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Default Re: Confessions of a novice trying to imitate a Detailer!

A small contribution from my end. I was a kid, studying in class 4 (you can guess my knowledge of detailing and stuff). We had a new M800 and I had volunteered to clean it. My previous experience with cleaning was my own cycle, which was always gleaming. I also had washed our scooter on a few occasions and performed a good job each time. Now this time round, I was going to wash a car, one which has lot of surface to clean and, it was going to take more time.

I went down to the ground floor (from 2nd floor apartment) with a bucketful of water, hair shampoo (don't blast me for the blasphemy), a mug and, a couple of clean rags. Washed the car with plain water and applied shampoo all over it. Then I used a wet cloth to slowly spread the shampoo all over the body. I even covered the rims and tyres. Being a summer morning, the Sun held its head high. After probably half-an-hour (or more), I was done. The shampoo had dried up by then. Climbed 2 floors to get more water. Then I blasted the car with mugful of water till it was all shiny and clean. After surveying it from all angles and happy with my work, I went home and called dad to the balcony to show him efforts. He was pleased too.

He left for office in a while and returned a couple of days later (he was posted 130kms away from our city). I immediately and found the car to be still clean. He then told me that he had got the car cleaned again by his office driver as the whole car was full of dried soap marks. Being a deep blue car, it looked all patchy and white. What had happened was I had applied the shampoo and it has dried quickly due to the Sun. Now, when I threw water all over the car, it gave the impression of being clean and sparkling. But when it dried up, the shampoo marks were pretty much visible. I hadn't rinsed/wiped it at all assuming it to have been washed away with plain water.

From that day, anything I clean, I wait for it to dry down. Then I survey it thoroughly to inspect where the marks are still present before cleaning those areas again.
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Default Re: Confessions of a novice trying to imitate a Detailer!

Searching for Meguiars on Team BHP landed me on this thread. After reading the post by Secretariat, I was laughing my a off for a whole minute while my wife worried I had probably lost a nut, or screw.
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Default Re: Confessions of a novice trying to imitate a Detailer!

I was searching for threds on waterless wash systems and ended up here.

Secretariat sir Take a bow!
Laughed my butt off,wish I had read this befor meeting Rudra
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Default Re: Confessions of a novice trying to imitate a Detailer!

Your new post bought me here. You have excellent skills in writing, you should stop detailing with immediate effect.

Guess by now you would have become a pro in detailing and can start your own separate thread.
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Default Re: Confessions of a novice trying to imitate a Detailer!

Great thread!
I have tried my elbow grease in shampoo washing and waxing a hatchback.
And learnt from the experience to Get the job done from expert. It’s worth every penny.

Also the car’s paint can be taken care by
1. Covered parking or covered car(when it’s not in use)
2. Regular wash with soft/microfiber cloth
3. Pressure wash with shampoo when car and underbody is too dirty.
4. Polish/wax once in three months.

Let’s Keep it short and simple.

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