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Default Re: My ex-company (a giant MNC) wants me to pay notice period shortfall, I didn't propose the end da

I faced the same situation a few years ago while parting ways with a company after 8 years.
Early relieving was assured and even after multiple follow-ups with the HR team, I wasn’t shared a f&F statement till the last day of the notice period.

When the bomb hit me, I had no option but to pay as I was to join the next company the following day. My immediate manager tried his best to sort things out with the HR to no avail.

He lent me the money to pay off the company and go my way in the end.

Good thing is, I was able to convince the next company to foot the bill since it was at their insistence that I requested for an early release.
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Default Re: My ex-company (a giant MNC) wants me to pay notice period shortfall, I didn't propose the end da

I did a jump from Sutherland with 1 year experience without serving the extra month's notice period for which they had asked for pay out, thereby losing my experience certificate. But the HR in my next company just asked for my pay slip when I had summarized the ordeal at Sutherland and my story of pursuing my passion.

Also, in this situation you are leaving your desk job to pursue your passion, why not give yourself a challenge of not going back to the taxing work environment again? i.e leave without a experience certificate.

In case you wan't to go back to the industry, you'd have your 6 years pay slips.

As the company can't touch your PF, you can claim that too. If they delay the process, you can approach the territory Labour officer. No company would want to be black listed at the Labour office. Atleast in Kerala that's what happens. I was in Kakkanad, Ernakulam and the Labour Officer was a miracle worker who smoothed things out for me.

I wanted to quit my job to rehearse and tour with my band and finally didn't succumb to company's bullying. I'm back in the IT sector but that's another story and manage to produce music part time.

But your passion is not something that you could do part time and I totally relate to what pushed you to make the decision. Hope you have peace of mind in whichever path you choose to travel. Peace out
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Default Re: Notice period shortfall has been waived off

Finally- An Update & a good one

First of all - many thanks to the comments suggesting resolving this amicably and/or by meeting the centre head.
GTO, wolg, RJK, KrisTvpm, libranof1987, dextor, Lobogris, charanreddy, Loneridder, dicor, AVL500,

1. I met the Centre Head back in July.
2. He immediately saw through the situation & remarked
" Your manager & HR should have sorted this out way earlier.. I am not sure why they let it linger for so long., It was very well within their discretion to sort this out!!"
3. I sighed. Showed him screenshots & records to convey the amount of follow up done from my end (my functional manager & the HR manager)

Long story-short

4. He took the resign/LWD/etc details from me & put up a case (I only got to know about this verbally from him)
5. I had to follow up like every 15-20 days after that to check on it.
6. Earlier this month I had a small credit in my account (it was leave encashment - which was stuck against the shortfall waiver claim from the company.)
7. I called up Centre head & he confirmed that the case had gone through & I had to follow up with the HR for clarification & closure documentation.

8. I called up HR & she confirmed that the Notice shortfall had been waived off. The HR was still clueless (as expected) about the further settlement, so I had to remind and get it in process as well.


Basis the talk with centre head, All of us, who thought, that I had a fair case for a waiver (request at the least, if not demand) were pretty much right with our understanding/interpretation.

It was a grey area. Me asking for early relieve - without specifying the date/NP.
The manager giving a date, but not mentioned waived off NP.
HR manager not anywhere in process of relieving, whatsoever.

It was definitely NOT obvious for me to pay up, but if I had been thorough, it could have been avoided (by my own actions).

The Centre head repeated more than couple of times, that the Functional Manager should have cleared it up with help of the HR, EVEN if it wasn't sorted while I resigned or even after the relieving process was over.

Lessons Learned-
  1. While resigning, even if things may be obvious to you in a contract, keep them on email (and confirmed) by the involved authorities/parties, all preferably in copy on the email.
  2. Explicit Documentation is all the more important, if you are aware of some "responsibility-shirking" people in the loop!
  3. If in a soup, approach the authority, with a polite consideration request.
  4. If that doesn't work, only other route that might work is legal - which may be long, tiresome and never favourable for individuals (employees), but you will end up burning bridges & leaving on a sour/bitter note - which is again, absolutely YOUR call, but you should know about this option (My ex-company (a giant MNC) wants me to pay notice period shortfall, I didn't propose the end date) as well.

I am so GLAD, Team-bhp has a place called Shifting-Gears, where we can discuss all other aspects of our lives & people with common interests, experience & willing to help - actually come forward with such wealth of advice!
I am happy to be a part of this thriving & mature online community.
Thank you for your consideration & for taking time out to help each other.
Grateful to all of you.
Have a nice day!


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