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adg_andy 25th October 2012 09:29

The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Yet another good soul passes away in this YEAR OF DEATH :( Sad news

ghodlur 25th October 2012 09:32

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Saw the news in the morning flashed across all channels. Really really sad. The guy used to make me laugh in each and every episodes of "Flop Show" and "Ulta Pulta".
Rest in peace Bhatti sahab. Will miss you.

sgiitk 25th October 2012 09:41

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
I wish to add my sorrow to this bit of news. This engineer did have a fantastic sense of humour, and of looking at things differently. I will surely miss him. RIP Jaspal B. Those whom the Gods love die young!!

narayan 25th October 2012 09:46

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Sad news. He wouldnt have been too old I presume and I always wondered where he "vanished" after the flop show. For a man of his talent am sure all of us would have wanted to see more of him.RIP

girimajiananth 25th October 2012 09:55

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Another good soul has departed , RIP Jaspal .

sad to know that he passed away in a road accident . A tragic end to the man who made us all laugh.

ankan.m.blr 25th October 2012 09:59

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Really a sad Dashera this year! I liked his sense of humour in Flop-Show and Ulta-Pulta. RIP Mr. Bhatti !

fuel_addict 25th October 2012 10:04

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Very unfortunate news. Mr. Bhatti was a comedian that one can relate to from the Doordarshan days. May his soul rest in peace.

arindambasu13 25th October 2012 10:10

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
One of the real comedy greats of Indian television. His Flop Show was pretty legendary back in the day, and we used to watch each episode without fail. Sad news.

Dry Ice 25th October 2012 10:21

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
I still watch flop show every now and then. Have a DVD set of all the episodes. The issues which he raised are still as much relevant today as they were maybe 15-20 years back! It\'s surely one of the best comedy series ever made in India. I wish he had made a second iteration too!

RIP Bhatti Saab.


Actor and satirist Jaspal Bhatti died in a road accident near Punjab\'s Nakodar town, 40 km from Jalandhar, on early Thursday, police said in Jalandhar. Bhatti\'s car collided with a tree along the highway while he was on his way to Jalandhar for the promotion of his latest film Power Cut.

Police said that the accident happened around 3am while Bhatti was on his way to Jalandhar from Bathinda. Bhatti, 57, was rushed to a hospital in Jalandhar after the accident where doctors declared him dead. His son, Jasraj, was also injured in the accident along with the film\'s heroine Surili Gautam and another person. Jasraj, who was driving the car and film\'s heroine Suril Gautam were injured and rushed to a hospital at Jalandhar. They were being treated in a hospital in Jalandhar, 150 km from state capital Chandigarh.

The cremation is expected to take place later this evening after his body is brought here after completion of various legal formalities, including post-mortem, Sharma said.

Bhatti leaves behind his wife Savita, a son and a daughter.
Source -

PM - B 25th October 2012 10:25

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
I remember during my school years eagerly waiting to watch his show on DD.
RIP Mr. Jaspal Bhatti.

snkjr 25th October 2012 11:02

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
May his soul rest in peace. Truly a pioneer in clean humor, satire, and socially relevant comedy. His work paved the way for the current comedians, though we don\'t find the same cleanliness and relevance today from other performers.

The way he went is really unfortunate. I have myself experienced dozing off while driving at night. I have sworn myself off such driving - can\'t put others and myself in danger because I now realize how dangerous driving without proper sleep really is.

akshay380 25th October 2012 11:07

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
RIP. Any news about whether occupants were buckled in?

agambhandari 25th October 2012 11:08

Shocked to hear this!
He will always be fondly of the best comedians of the recent times.
Punjabi comedy scene will never be the same from now on.

R.I.P. Jaspal Bhatti

:OT He died in a Honda Accord. It only came with 2 Airbags. Seems like he wasn\'t on the front seats. And wasn\'t belted up.It was an almost head on collision.

AWD 25th October 2012 11:14

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
Tragic incident, R.I.P. Apart from being a good comedian/actor he was great human being.

Accident occured close to where I live & the Hospital he was taken to happens to be my cousins.

Omtoatom 25th October 2012 11:17

Re: The "FLOP SHOW" is over R.I.P Jaspal Bhatti
In today\'s world and times, it is rare to find people that spread joy, humor and laughter. Folks that touch and influence countless lives; sometimes without even knowing it. 2012 is indeed the year of deaths - so many adored personalities have left us. Bhatti paaji was indeed a master of satire, and we used to look forward to the next episode of \'The Flop Show\' with bated breaths. It was literally a weekly family event! I\'m sure we were not in a club of one.

RIP Mr. Bhatti.

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