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vivekiny2k 10th November 2006 22:33

victim of phishing
just happened to give my yahoo passwd to a geocities webpage that came from a friend, and looked he had given selective access to friends for viewing his yahoo photos.

immeditely realised it was phishing and my yahoo passwd was ocmpromised. Had to change all my passwds, also the places where similar passwd had been used.

please be careful if you come across following link. just delete the message without opening it.

it totallty resembles yahoo photos. and though not confirmed, looks totally malicious to me.

never give out your passwd anywhere unil you look the the link on address bar.

pdev29 10th November 2006 22:48

dude you made a mistake you should always check the link before you type any IMP details. hope it wont affect you much

vivekiny2k 10th November 2006 23:33


but i know many friends who did not even know how they got hacked. so wanted to warn others.

mclarenracer 11th November 2006 04:37

it happens on yahoo messenger too they send you a link by your friends name but it is false.

condor 11th November 2006 08:22

good way is to bring the mouse pointer on the link - the actual link would been seen in the bottom bar of the browser window. Vivek, the link in your post shows to be a genuine geocities site link

btw, geocities is a yahoo site, hence the similarity?

vivekiny2k 12th November 2006 08:38

yes, it's a valid geocities page, and it is not disguising itself.

but the content it is showing is yahoo photos, which it is not. it is just capturing the password and sending me back to the original yahoo page.

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