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tsk1979 1st September 2006 17:06

The Auto-Image thread
Friends, as you know that we already have a thread for Non-Auto images posted by members.
This thread is for "Auto Images" clicked by members.

Not just a difference, but a big difference.

Auto images mean Car/Bike or any mode of LAND transportation clicked by "you" with a good quality camera.

Vehicle in picture may be yours, or somebody else's.
If it’s not yours, please ensure that you’ve taken necessary steps/permission before posting.

No posting of images found on Internet or any other magazine/books.

Image editing etc, is left to the posters, but as far as possible should be used only for effects like sharpening, white balance etc.
For "physical" modification of cars using Photoshop or similar tools, there is a separate thread.

This thread is to generate interest amongst members to see/shoot automobile in a different light (no pun intended).
There has to be a difference in terms of taking extra cares while shooting cars/bikes. Especially if you imagine they’re to be for reproduction. They may never go for reproduction (but who knows?) but that’s the criteria you should keep in mind while you’re shooting. Trust me, you’ll see the difference.

Remember this thread is for showcasing your auto photography talent.
Think carefully. See carefully. Shoot carefully and post carefully. This thread will be moderated heavily.

Please don't ask why your post was deleted. Any post in this thread has 90% chance of deletion.
Here are some pictures by a friend of mine, Silvester Divas (used with his permission of course) may give you some inspiration.

Happy shooting guys.

karlosdeville 1st September 2006 23:02

my ametuer attempt at artsy-fartsy photography with my 1960 standard 10...taken on an SLR camera thats 30 years old too!

at a recent rally...3 generations of fiats...1919, 1954, 1964...

v12 1st September 2006 23:07

Qualis :

Gordon 2nd September 2006 23:18

Suzuki Hayabusa

Gordon, go by the rule. Your second one doesn't fit in here.

Maverick5490 3rd September 2006 00:44

Maverick5490, do you have anything better? For example your car with a nice rich looking background?
Please go through my post and see if you have any..

tsk1979 3rd September 2006 19:12

kannadiga in Bhaiyyaland!

Gordon 3rd September 2006 22:53

How about this one?
Ferrari 355 Spider

v12 5th September 2006 22:46

I'm deleting this v12. Explanation (for everybody) given below.

Rudra Sen 6th September 2006 22:26

We need a clear understanding of what we expect from this thread.

We all take picture of our car. Probably we share them with our friends and relatives. If weíre are TBHP member, then put them in TBHP garage also. But itís more of a record to shoot a car. Honestly, do you do the same for your loved ones? You shoot their picture and shoot them againÖjust in order to express your feelings about them. You shoot your dog. You shoot your children. You shoot your wife or girlfriend. You shoot flora and fauna. You shoot landscape. You shoot monuments. You shoot place of interest. Theyíre your subjects. And you shoot whenever you get time or you feel like.

More often than not, same feeling doesnít come when the subject is your car.
Surprising! Isnít it? You spend hours on forum. You spend hours to search or seek information through Internet. You go out of your way to find the right alloy or upholstery material. You donít really mind, spending time to sit and watch the process of your carís modification. You do it because you love your car.

But how come you donít think about taking some good photos of your car?

There could be few reasons:
1.You never thought about it.
2.You want to but not getting enough time.
3.You donít know how to get a good picture.

The purpose of this thread is to get answers. Youíll get these answers by seeing. By trying. By understanding the fact that when you shoot a car it becomes a character.
This is the key point. If you donít see your car as a character then you possibly donít know where to and how to shoot. Worldwide all the car photographers have one thing in common: They all love cars. Inside and outside.

Ok, old man has blabbered enough. Letís see whatís to be done therefore.
See your car in a different light. First post of this thread says that. This essentially means look at your car as a subject to shoot.
1. Choose interesting location to place your car. It could be anywhere.
2. See her through your viewfinder. Move. See again. Youíll find your car is looking different from angle to angle.
3. Choose the time of the day. Or the evening, if you have a tripod.
4. See the reflections on your carís body from extraneous elements. They often work against your wish.
5. Clean the car before you shoot. Or simply shoot a clean car unless you want to have something different.
6. Have plenty of patience. Itís not an easy subject but at the end of the day, itís your babyís picture.
7. Forget. And I repeat forget about how you shot your car before. Also let me repeat what I had repeated in the first post: See your car in new light.
8. Digital cameras will tell you within a few seconds what you shot. Film cameras will tell you tomorrow. Patience is the key in car photography.

Having said all these, we know now what to expect. We know what to delete and what to keep for others to learn. Please keep this in mind that mod team headed by me will be really strict to accept or reject photographs.

Take your time. Try it out. It might be a great area interest for you.

For your better understanding Iím plugging some pictures taken by my friend/philosopher/guide in car photography.
His name is Lou Dí Angelo..
An automobile photographer from Australia. With whom I had so many good memories.

Shot in Kerala.

Shot in Kerala, Munnar.

Holden in Melbourne

Holden in Melbourne

Holden in Melbourne



These are all few years old but you'll get an idea for sure. So you go!!

tifosikrishna 6th September 2006 23:12

Here is my attempt...

If the image fits within the browser comfortably, it is better post fullsize.

low_bass_makker 9th September 2006 20:34

some thing from my side hope T-bhpians would like it...

Rudra Sen 10th September 2006 21:10

May be of some help guys. This was shot last year just after I got my digital camera body. Test shot to check out depth at 180mm focal length. Picture was taken on a dull gloomy day. Colour corrected on Photoshop.

tifosikrishna 10th September 2006 22:06

rudra, i bow to you once again. it was a jaw dropping photograph (post no 17)...... how do we get those reflection???? any tips??

Rudra Sen 11th September 2006 07:56

Select a location where you have:
1.Lot of open space.
2.No trees or such to disturb as side panel/glass reflections

Select a right time to get the best light:
1.Early morning. As early as 6 am to finish your shoot.
2.Late afternoon. Start shooting when light is really down.
3.Overcast (as in my picture). Tonal quality depends on how you position the car.

Gordon 11th September 2006 09:14


Originally Posted by Rudra Sen
Select a location where you have:
1.Lot of open space.
2.No trees or such to disturb as side panel/glass reflections

Select a right time to get the best light:
1.Early morning. As early as 6 am to finish your shoot.
2.Late afternoon. Start shooting when light is really down.
3.Overcast (as in my picture). Tonal quality depends on how you position the car.


Will try to get some nice pics Rudra. Most of the pics I have are in city conditions, where the subject car is surrounded by cars/bikes/people/animals/trees OR its placed in awkward situations like narrow roads,shadows of buildings/trees.

I was about to post this pic earlier, but after seeing the images you posted, thought it was completely scrap.

How you manipulate the sky and get the clouds out?
How you got the valley so perfectly WITH the greenlands?

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