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My pattern
Login - check for subscribed threads on any updates.
If I have time then check for other latest Threads. Most of the times, just read subscribed Threads and exit.
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

My bookmark to T-BHP is my subscribed threads.

I'm a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, like to stay in my corner, type of person, and T-BHP is so huge! Every so often, I click on the New Posts link, and check out some new corners, sometimes subscribing. This may all seem very limited, and compared to the size of the forum, it is, but I find that the subscribed listing grows long! Time to prune the old threads off it, except for ones that I may need for reference.
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

It has to be

1) Hot Threads - Love reading OwnerShip reviews and Car Reviews , Biggest fan of that
2) Forum - New Topics - Skim to see whats new and happening in the world of automobiles
3) Sometimes Travelogues
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

I always check the new topics first, then my subscribed threads. Then every now and then I also run through the new posts.

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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

Almost identical to @safari_lover:
'New Posts' does it for me; I like to read all the thread titles to become aware of all the things that interest T-BHP'ians. Rather than subscribe & be pushed to reading something, I pull it by searching for what interests me.

I might count as lightly addicted - I visit once, usually twice or thrice, a day. All this is without logging in, and on mobile browsers more of the time. When I log in to write or reply, I have the display order of posts set to latest-first to remind me that I am logged in.

An ocasional thing in my pattern is, I stop & wonder how much more we all are into cars than into motorbikes (even me, who has been enjoying riding to work forever).

'kisi ki nazar na lage' but I am in awe of the standards, style, consistency & sustenance of the moderation standards on T-BHP. I almost blindly trust the content here (I wonder if it is still light addiction ).
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

If logged in,

01. Subscribed Threads
02. New posts
03. New Threads
04. Forum topics - The Indian car scene
05. Team-Bhp reviews
06. Restoration Threads
07. Motorbikes
08. Shifting gears

In that order, if I really have all the time in the world.

Very rarely the Home page or Hot Threads

If not logged in:
01. New posts
02. Forum topics - The Indian car scene
03. Team-Bhp reviews
Followed by the rest....

Random Threads sometimes...

Bit lazy to post messages, like I wanted to reply to this 2 days ago...
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

This is what I browse usually. The sub-forums which I usually follow are in the sequence below :

1.) Forum
2.) User Control Panel (just incase if there's any new post to the subscribe thread of mine).
3.) Official new car reviews (just view the new posts in some of the threads which I'm usually interested in).
4.) Modifications and accessories (the most-viewed thread here is obviously the thread which has the pics of neatly modified cars and vice versa).
5.) DIY (yeah, this section also keeps me hooked for hour together).
6.) Shifting gears :
a.) The Team-BHP meet section ( I keep visiting the section to keep myself updated with the latest meets happening near me).
7.) The Indian Car scene (I usually open this particular sub-forum thrice a week to keep myself updated with the latest happenings in the Indian Car Scene).

Lastly, inorder to not miss a beautiful ownership or official review, I go to the main page and the read the desired post.
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

This is what I do daily when I open the Team BHP page.

1. Look at the "Hot Threads" section to see what is currently trending and open any new ones which interests me (well I cannot remember last time when something did not interest me on Team BHP).

2. Browse through tending "Hot Threads" section on existing threads to see latest updates.

3. Look through the "News" section for any new updates/scoops etc.

4. Then comes the "Car Reviews" section where I click on "View All Car Reviews" and then sort the list by Post Date which allows me to see what all threads have new posts on them and then based on the updates I go through them one by one.

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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

I do the following:
1. Open homepage and look at the page briefly
2. Go to the news section and check for new updates
3. Go to hot threads and read the new threads

I get the updates on subscribed threads through email but it is difficult to read them due to it being less organized and without images.
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

Open team BHP on mobile.
Home page
Hit threads
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

I access the Team-BHP from my desktop PC mostly. From the home page I click on the recent top threads and skim through them. Next, I check the subscribed threads section (I have to do this manually as I keep email updates turned off) and go through those with new posts. That's my usual dose of team-bhp. If I have more time, I will read one of the fine travelogues on the forum.

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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

This thread will bring up great analytical data i guess , maybe we can put up a voting option as well based on the responses. My first visit is always on the home page, mostly through a mobile. Since devices are generally synced nowadays the pages which i visit frequently are stored and appear as thumbnails in chrome, so when i use a laptop, its the home page as well. When in the home page i check out the scrolling pages first, if there's anything that draws my interest, which is the case most of the time, i open it in a new tab. Then i browse through the news section, for any automotive news and updates. I also check one other site for frequent feeds as i feel the news section in team-bhp lags by a few hours. From there i follow on to the forums from the news section. If there aren't any interesting discussions happening revolving around the news or updates, I go on to click on the forum pages. My main pit stops are the Travelogue section, the Auto Mods section and the Indian Car Scene section. That apart the reviews keep me hooked, sometimes i browse by an old thread, there are just so many hidden gems. I stop by the user CP section as well for any PMs or admin messages etc.
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

My normal routine, every time I log in :
01. User CP
02. Hot threads
03. New Posts
04. News
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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

My way of surfing depends.

Driven by the situation:
I generally keep a tab on the timeline messages I get to see on the T-BHP app while I am on the go. This not only helps me identify the threads of interest to me, but also on the PMs and/or if I have been quoted. So now its there at the back of my mind what I need to do as I get on with my laptop. Clean up the PM space accordingly.

Driven by my mood:
If the above hasn't been the case, then:

- I'd open the home page to look at the banner.
- Look at any hot threads which interest to me.
- Open 'my subscriptions' and follow them for the updates, thank BHPians and report the posts wherever needed.
- Check back my posts for the number of thanks received. Meaning, was the time I spent in drafting and posting worth or in vein?

Driven by the need:
At times, I might be in some need(pertinent to the car or planning a trip and looking for the road conditions etc.) and so I'd search the forum to look for the relevant information from fellow BHPians, and based upon that take a call. Not to mention thank them for the useful information.


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Default Re: Your surfing pattern on Team-BHP?

I start with the news on the home page (the slideshow), and then the hot threads.

One thing I have to appreciate is how team-bhp retains the format optimized for desktop/laptop browsers and continues with vBulletin for forums. These days so many websites have fallen for using various frameworks that end up forcing a mobile/touchscreen UI on laptop users - huge amounts of wasted white space, giant sized menu and icons and even the stupid 3 line menu that is more suited to an Android phone than a full size desktop display! 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' totally applies to the team-bhp website, please maintain the look as it is!

The only request I have is support for RSS feeds in the forums as well as the news on home page. I use Feedly to keep track of sites I follow (similar to the now retired Google Reader), and it would be much more convenient to follow the site from there instead of checking on the homepage.
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