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View Poll Results: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?
Yes, and I read it everyday 335 65.18%
Yes, but I don't bother reading it 72 14.01%
No. Internet is my news source. 107 20.82%
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?


One Gujarati newspaper only. Earlier before internet was so prevalent, we used to get one English and one Gujarati newspaper.

Mom used to read Gujarati newspaper so one Gujarati newspaper was must and with her no more and my grand parents shifting to our place in Vadodara from Ahmedabad, newspaper is a necessity for grandfather. Dad reads it too.

I avoid reading Gujarati newspaper as its difficult for me to read Gujarati (even though my mother tongue is Gujarati).

Originally Posted by GJ01 View Post
OT: Have now inculcated a habit of writing down my notes at office in my mother tongue. Grocery lists are in Gujarati too. Its really fun and keeps my writing skills updated.
While buying groceries from local store, I sometimes have arguments with shopkeeper in case the shop is not regular ones as the shopkeeper will speak any amount in Gujarati and I wont understand it fully. Good that you are still in touch with mother tongue. Writing in Gujarati for me is not as easy as writing in English.

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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I was forced by my father to develop a habit to read newspaper daily. And then I was hooked. My school days, college days, grad, post-grad, wherever I went, I made sure I got a copy of newspaper daily. My choices had been TOI, ET, Business Standard and Live Mint. Got different ones at different points in time. And I used to spend hours to read through the articles and loved the experiences.

Last couple of years, work has taken a toll and I don't get much time to catch up on the newspaper daily. But I still continue with my TOI subscription and read it 4-5 days every week. While travelling (train or flight), I make sure to catch hold of 2-3 English newspapers and then I am set for the journey. If it is a long trip, then a copy of Overdrive or Autocar is also included.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

We subscribe to 2 newspapers, both English - One for News (Deccan Herald) and one for either cleaning the windscreen or checking about new offers at the nearest supermarket or a mall (Times Of India).

Earlier, it was always Deccan Herald but off late, wife complained there is so much information regarding the latest sales by supermarkets and malls that she misses.

And I do read the newspaper at least once a day only because I want to continue the reading habit the old school way and not succumb to online portals or TV channels.

I slowly started to realise that Deccan Herald has started to cover more National and International news when I started subscribing to both ToI and DH. The good thing about DH being that it still covers news from my region (Malnad) quite well and I manage to stay in touch with the happenings there.

Once upon a time, It was Hindu and as C_D says, it was (Still is) one of the finest names in print media when it comes to a daily.

One thing I feel sad about newspapers today is the amount of sensationalism and nonsense that gets added onto the front page. Earlier in school, 2 selected students used to read the headline from Page 1 (News) and Last Page (Sports) loud in front of the assembly soon after the morning prayers.

Today, one can't do that even the front page covers a lot of unwanted news that can easily be a Page 3 material.

But yes, I will continue to subscribe to newspapers in future too - Its something I grab holding a cuppa, sit on the floor and read page after page for 20-30 minutes.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?


One at home and two at the office.

I also store the supplements (the Sunday ones) for a leisurely reading whenever I have time.

I have this habit of cutting interesting articles and pictures (especially those relating to places I plan to visit).

Besides, I also read the Times of India & Financial Express (e-paper) online - as the print version doesn't circulate in the place where I stay.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

As long as we lived in Bangalore we had two papers (Times and Bangalore mirror) home delivered each morning and I would read them at breakfast. After moving to France we don't get any daily papers but pick up the New York Times weekend edition at the supermarket sometimes. Read the news mainly online now.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Originally Posted by CrAzY dRiVeR View Post
Used to be the best newspaper during my school and college days. No non-sense reporting, mostly to the point - and no gossip articles like it was the case with most other publications.

No wonder they are struggling to sell in these days of news sensation.
They succumbed to the other company & sold their mast head along with their ideals... something the HR head said they will never do the same year the new newspaper company opened up in Chennai while I completed my Master's there & interned at The Hindu. The Conch (in the Mast head)... it's sacred to us he said & we'll never compromise on it like they do! End of the day, jackets bring in the packets, and advertisers don't like a silly mast head blocking their viewers eyeballs. We sure live in funny times in India, either chronicled or heralded by expresses or wires or tribuned by others. As far as i'm concerned, The Telegraph and The Statesman still reek of the 90's content wise as well as their websites, and zero sensationalism is a bonus.

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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

It will be sad if institutions of reporting and opinion making like the Hindu keel over. Newspapers in India and most of the world don't just report news they help people form opinions and positions. Imagine no newspapers and only our utterly thrashy news channels. With the internet so strong on news now it might be the newspapers and internet that survive and TV that dies. See what Netflix has done to cable.

I subscribe to the Indian Express and Mint and off again on again to the Business Standard. The internet is only set to show up news on companies, industries and people I am involved with professionally. The early morning ritual is of flipping through the paper, sipping coffee and providing a running commentary aloud to all who care to listen on my views! - most don't care to listen I must add. A few times a year I cut out some really outstanding editorial on foreign affairs mainly or some forward looking matter. Thanks to this habit of an earlier era I saved the copies of Life magazine from July 1969 when man landed on the moon!

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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I do.

And I will keep doing it as long as I have the ability to read!

My tryst with newspapers began at a very young age. A local daily called Janamitra was my first ever read. This was followed by a weekly called Rajakiya Ranga (many Kannadigas in their 50s and 60s would remember this shortlived paper). At the age of around 8 or 9, a shopkeeper friend of my father named Danny (God bless him!) introduced me to The Hindu. The closely printed, tiny letters appeared like a row of small ants to me; I used to require an entire day to read and comprehend a single page. No surprise that within a year or two, I started wearing glasses.

However, it was only in my high school days that The Hindu became a constant companion. Through thick and thin, the newspaper has remained a regular read. I have seen the paper change hands (internally), witnessed it trying to put on a contemporary garb, differed bitterly with its policies and ideologies; but truth be told, none of the others give me satisfaction like this one.

As on date, I have this and the Kannada daily Prajavani home delivered. Since very few people read The Hindu at my place, I have had difficulties in getting it regularly in the past. Fortunately, I have caught hold of the main agent now.

With the mushrooming of new channels, TV news has completely lost its meaning. Its all sound, fury and fairy tales.

As an aside, I hear that getting paper delivery boys is increasingly becoming difficult and hence distributors are forced to do the work themselves.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Yes, it's a daily ritual. We get two papers daily. Deccan Herald and Malayala Manorama. The day seems to be incomplete without starting it by reading the news and ending it by solving the Sudoku puzzle that comes in Deccan Herald.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Yes, we get "The Hindu" everyday. I read it at times and my wifey reads on some occasions. It serves are supplements for managing wet / dry waste due to ban on plastics (garbage bags inclusive)
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My day can't begin without a dose of a newspaper. I also read digital news but if I miss the newspaper in the morning I feel something is wrong that day. It has an old world charm and to be honest a printed word always carry more weight in the minds of an average Joe like me. Strange but it's a fact. The day after a holiday (Diwali, Ayudha Puja, Ugadi etc) leaves a hollow feeling irrespective of the fact that you can remain updated with digital means. Sad to hear about The Hindu. Hope they can revive their fortunes.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Get the TOI, HT and ET delivered home on weekdays, and add the Indian Express on Sundays. Also get The Economist in print, though I read it online more often than not. Consumption of other overseas publications has moved online - I have subscriptions for the FT and the New York Times, and occasionally read Bloomberg News as well (was regular there before the paywall came up). Have debated getting a WSJ subscription, but would give up the NY Times if I opt for that.

BTW, the fall in The Hindu is probably a function of competition from the TOI rather than online competition. Subscriptions have always been a smaller share of revenue for Indian media - the real issue is loss of readership which hits ad revenue as well.

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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Still old school when it comes to daily news.

We get The New Indian Express delivered every day by a local newspaper agent. It's always been Indian Express at our home, remember it from my school days.

The day feels incomplete without reading the newspaper and if I miss reading it in the morning for some reason (rare occasions), make it a point to read it by end of day

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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Yes, I still spend an hour of my time in the morning reading newspapers. One is Deccan Herald and the other is Vijaya Karnataka. The latter is Times of India group and you dont know where the first page is ! But there are still nice articles inside most of times and specifically during Saturdays. Want to move to Vijayavani shortly.
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Default re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I love reading newspaper in the morning and it has been that way for more than 20 years now. We have "The Hindu" and "Malayala Manorama" ( local Malayalam daily) subscription and I like the feeling of holding a physical paper compared to a smartphone.

Also I love reading " The Hindu" and admire the content ( especially the Sunday magazine). The only online source of news I follow is Economic Times and Google news.
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