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View Poll Results: Will you burn crackers this diwali?
Yes 262 35.26%
No 428 57.60%
Maybe 53 7.13%
Voters: 743. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 19th October 2006, 13:25   #16
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i think kids have a right to enjoy fireworks we also did as kids because for them the concept of sound and air pollution is crap just the bursting of fireworks is seer pleasure for them,anyway no kids in my house so no fireworks for now maybe after a month when my niece(3yrs old) comes down from states a few sparklers and a few flower pots
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Old 19th October 2006, 13:31   #17
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We were just having this conversation last evening. 2 days to go till Diwali, and everything is silent! Amazing. A few years ago the air would be full of smoke and the noise would drive my dog's crazy. But this year there have been big changes. I think people are becoming more concerned about these sort of things.

That said, I think certain types of fireworks are fine for a few days in the year. As Yogi pointed out, the sparklers, fountains and other noiseless crackers are great. I love the rockets as well. Remember having a great time shooting them off in all directions when i was a kid!
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Old 19th October 2006, 13:47   #18
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Only rockets and flower pots for me..
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Old 19th October 2006, 19:19   #19
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I can't imagine Diwali without fireworks. No (noise making) crackers for sure but things like flower pots and stuff like that are fun for kids.
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Old 19th October 2006, 19:35   #20
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Originally Posted by madhav
It has been a while since I gave up buying crackers/fireworks for Diwali. But this year I'm planning to buy crackers and take it to an orphanage... Just like us or our kids, those poor kids also enjoy Diwali if they see some fireworks. So I'm planning to go to this one particular orphanage off-hosur road where I contribute regularly. The place hardly gets any publicity the kids really deserve something nice for a festival.
Hats off to you madhav. My friends has bought crakers for 5k for Saturday late night fun. Surely I will recommend your idea.
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Old 19th October 2006, 20:09   #21
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am in US, so no point me voting here. but i have always used minimal crackers just to keep up with the tradition. folks at home will not like our gate without a single firework on diwali. else i wud also be voting for a NO.

but, only issues i see is a whole (pointless) industry (in sivakasi) getting eliminated and folks looking for other jobs. hopefully this anti crackers drive does not give a strong backlash. it shud be gradual.
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Old 20th October 2006, 22:48   #22
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NO. This year i am not burning crackers.. The money that i generally spend was spent in the following way which even i could not believe was possible

1. education+medical care for 3 underpreviliged children -- 2000 x 3 = 6000/-
2. medical care for mentally 3 challenged children -- 4000 x 3 12000/-

All this is through CRY and the amount paid covers up for a year.
I am feeling much better now seeing that my money is not going up in smoke....and someone is benifitting from it..

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Old 20th October 2006, 23:11   #23
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Well, I bought fireworks today. But nothing noisy, only lights and visual effects. I didn't celebrate for nearly a decade when I was abroad. We started again last year for my son. I can't deprive him all the fun I used to have as a kid during Deepawali.
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Old 20th October 2006, 23:57   #24
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I have never been to keen on firecrackers, and do not remember when I lit them last. Though, I must say I used to love an extremely polluting thing that came in small match box sized boxes, looked like black saridon tablets, and when you lit them, the tablet would belch smoke and start growing like a snake. It would also spoil the floor with a black ring. But I just loved them anyway.
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Old 21st October 2006, 00:15   #25
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But there is an interesting twist this year - the smoke from firecrackers will most probably significantly inhibit mosquitoes in Delhi, and thereby help control Dengue..... soooo what is worse, pollution or dengue?

And anyway, does anyone know of any scientific data or study in relation to how much air pollution can actually be attributed to firecrackers? I know it seems to be common sense... burning crackeres = smoke = air pollution. But I hate common sense. It sucks. My non-expert guess would be that 2-3 days of diwali pathaka smoke probably does not even contribute to the same amount of air pollution as is done by motor vehicles in a single day. And yes, yes, I know, cars are 'necessary' and firecrackers are a sinful luxury... but still, if air pollution is what we are really concerned about, shouldn't we be doing something to limit the number of cars on the road (perhaps something like in Singapore?)

p.s. I am not claiming to know any answers, I just get irritated that in this country we often don't ask enough questions.... well, at least the right ones anyway.
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Old 21st October 2006, 03:47   #26
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While I am in principle disnterested in firecrackers, I will indulge a little, if only to introduce my children to safe & responsible fun.

This does mean that no ostentatious stuff is allowed and for the most part, no noisy crakers either.
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Old 21st October 2006, 09:21   #27
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happy diwali guys. bought a few crackers yesterdy, but nopthing close to what things were a few years back.


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Old 21st October 2006, 09:42   #28
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the best thing to do after ur puja at home on diwali is to drive to marine drive nd park ur car there nd watch the crackers. i guess you could bring a couple of ur own too but its really amazing to watch some of the crackers tht light up in the sky. i guess thts a good combination of reducing pollution and enjoying using public transport or

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Old 13th October 2009, 19:22   #29
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Searched before opening a new thread & found this. Sadly there is a time frame set by the initiator for polls

No Crackers, prevent environmental health hazard this diwali

Chemicals used in crackers and their harmful effects
Lead : Affects the central nervous system in humans. When heated it can emit highly toxic fumes. Young children can suffer mental retardation and semi-permanent brain damage by exposure to lead.

Magnesium : Inhalation of magnesium dust and fumes can cause metal fume fever. Particles embedded in the skin produce gaseous blebs and gas gangrene. Dangerous fire hazard in the form of dust or flakes when exposed to flames. Poisoning takes the form of progressive deterioration in the central nervous system.

Zinc : Pure zinc powder is non-toxic to humans by inhalation but difficulty arises from oxidation (burning), as it emits zinc fumes. It stimulates the sensation of vomiting.

Manganese : Toxicity caused by dust or fumes. The main symptoms of exposure are languor, sleepiness, weakness, emotional disturbances, spastic gait and paralysis.

Sodium : When heated in air, it emits toxic fumes of sodium oxide. Can cause dangerous fire hazard when exposed to heat and moisture.

Potassium : Dangerous fire hazard and explosion can occur.

Copper : Inhalation of copper dust and fume causes irritation in the respiratory tract. Absorption of excess copper results in "Wilson's disease" in which excess copper is deposited in the brain, skin, liver, pancreas and the myocardium (middle muscular layer in the heart).

Cadmium : Its absorption can damage the kidneys and can cause anaemia. Cadmium causes increased blood pressure and also a disease called "Itai-Itai", which makes bones brittle resulting in multiple fractures.

Phosphorous in the form of PO4 : Dangerous fire hazard when exposed to heat or chemical reaction. Poison by inhalation, ingestion, skin contact and subcutaneous routes. Ingestion affects the central nervous system. Toxic quantities have an acute effect on the liver and can cause severe eye damage.

Sulphur in the form of SO4 : It affects the upper respiratory tract and the bronchi. It may cause edema of the lungs or glottis, and can produce respiratory paralysis. Poison to humans by inhalation. An eye, skin and mucous membrane irritant and corrosive.

Nitrate : Highly inflammable and on decomposition they emit highly toxic fumes. The symptoms are dizziness, abdominal cramps, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weakness, convulsions and collapse.

Nitrite : Large amounts taken by mouth may produce nausea, vomiting, cyanosis, collapse and coma. Repeated small doses can cause a fall in blood pressure, rapid pulse, headaches and visual disturbances. When heated, emit highly toxic fumes of NOx.


Sound effects :
Normal decibel level for humans........................
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Old 13th October 2009, 19:37   #30
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I burnt my hand badly when I was 10 yrs of age, since then I have been really really scared of Crackers. But this year I do plan to buy some "phuljhari" and "Anar" for my kid to enjoy.

No big bombs apart from the sound pollution we have a dog who goes crazy with the sound

OT:- Any idea how to sedate a dog during diwali time? Compose?? Kindly PM me any solutions please
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