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View Poll Results: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?
Yes, and I read it everyday 335 65.18%
Yes, but I don't bother reading it 72 14.01%
No. Internet is my news source. 107 20.82%
Voters: 514. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

We subscribe to a kannada news paper. My parents read it a little. The only reason I stopped reading English newspapers is because of highly opinionated reporting and Op-Eds. I am news hungry and read swarajyamag everyday for national and international news as a paid subscriber. I am currently considering subscribing ken magazine since I find their reporting of very high quality.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Yes, I subscribe to TOI and go through it daily for domestic news, means I read first few pages and turn the remaining pages and stop on something of interest.

Its my morning breakfast habit.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Times Group ie Benett, Coleman & Co. has always admitted to not be in the newspaper business. Their managers themselves say they want to simply be an equity fund with significant media holdings.

IMO this makes Times of India just as much a newspaper as Vijay Mallya is an honest victimised businessman.

Anyway, NO newspapers in our house since ~4 years! We weren't as annoyed with Advts as much as we were weary of unethical journalism. It's obvious that when corporates advertisers pay, corporate interests will be served & we will most likely always be shown biased perspectives in the name of news.

It's been thought since decades in our schooling, and we're looking at it play out (Ex. How one political party leader is glorified, or how undertrials like Salman Khan and even convicted criminals like Sanjay Dutt are projected).

Even my parents have started relying on news only from credible online sources including websites like The Wire, scroll, Swarajya etc. Then there are thought provoking interviews on YouTube channels, like Newslaundry, Algebra, NewsClick etc. Although rarely, they do see & share fact-check videos by Dhruv Rathee / Janta Ka Reporter as they are easier to pass around a few important messages narrated in simple terms.

Simply put, we've long realised that if we aren't paying fully for any product, (it could be discounts from Flipkart/Amazon/Uber/Jio, anything), then it is possibly we who might be the product!

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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Nice topic thread!.

I voted for NO, as there wasn't a fourth option for 'NO, I get the new I need from people around me and the internet'.

I stopped reading the newspaper almost 15 years ago. The only time I skim through the newspaper is when I am visiting my parents during holidays. The Hindu used to be the staple, but for the last few years its been 'The new Indian express'. My folks feel that 'The Hindu' has turned into a spineless mouthpiece of their political masters.

I feel there has been a huge decline in the quality of the content reported in newspapers nowadays. Most of the reporting is strongly biased and there is plenty of mis-reporting going around. Also, there are too many distracting adverts.

I don't seem to miss reading the newspaper. I feel my time is best spent doing other things and reading content that adds value to my life. I refrain from giving time to all the negative news and reporting that is rife nowadays. A bigger no-no are the TV news channels - they are headache-inducing-scream-fest with no proper intelligent sane discussion on any topic. Also the graphics that run across the screens can induce a migrane attack or epileptic seizure.

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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Its a daily ritual for me to read The Hindu!

When I was a kid I remember my Dad reading The Hindu from whom I got the habit. Then my Principal in School use to suggest to read the Editorial of The Hindu to improve our English vocabulary.

Though I spend a lot of time online I get all the news via Twitter through my work day, I just read the headlines and then the next day I read it in detail in The Hindu.

The feeling of holding the newspaper in your hand and reading cannot be replaced by online news!

Its sad that The Hindu is struggling with revenues. Its the case of "Good Guys end up last".
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I still read the newspaper and it is a regular affair. I read one regional (Anandabazar) and The Telegraph. The only reason for not watching the TV, being, the news channels are really annoying with all the circus.
I do follow news feed that pops up in my mobile.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Voted YES to both getting and reading a physical newspaper.

While I always track the latest updates through news apps, I find reading at length on a phone not very ergonomic; unless it's a quick glance. These newspapers are delivered home (as are the automobile magazines)
  • Times of India (for the neighbourhood goings-on as well as event listings)
  • Mint (Especially the Saturday Lounge edition, which I savour leisurely, coffee in hand)
  • ET Wealth (a weekly issue) is something I pick up every Monday before I board my bus
I mostly start my weekday just before the (laid back) newspaper guy makes it to my door, however, I preserve the previous day's Mint for my morning commute for their editorials/feature. Finally, the low floor Volvo 8400 (NMMT) bus completes my newspaper experience, thanks to its brilliant air suspension
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I do read various newspapers but only online. It has been years since I stopped subscribing to a paper newspaper. I don't see any point in getting old news when you can see the latest news for free online. In addition you have so many other options on the internet rather than just one source of news in the form of a physical newspaper. I do enjoy skipping through a physical newspaper once in a while if I see one at a hotel or a café.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

No news on the phone for me except what I get in my Google Now app. Still subscribe to TOI for fun and IE for serious stuff and actual news as IMHO that feel of paper in your fingers is a feeling I just can't live without. I especially love the Sunday edition of IE along with the EYE and its movie reviews on Saturdays. Like I said before I also enjoy TOI and all its associated tabloids and supplements as nice light reading options.

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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I usually spend about an hour every day reading the indian express(IMO the best newspaper) and I usually finish all sections except sports. On sundays I usually spend 2-3 hours with the sunday express. I also get news from and livemint . I think reading a newspaper is a more comprehensive way of getting news as compared to the internet and also friendlier to the eyes. TV channels only provide sensationalism masquerading as news and hence are best avioded. you can watch 2 hours of people shouting at each other and yet not learn a single new thing! Those precious hours are much better spent with a newspaper in hand.

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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Honestly, we do get the newspaper for weekends only (TOI). Honestly, we dont get it for reading but for the paper. We need paper for day to day chores like garbage bin lining for dry waste, cupboard linings etc.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

I rely on a healthy mix of coffee, Twitter, Livemint, Bloomberg and podcasts for forming my opinions. The Indian news channel that we get on TV are absolutely abhorring, I use it only to see live visuals in case of flooding or other disasters (a little more reliable than unofficial Twitter users).

Hindu is paying the price for not adapting to the times. If Tata Sky and other DTH services in India don't pay heed to the juggernaut that is the internet, they may soon fall prey to the Jio GigaFiber. Although even today if go to Pondy, I prefer to pick up the newspaper with the morning coffee. There's nothing quite like a local newspaper in a small town.
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

It is a habit and without a glance of the newspaper in the morning with the coffee, there is an incomplete feeling.

As much as I love Wion news on TV these days, Mint gives the same feeling of clean easy reading. (Particularly saturdays, as someone else pointed out)
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

Yes, same for me. I get very upset if I don't read the newspaper. Its a habit that my grandfather imbibed in me long back. I dont like sifting through content on the internet (except for automobiles) and newspapers are the best in such cases as they have everything sorted for you.

Plus, my mom (and lately, my wife) dont allow me to take my laptop or the tablet to the restroom so content consumption can be problem once inside
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Default Re: Do you still get newspapers delivered at home?

At home and office, we get Times of India. That has more ads than newscontent. I do read newspapers online. Once in a while, I do buy the Dina Malar to improve my Tamizh reading and writing skills.

During coffee break at work, I do solve the crosswords and SuDoKu in the Bangalore Mirror that is delivered at office in addition to ToI

I am pushing for a change of newspaper at home to Deccan Herald as I find that it has not much rubbish and the editorials are quite balanced in their opinion. I read DH online

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