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View Poll Results: Will you burn crackers this diwali?
Yes 262 35.26%
No 428 57.60%
Maybe 53 7.13%
Voters: 743. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 18th October 2006, 19:50   #1
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Default Will you burn crackers this diwali?

hi all,

with diwali round the corner & govt spending so much money on No Firecrackers drive, just thought who amongst us will or will not burn the crackers.

personally i enjoy lighting crackers although i dont spend too much on it.

Wishing you all a wonderful Deepawali
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Old 18th October 2006, 19:58   #2
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I have also decided not to spend on firecrackers and add more pollution.
Previously I used to spend heavily every yr on diwali and kites but 1st time this yr i dint spend anything for kites and will do the same thing on diwali too.

Infact this diwali i was looking forward to buy a 29" TV,a cellphone and bike for myself but cancelled all the ideas.

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Old 18th October 2006, 21:00   #3
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Its a been a few years since I stopped buying fire crackers. But I do go my terrace to watch the wonderful fire works displayed in the night sky.
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Old 18th October 2006, 21:30   #4
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If I am staying at home, i just spend for the divas. If i am visiting relatives, i buy some crackers though not spend more than couple of hundreds. I have a feeling that burning crackers is just like burning money bills. Nothing is left at the end of the day except the ash...this is just my view.
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Old 18th October 2006, 21:43   #5
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crackers is for pollution. And it's already so bad in bangalore!!!
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Old 18th October 2006, 23:23   #6
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Like the past few years no crackers for me this year too. Waste of money & too much pollution are my reasons. When you're young it's understandable since you like the effects but once you're an adult there is simply no excuse to be buying & burning crackers.
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Old 19th October 2006, 11:08   #7
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since i have a couple of kids who are enthu about this, i might have to do a little bit, but certainly no crackers, only fireworks, a little, thats all. personally, me, i never liked these things. since i always have dogs in my house & they are scared of these things, i have never indulged.
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Old 19th October 2006, 11:14   #8
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Wow.. I am pleasently surprised to see the poll results.. thought I would be one of the VERY FEW that voted NO.
Now if only we could convince the rest of the country that it's just a CRIMINAL WASTE to burn money(pun totally intended) in this way.. what a nice festival Divali would be..
Here's wishing you all a happy and prosperous year ahead.
Happy Divali.
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Old 19th October 2006, 11:22   #9
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I, or anyone else in my family, haven't played with crackers for many years now and I think the tradition will continue this year too. As it is, there is too much pollution in India, and all responsible citizens should make it a point to not contribute to it. It is almost criminal to use crackers etc.
Old 19th October 2006, 11:41   #10
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Flowerpots, wheels & wires with the kids for an hour, yes, crackers no......

Naveen, not sure if you meant fireworks in general or crackers specifically so.....

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Old 19th October 2006, 11:48   #11
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It has been a while since I gave up buying crackers/fireworks for Diwali. But this year I'm planning to buy crackers and take it to an orphanage... Just like us or our kids, those poor kids also enjoy Diwali if they see some fireworks. So I'm planning to go to this one particular orphanage off-hosur road where I contribute regularly. The place hardly gets any publicity the kids really deserve something nice for a festival.
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Old 19th October 2006, 11:50   #12
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Voted No, assuming it is for crackers (and not fireworks in general).
Used to be mad about crackers as a kid. But now hate the sound/air pollution.
Have a couple of nieces who like sparklers, flower pots and wheels. So maybe a couple of hundred worth of these just to see the smile on their faces.

@madhav, that's a good way of celebrating a festival. Appreciate your gesture.

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Old 19th October 2006, 12:15   #13
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Reasons for not lighting crackers:
(1) Smoke pollution.
(2) Noise pollution -- especially harmful to infants and animals with sensitive hearing, like dogs.
(3) Poor quality of crackers makes them unsafe and leads to grievous injuries every year.
(4) Dangerous because of unsafe practices by those using them.
(5) Waste of time, money.
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Old 19th October 2006, 12:29   #14
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In theory we dont subscribe to the view of burning firecrackers but we do buy some noiseless stuff for our son (mostly a box sparklers and a few rockets). He has learnt to ration the box over the week. As he gets older I'm sure he will outgrow them.
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Old 19th October 2006, 13:18   #15
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Simple answer - NO! Haven't touched a cracker in over a decade and won't do so this year either.
Rather spend the money on some goodies for my family.
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