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manson 8th September 2006 18:56

Bomb blasts in Malegaon!!
Caught a glimpse on the news of the two blasts that took place in Malegaon.
Apparently this has happened near a graveyard and according to the media around 2000 people were present at the site of the blasts, they were there for their namaz. what levels are these terrorists going to stoop down to, hunting down innocent people when they come to pray :mad:

EDIT: three blasts

more accurate stuff.



MalluDude 8th September 2006 19:27

The state is fast becoming a play ground for extremists. They seem to have shifted their focus southwards of Kashmir.

autozealot 8th September 2006 23:45

I wonder where we are heading with such attacks becoming so frequent!

Saw unbeliveable pictures on TV. Can you imagine an poor old lady with only a few strands of skin holding her palm to the rest of the hand. Does she deserve this? Ofcourse not. Why should anyone?

What are the runners of our country waiting for? Repeat of 9/11 ?

May the souls of the dead rest at peace & injured recover soon.


ssl2uv108 9th September 2006 13:30


Originally Posted by MalluDude
The state is fast becoming a play ground for extremists. They seem to have shifted their focus southwards of Kashmir.

Sadly, most states seem to be..

ollie 9th September 2006 15:20

Damn !
When is all this going to stop !! Need a desperate end to all kinds of terrorism in our country !
Its affecting each one of us in someway or the other ! :(

satish_appasani 9th September 2006 23:50

why is govt not coming with an iron hand on the terrorists? Andhra police are better that way. Most of the naxalites who are captured are killed in encounters before anybody else knows about that.

vivekiny2k 10th September 2006 07:08

and I won't be surpsied to see statments like "we strongly condemn it", "we will nail them", "we are back on our feet, small terrorist activities like these can not shake us".

incompetence of Indian government disgusts me.

ssl2uv108 10th September 2006 10:09

please.. there are some things like vote banks which need attention !

vincentt 13th September 2006 18:08

The reason why terrorists can flourish like this experimenting with bombs in India and their extend of damage is because of the soft stand taken by all the goverments that have ruled India.

Look what has happened in the Mumbai blasts, the verdict is just being given and so many are actually let off because of lack of evidence. Justice has to be quick. Terrorists blasts up and then enjoy life. They are simply here to divide us up. I dont understand how they will attain so called salvation by killing people.

Strong political will can ensure that punishment will be quick.

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