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blueraven316 4th May 2006 03:31

3D computer modelled cars, bikes etc (3DS, Maya etc)
These are some works on 3DS MAX by my friend, lot of work gone in , nice productions too, If only this guy can start making body kits and stuff on MAX, man it will be crazy.

buzzin_hornets 4th May 2006 03:36

great stuff, ur friends got good talent! :D

chk out this site for some more 3d bikes + cars

Rehaan 4th May 2006 04:25

Nice stuff,

Check out
His work is AMAZING.


basilmabraham 4th May 2006 07:26

nice work...those websites were cool too...

mike3d 4th May 2006 11:13

clap: good work thre by your friend there blue raven..real good stuff there..
u can do some real good stuff on max...i know this guy who has done the swift hoardings all over...
YEs the red swift in all Marutis outdoor advertisments is a created 3d model ..
Sadly i have been workin on mAx since the last 8 years n never had the time to create sumthiun like this...


SRK 11th May 2006 21:25

Wow nice work!
Now even I want to learn 3d programs......
By the way how much did it take your friend to create one car??
And how does he manage to get the exact size??

blueraven316 11th May 2006 21:42

I dont know but you can ask him yourself, his name is rupesh

autopsyche 11th May 2006 22:59

Thats some real awesome work.. it takes immense effort to come up with such good 3d models. Hats off to your friend!


lucky_lee 12th May 2006 12:27

Thats some hard work ....Really good stuff.Takes a lot of time and work to do this.

captainsokhi 12th May 2006 13:38

wow, thats a very neat job...
excellent job by your friend...
i've tried working with 3d one or two times but coudn't do anything...
but these designs are really awesome...
very good detailing also....
one much did it took to make a car for him???

Rehaan 2nd June 2006 06:55


Just thought i would put up some old renderings of a CGT that i was making in Maya.... needless to say i didnt finish it, and havent had the time or inclination to ever since.......


SRK 2nd June 2006 09:40

Wow! Rehaan bhai,looks awsome.
I didnt know that such things can be done with 3d.
Hope to learn it someday!!

Optimus Prime 29th July 2007 22:58

here's some stuff i designed.

hemi challenger 1970 done in 3ds max.

cop cars downloaded for free off the internet.

i still had to work on the interiors but i havent done anything for the past month, i'm lazy
here goes

and here's some stuff i did previously

bike was put up on x-bhp for a while:)

redeye 11th August 2007 11:04

my first car models in maya done last week....i guess i need more pratice.. but then again this is my first car models. next in my list a buggati veyron...

ImageShack - Hosting :: 88505260fv5.jpg
ImageShack - Hosting :: 17994052rs4.jpg

the above is a audi tt..

the below links are bmw z4
ImageShack - Hosting :: 12059753yb3.jpg
ImageShack - Hosting :: 10711296it8.jpg

SRK 11th August 2007 18:13

Nice work there. Thought it isnt of a high quality but I think you have done a great job (as I think working on a 3d program is too difficult, is it?)

In the Audi You have made the smooth lines sharp and the sharp lines smooth, thats why it is looking odd.

In the Z4 I couldnt see any shading (doesn't the 3d program create its own lightning effects? Sorry I dont know how these programs work.)

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