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mclaren1885 29th June 2006 14:02

Anti honda?? Anti suzi?? Anti fiat?? Anti ford etc etc?? Vent out ur opinions here!!!
Lately after seeing all the arguments and hijacking threads from there purpose a lot of members advocated having a thread where everyone could vent out their dislikes for certain cars ..

Which is the main purpose of this thread .. There have been countless arguments over the OHC Vtec , the BALENO to name a few .. War of words in threads whose purpose was different derailing them out of bounds ..

For all those anti suzi , honda , fiat etc etc fans have a go at it and tell us ur dislikes about a car and why ?? I guess this should get pretty interesting at the same time request members not to make any personal attacks and spoil the harmony on this forum ..

PS : Mods please delete this thread if found out of place .. Thanks ..

mail4ajo 29th June 2006 14:16

I am anti Fiat for having the worst service backup in the country. I still remember the really bad time my cousin went through for servicing his UNO. He literally cried at the service center in Cochin.

TVS spoilt the name of Fiat in India. Luckily they had the brains to hand the service to TATA.

Anti Ford for treating India as a dumping ground for their outdated scrap(read escort, endeavour). We have plenty of trucks in india, what we need is proper SUV's. Ikon owners are sick and tried of price cuts. Pushes down their resale value.

mclaren1885 29th June 2006 14:23

This thread is not specifically meant for anti-manufacturers but to voice out ur disliking for certain cars too .. Like why u hate the baleno or the OHC VTEC or the fiat palio or the aveo etc etc ..

ajmat 29th June 2006 14:23

Similar thread exists pertaining to one's own cars here:

Please continue here

thread closed

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