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aaggoswami 20th November 2019 20:27

Re: The plight of IT professionals in their 40s

Originally Posted by am1m (Post 4696598)
*There are always signs - hiring freezes, frequent mentions of 're-org', 'new structure', 'domain shifts', etc. at meetings leading up to the event....
*Work hard/smart, but never let your job take priority over your interests, family and health. It's a job, not your life.

Excellent post. When there is change in high level position like the one you have cited, things are definitely not smooth. And that too if there is a rough year behind or firm is in troubled times, some major changes and lay-offs happen. Also, the biggest indicators like hiring freeze, re-structure, re-alignment, etc. are all the same usually indicating something big, one has to be very cautious during these stages.

One has to maintain some visibility and yet, be at good terms. When managers are asked to select whom to let go, any disturbance/conflict of sub-ordinate with manager might be impactful. Be good, polite but really, really alert. Many times, critical flow of information reaches those subordinates first who are really close to managers.

Job taking priority over family and health is worst thing that one can do, literally. Family is the first thing that will stand by you in troubled times along with close friends and many a times, relatives too. Judgement towards an individuals' skill set with respect to lay off is a stigma our Indian society has to get rid off. If an excellent performer is a perceived threat for manager and/or multiple colleagues, that outstanding performer might be let off.

Debt is best avoided for those who can, credit is beautiful facility but once its stressed, an impending disaster can unleash.

Latheesh 20th November 2019 23:46

Re: My experience of getting fired!
I started my career in 2001 and had EMI payment from the day 1. I was paying one or the other EMI till mid 2015. Came out of all EMIs (by mid 2015) and do not have any debt now (other than monthly credit card payments). Thanks all for sharing your experience here.

StarrySky 21st November 2019 01:04

Re: The plight of IT professionals in their 40s

Originally Posted by am1m (Post 4696598)
*Who gets laid off is based purely on cost/revenue generated numbers. So never think that a job loss reflects on your abilities.

So very true most of the time. A few years back, my company decided to downsize. The management chose to close down an entire office in another location and let (almost) everyone go. Among the 200-odd people in my business unit there, only 5 "survived" (the company did not nominate the "survivors", there was an interview process which any affected person from the location could attend).

A couple of other experiences during my time in the industry:
- In 2001, the company I worked for at that time was going through a tough time. The management called for a meeting of the entire company (it was a small enough company to fit almost everyone in an auditorium). In order to save jobs, management announced 20% salary cut across the board. Most of us were relieved - after all, losing 20% was better than losing 100%. It's another matter that the company still let people go for performance reasons.

- Similar situation again in 2008, similar kind of meeting arranged, and we were expecting a similar announcement. The CEO said that in tough times we all need to stretch, and he would want it to begin at the very top. There were 5 people in the leadership team. As part of the "stretch", he announced that "Mr.X and Mr.Y will no longer be with the company" and he and the other two in the leadership team would "stretch" to cover their responsibilities as well. Everyone got the message and job cuts soon followed.

Romins 17th December 2019 19:50

Re: My experience of getting fired!
Most of us start working to meet some fundamental needs- food, shelter, clothes, family etc. But later work takes centre stage and we don't get time to enjoy these fundamental human needs. Then we start looking elsewhere for happiness. Most of these routes are not ethical or moral, and very expensive. Sometimes, it is good to take a deep look and answer the question of why we work so hard?

FORTified 18th December 2019 10:35

Re: My experience of getting fired!
Having spent 23+ years in the IT industry, mostly in product development companies, and seeing multiple cycles of up and downs, I gathered some early signs of bad times around the corner.

If a bunch of top level managers leave for no apparent reason OR the HR head is removed without notice, you can be sure that something BIG [and BAD] is going to happen soon.

These are the guys that will be in the know of things, they are expensive and they will be given enough opportunity to look for alternatives before lessor mortals are impacted.

am1m 9th January 2020 07:56

Re: The plight of IT professionals in their 40s

Originally Posted by am1m (Post 4696598)
Well, as I'm typing this it looks like I've just survived the 3rd layoff that's happened...Always a downer, but this time in particular because it's affected a colleague with whom I've worked with on different teams, for nearly 6 years. I've just returned after walking with him to the entrance and out of the company where he's spent a decade as a high-performer across teams.

Am happy to be able to post a positive follow-up to this. My friend just got another job at a much better place! So it worked out rather well for him, he got 5 months severance pay and got a job in 2 months, so a better company and 3 months free pay.

I realize not every case will be this good, but there's enough to be hopeful, there are still jobs out there. My friend seemed to have all the classic points against, he's in his mid-40s (there's a separate thread on the forum about the career difficulties of IT guys past 40), was in a quasi-management role, had been with the company for 10 years. Still worked out well.

What helped was leveraging his network. During his stint, he was always helpful and a nice guy to everyone, even during stressful times. The sort of guy you would willing go out of your way to help. Plus, he was always doing some job-related learning/certification or the other, one after the other. I guess that made a difference.

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