". Thank you, Bhatti saab, for enlivining our dull and drab Durdarshan. (of course, we in south did not have much opportunity to view his other shows).

gauravdgr8 25th October 2012 22:52

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Flop Show: One of the first comedy shows I used to watch in my childhood days and that too pure comedy without any double meaning.

RIP Mr. Bhatti.

Technocrat 25th October 2012 23:17

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
This news was indeed a Shock to me this morning. Jaspal Bhatti's sense of humor on TV was unseen before & rarely after.

RIP Jaspal Bhatti.

mi2n 26th October 2012 09:57

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Thanks for all the laughter u gifted to the world. RIP Mr.Bhatti.

sagarpadaki 26th October 2012 10:12

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
A true comedian's life has come to a tragic end! those 10 episodes of FLOP show that he created hold their relevance even today!Gem of episodes they are! You will missed, Bhatti saab! :(

NPV 26th October 2012 20:05

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
We will always cherish those moments of laughter he gave us with his amazing sense of humour and political satire. He was spot on with his selection of characters to portray corruption, babudom and netagiri in our system.
Another thing to learn from him is the importance/value of time. In those short Ulta Pulta capsules he could convey so many lessons/messages and today we have mega serials that can't seem to be conveying anything at all :Frustrati

RIP Bhatti Saab, you will definitely be missed!

anjan_c2007 26th October 2012 20:42

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
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When Bhatti Sahab ruled the Small Screen and was venturing into the Big Screen as The Sardar of Comedy !!! (Times of India, Mumbai, 23/7/1999)

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Daewood 27th October 2012 16:06

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Seatbelt at back seat could have saved Bhatti’s life.

anjan_c2007 2nd February 2013 23:32

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
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Congratulations to Jaspalji for being awarded Padma Shri posthumously. :)
Really a sad state of affair- the artiste who was entertaining viewers with his very witty, original and satirical shows was accorded such a recognition only after his death.
This would have been a very good topic for Jaspalji to delve upon and write a new skit.

"aaj kare so kal kar,
kal kare so parso,
aaisi bhi kya jaldi hai,
jab jeena hai barso" :Shockked:

Some more Jaspal Bhati trivia from May-June 1993 (Sunday) for his fans to refresh memories:

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Attachment 1046390

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