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View Poll Results: Will you burn crackers this diwali?
Yes 262 35.26%
No 428 57.60%
Maybe 53 7.13%
Voters: 743. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2nd November 2010, 14:18   #136
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No, haven't burst a single cracker, sparkler or anything to do with gun powder since 1998.
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Old 2nd November 2010, 14:45   #137
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Default Already got the crackers

Yes. Already got them dead cheap from Hosur near Electronic City. Itching to set off the crackers.
Well pollution will happen but this is one time ocassion. Let me indulge.
Happy Diwali to everyone. Yipeeeee.
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Old 2nd November 2010, 14:50   #138
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Originally Posted by zaks View Post
Yeah, agreed we all need to burst crackers but if we do it in moderation then we get both the pleasure of the occasion and control pollution.

Another point to note is that bursting crackers is not a right, it's a privilege and we should do so responsibly and take care that we don't unduly bother our neighbours or surroundings.

Tell me if blasting your eardrums and inhaling tonnes of SO2 and NO2 is your definition of celebration.
After all, its personal choice of individual how to celebrate, isn't it?

Some people celebrate diwali by inhaling SO2 and NO2,
some people celebrate daily with the dose of C10H14N2 and C2H5OH.

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Originally Posted by ASHISHPALLOD View Post
After all, its personal choice of individual how to celebrate, isn't it?

Some people celebrate occasionally by inhaling SO2 and NO2 on the occasion of Diwali,
some people celebrate daily with the dose of C10H14N2 and C2H5OH.
Ah yes, but you forgot the subtle difference, in the later you are polluting yourself which of course you are free to do but in the former you are polluting the environment which is shared by others too.
Why do you think they banned smoking in public places if it was just one's freedom to load his lungs with smoke,acid and tar.
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Old 2nd November 2010, 16:52   #140
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People use this occasion as an excuse and go on cracker rampage, have seen so many burn the lound crackers just for heck of it!

last year an idiot in are society went on bursting the lound crackers after a while we couldnt bear it and asked him to stop or go somewhere else but that moron had the guts to say that he is bursting in his property!

As far me people need to collect money from every one in area and get some nice crackers not the loud once and fire them up in some huge ground and am sure many will enjoy it!

but thanks to all this havoc its forcing many to go on vacation
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Old 2nd November 2010, 17:02   #141
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No Crackers or anything to do with Diwali or Vishu (Mallus use crackers to welcome their new year in the month of April). I just count them as wastage of money and even do NOT mind spending that money on charity (not for tax savings).

I love to watch huge fireworks during Thrissur Pooram (even those are restricted now).

I had a distant relative who used to make firecrackers for such mass scale festivals. He says the cost of manufacture of a cracker is less than 10p (yes 10 paise). The same is sold to buyers during festival seasons for 100s of rupees. I have seen people spending 10K or 20K for firecrackers here in Chennai. When will people learn?

For those who are serious of buying and using crackers -
  • Stop lighting it on Roads (danger to passing motorists)
  • Stop use of Rockets (or such that propels into poor huts and causes fire)
  • Use NON-Exploding types (reduces sound pollution and deafness)
  • Never light them after 10PM or before 8AM (your neighbor may be sleeping or may have kids and elderly patients)
  • Never throw firecrackers on anybody, it will cause serious burns
  • Keep an eye on Children when they light crackers
  • Keep a bucket full of water for any emergency
  • Seek medical help for your burn injuries (good first aid - Burnol/toothpaste - keep it handy for any such incidents)
  • Always run away after lighting the crackers and use long incense sticks to light crackers
The day after Diwali there is a thick smog due to pollution. Avoid as much crackers as you can. You save money, buy eatables and treat your family.

Another after effect of Diwali Crackers - Robbers find this as a good opportunity to break open locks here in Chennai - Last year one of our locked office was robbed, but poor fellow was in search of money and got nothing other than a pack of CDs.

Happy and Safe diwali

My 2cents.
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Old 2nd November 2010, 18:09   #142
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Lost all the enthusiasm once they introduced the decible ban in Kolkata, banning bombs etc..
Now I'll just get onto my terrace and enjoy the show

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Old 2nd November 2010, 18:42   #143
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Bursting of crackers can be a personal choice or a religious bond or anything else. It is that person's money and the law does not prevent him from doing so. Whatever it is, we should respect neighbour's opinion if there is a small child or elderly people who would not be comfortable with the sounds. There are children who are victims of burns, lost vision other disabilities we hear every now and then. So many things associated to it. But it is still a personal choice and a matter of where and what the law states. Having said that, I used to celebrate Deepavali lighting diyas and bursting crackers and all kind of them with other neighbourhood kids. But in those times everyone seemed to be in the festive spirit and mood. Now after years have passed and we have become grown ups in the same country, I see a distinctive trend in celebrations as far as lighting up crackers are concerned. Particulary I distinctly remember Diwali celebrations in Mumbai where we used to be for Diwali vacations in school. Come Laxmipoojan and right from dawn we used to be down bursting crackers. Then, right after sunset go boom and ka-boom everywhere.
Now a days it is very different. It is not like it used to be. Less and less of crackers and less and less of celebrations. There were years where I asked myself where is the festive season and where are the people ? In their homes watching TV or wishing everyone on the phone ?
I can comfortably say from personal experience that the fun factor is no more. It does not excite people. Perhaps due to fact that we are overworked and cherish holidays rather than the intent for which the holiday is actually meant or something else.

The last Diwali when I was in Pune (2006) a terrible incident happened in our society. A new member of the society was bursting crackers with his kids and everyone in the family was enjoying and I was over the phone chatting with someone. Suddenly there is a foul voice of a Doctor in the same building top floor to stop bursting crackers has he was tired and wanted to sleep. Now the person bursting crackers has every right to celebrate till whatever time the local Police has set. The doctor started hurling abuses (he was a north Indian and you can imagine the 'Mai al.) This fellow downstairs was offended in front of his wife and kids and he started saying something that I did not understand and niether did the doctor hear. The doc came down irate as hell and looked like he would manhandle the man in front of his family. Before it could get ugly I asked the man to leave and engaged the doc in some fruitless conversation. The Doc was drunk and I could smell OH in breath.
Oh, my kids are also going to ask me for crackers one day. I am going to make sure it is absolutely safe, administered by me, and in an open ground.
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Old 2nd November 2010, 19:48   #144
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Ofcourse, the enthusiasim is gone, but just do burn one or two mild ones for formality/religious custom. But otherwise, i would prefer to watch it from terrace

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Old 2nd November 2010, 20:06   #145
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Default No crackers this Diwali

Nope, I am not bursting crackers. Reasons:
  • Would spend the saved money on food (I am a foodie apart from being sleep lover & driving enthusiast)
  • Leave a greener foot this Diwali and avoid sound pollution (anyways we pollute for our needs, pls read cars, so do not want to add extra pollutants
  • Someone else is definitely going to burst crackers and I will enjoy the view
Happy Diwali!

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Old 2nd November 2010, 23:18   #146
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Voted for No. Really dont see any point in doing that. Also kiddo is too small for this.
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Old 3rd November 2010, 02:27   #147
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Originally Posted by NFS View Post
[*] Stop lighting it on Roads (danger to passing motorists)
In general, we should work towards stopping the use of the PUBLIC roads (especially by owners in front of their houses) for entertainment. Putting pendal/shamiana for celebrations, play cricket, park their bus/van, plant a garden, tie a cow, and finally - burst crackers.

I will admit that I have lit crackers in the middle of the street at night as a kid. Everyone did it, and I knew no better. The speeding vehicles always slowed down in front of each kid on the street standing there with an agarbathi.

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Old 3rd November 2010, 03:32   #148
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Its almost 15 years since i stopped bursting crackers.A visit to Sivakasi,the dubious distinction this city enjoys for manufacturing crackers with the help of small children,made my heart bleed.It was a ghastly sight to see tiny tots exposed to these hazardous chemicals and acids and could see that their skin on their hands of literally peeled off.Faces had all sorts of allergies,rashes,blisters.
That point of life,I resolved not to burst any crackers and i make it a point to narrate this experiance.
Hence it is a NO from me.
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Old 3rd November 2010, 04:48   #149
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Voted a NO. Various reasons for it have already been listed here. But to summarise, factor in the amount of injuries, pollution, meaningless use of resources & (as already narrated by hillram) the poor souls who labour to make these crackers & the spirit of the festivity is lost somewhere in between.

But to be fair, im not a pessimist & always believe in two sides of a coin.
So although i will shy away from purchasing or lighting them just for some fun, whenever someone near or dear shows enthusiasm to light a few, i join in, albeit in a very limited number.
The day that innovation creates crackers that dont pollute & are non-labour intensive in their production, perhaps my response in the poll will change to a YES.

I would like to add to those here who say that the enthusiasm of the festival has reduced, that the enthusiasm has not reduced, its just that people are understanding that there are alternative ways of having a great time & that there are some other aspects to our beloved Diwali apart from just firecrackers - the actual ones which were lost somewhere in translation of the meaning of the festival. Atleast i would like to believe so

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Old 3rd November 2010, 09:10   #150
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Originally Posted by hillram View Post
A visit to Sivakasi,the dubious distinction this city enjoys for manufacturing crackers with the help of small children,made my heart bleed.
There's nothing to bleed;
Any Parents who's not responsible enough are bound to have children working at any local opportunities. A fate of any child growing Fatherless & debt is bound to experience this. It may or may not happen to my children too, but it all lies in the hands of Father. Since the society is predominantly dominated by male, it becomes extremely difficult for a lady to go out & work. Even if they do, they've to struggle a lot. Hence income from such opportunities is bound to help their living. Its a lot better than committing suicide.

Think about this - everyone stops buying crackers & poor children does not have regular income, some of them start looking for other jobs & few others start becoming anti social elements. I buy crackers & support their living.

BTW, those are age old stories. Support families by buying branded & quality crackers such as Iyyan or Standard fire works. This is no way a reason for not buying.

All said, there're several reasons to cite for not buying crackers, but there's only one reason for buying - its festival, lets buy crackers, pray God for well being of everyone including the families who were made the crackers available for us. That's a small step to help their well being.
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