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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

I try and use any social media on desktop, in-fact, I try to reply and read [especially travelogues] on the desktop.

I have no games or any app for watching web-series. I use WA but that is mostly for work or for friends, no stupid forwards.

Install a screen time management and watch it, feel guilty about it.

I browse/surf only when I have nothing to and I am waiting for someone. While traveling I prefer to look at views [the rare case when I am not driving], prefer to do some odd jobs at home [like cleaning my cars/bikes] or playing with my daughter, helping her in her homework or chatting up with mom/dad/wife.

Try to find a hobby or any other way to keep you engaged instead of spending time on the screen. I am off work for past 8-10 months and whenever I am free, I try to access any thing related to internet via the desktop.

Only thing I do via my mobile is streaming music.
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Folks at home think, that I sped too much time with my Phone, but I like to think otherwise .
I had one addiction though, I use to check work related emails all the time and use to reply immediately.
But now I have controlled that, I occasionally check from phone and reply only during working hours.

Could you guys suggest a good screentime app for Android?
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

I got onto FB in 2007. Since 2008, I was a part of the Digital Marketing Industry and hence FaceBook was a must. However, as every year went past, I started seeing a trend of narcissm and self praise in FaceBook which I was not very comfortable with. The last straw in the camel's back for me was when something that I was discussing with a friend on WhatsApp was the subject of FaceBook ads in my Feed.

That was when I took the decision to get out of FaceBook and WhatsApp completely. I deleted my account after 12 years and likewise, my WhatsApp account as well.

I am currently very happy and peaceful without these two.
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Internet or no internet, its part of human psychology to run away from the reality. Any addiction is a manifestation of an underlying problem, the problem to run away from taking pressure or ownership of time and task.Its relentless struggle for all of us. Anything besides facing lets say in your case exam will be soothing but facing reality and working on it.

I suggest you start planning out little task on hourly basis and start doing it, trust me the gratification of completing your work as planned will itself motivate you and you will start being away from phone. Since only 50 days are left I request you to stop bothering about getting like minded people on board on T-Bhp or starting threads on anything. Please start dividing your tasks on hourly basis and start completing them, your own little accomplishments will motivate you.
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Originally Posted by boniver View Post

Thank you for your kind words, N33raj Sir! First off, and I couldn't help saying this: I'm glad I found another person who uses BlackBerry devices in this day and age.
Thank you. And please do not address me as Sir; i am not that old yet!
On all things BlackBerry, let us discuss over PM as this is not the appropriate forum. I read your post; looks like you are into BB a lot. Fyi, i started with a 8700v then 8100 Pearl, 9500 Storm, 9550 Storm2, 9800 Torch, 9900 Bold4, Q10, Priv. Of these, i now have the Storms, Bold4 and Priv. The rest are gone.
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Hey Boniver - Brilliant article

I don't usually read long articles, but, I must admit that, this one did catch my attention. Because, I'm struggling with digital addiction and I've spent countless hours/days thinking a way to get rid of it. Till date, honestly, I haven't been able to find a permanent solution. I'm going to state my problems below:

My addiction is with this thing called "YouTube". I'm on it while on the commute to office and back home, at home, while on bed etc etc... the list is long...

What all I tired to get rid it this?

1. I tired to uninstall YouTube from my Android phone Android doesn't allow this, it just allows you to disable the YouTube App. You cannot permanently delete this App from your smart phone. Once disabled, the YouTube App won'e be visible to you, but at the back of your mind, it's always there, whenever you feel like watching it, just go to settings, enable the App and start wasting your time!

2. I also have got an iPhone6. I decided to ditch my Android phone and switch to iOS, as this doesn't come by default with YouTube. I decided that, whatever be it, I'm not gonna download YouTube to this phone. I used it for 2 weeks, but I didn't find the iOS ecosystem as user friendly as Androids. All the Apps which I was used to on my Android phones didn't work as expected on iOS (For e.g. I depend a lot on TrueCaller. This allows me to block all the Spam calls (I've a huge blocked spam list) and the best is, it identifies the Spam calls and gives you an option to just ignore it or reject it. During those two weeks when I used my iPhone, I used to answer all my calls and 3/4th of them used to be spams. (My observation is that TrueCaller doesn't work well with iPhones.) Hence, after getting frustrated with the spam calls, I decided to ditch my iPhone and move on with a new idea!

3. I switched over to a basic (non-smart) phone (Samsung Guru). This idea also didn't last long as, nowadays we are so used to the digital payments (Paytm, GooglePay, PhonePe etc. etc. which is really convenient) For making payments, I had to always carry another smart phone with me. And, even with this idea, I couldn't get be any far away from avoiding the spam calls.

So, finally, I'm back to my Android device. Though, I have consciously cut down on my YouTube time, but still I do spend a lot of time watching videos.

Few quick points here:
1. I cannot keep my phone out of my reach while sleeping as my job requires me to attend emergency calls.(So there is no question of keeping my phone in another room)

2. Is there a way, where I can get a duplicate sim for the same number? Use one sim in the smart phone and the other one in a basic phone. Once home from work, I can probably switch off the smart phone.

Any suggestions?

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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Originally Posted by drive1987 View Post

Any suggestions?
Ya, turn off your data.
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Default Re: Help yourself: Freedom from digital addiction

Few things I've tried: (And had good success)
1. Use mobile websites instead of apps. Cut down big time on sports apps (espncricinfo etc)
2. Enable monochrome mode. I've set the triple-click on home button accessibility shortcut for this on my iPhone
3. Turn off useless notifications for apps (Twitter in my case)
4. Always keep the phone in Silent (not possible for everyone)
5. Leave WhatsApp groups with tons of forwards every day
6. Communicate more on email/google hangouts. Facebook messages are email notifications to me. I open them if I think it is important
7. Put your phone at least at near your foot if you can't keep it in another room
8. Live with as few devices as possible. I've sold my pixelbook. I've three devices which are absolutely necessary- Kindle, personal Laptop, and Phone.
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