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Old 20th September 2019, 11:39   #61
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

We have TATA sky box and gets renewed only when parents or in-laws come over. They see few regional channels so it is activated for a month and that about it.
Going forward we are planning to completely ditch the Satellite TV.

Coming to think about it, they have had a rather short stint. Cable TV existed for ages and still exists in few places. But Set-top-box will be going off the market at least in the metros in a rather short time.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Originally Posted by FrodoOfTheShire View Post
I rarely watch TV, same for my wife. Our TV consumption is less than 30 min average daily. I am subscribed mostly to English movie channels and the infotainment channels.
Ditto.. Voted No (At least not yet). I was cordless (Satellite TV) for over 2 years when I was out of country. Netflix and Amazon Prime was our main source of entertainment.

However, I subscribed to D2h connection, when I returned. I didnít feel like pondering about trivial things like what to watch every day. Our daily TV consumption is around 30-45 minutes during dinner, which revolves around few movies and infotainment channels. Apart from D2H I use Airtel Xtreme which is bundled with mobile subscription and Amazon prime. Again, content consumption on these platforms are rare and mostly used during weekends.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

We are moving to Gurugram where there is centralised distribution of TataSky and Airtel. So strictly we will not have our own dish, but shall stay with Tatasky.

I may add my rant, earlier I used to have an 'all in' pack now one has to pick and choose (at a higher cost). Is this not affecting my 'freedom of choice'. There a a few channels which I watch once in a blue moon only. Now I must subscribe and pay!
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

I've personally cut the cord but my parents still enjoy Tata Sky quite a bit.

Netflix + Amazon Prime + Hotstar + Sony Liv really takes care of all entertainment and sporting needs. Sony Liv is really under-rated - has all the ATP Tournaments - 250, 500 and 1000 series and some great shows like Counterpart and Handmaid's Tale.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

For me, I like the randomness of TV. I like to watch any good pre-watched movie's 10-20 minute scene, or any comedy show which I can enjoy. Adding to that, managing and switching between apps - and the ones which are not installed on my smart tv it feels worse to miss any part of live action - be it a game or anything else. From a monetary perspective as well, TV is cheaper on monthly subscriptions if you consider larger data connection and monthly subscription of too many apps.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Pro tip = use "Just Watch" to find movies - here is a sample index of 1200 well rated movies on the usual platforms (you can tweak the Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB scores as per your preferences).
Thanks for the tip, found it very useful. Generally I used to google for good movies or ask my friends for movie suggestions but now I can use this.

No, I am not ditching my Tata-Sky any time soon. My grandfather and mother are the only persons at home to watch tv, their requirements boil down to few regional channels to watch serials and news and that's it, for their requirement I felt TataSky is sufficient.

And for my requirement I use laptop.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

I'm ready, but the only problem is "Parents are so used to watching Bhakti TV, SVBC, etc. Dad watches the news 24x7" and also they are not that well versed with streaming platforms. Most of the time, my mom, who is a huge movie buff, asks me for a particular movie and I will search for it and stream.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Got my last TV a year ago. No STB, cable etc. Only connected with Prime Stick. News are available on HotStar, for anything else, its YouTube, Netflix, Prime, HOOQ, etc. Do not miss my sky connection even a bit. No wonder TataSky partnering up with Netflix, Prime etc. do provide content directly on DTH set-top box.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

It appears majority are cutting cord as per this poll. This is skewed by the Gentlmen and ladies of TBHP. Majority of non-techie population does not require a broadband with speeds beyond 4 mbps speed and 40gb limit, so DTH/cable remains a very cheap option if used judiciously.

I would not be cutting the cord for the next couple of years at least. Reason I dont subscribe to too many channel and my cable cost remains less than Rs.200 for the past 4 years (earlier on pick by channel pack of Dish) now on TS with hardly 3-5 paychannels.

I watch tv rarely but primarily it is used by Domestic helps and guests. It is peaceful if the choices are minimal or else it becomes irritating trying to select from indefinite choices.

I bought a new tv with firestick which I use about 4 hours per week, primarily cartoon for 15 min/day, 1 or 2 movies split all through the week
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
I am cutting the cord today
Whoa!! I cannot believe this for 2 reasons...
1. Our subscription with Tata Sky got over on 19-Sep & decided to put an end
2. I was wondering yesterday how many of them in TBhp will also discontinue & thought of starting a thread

Our usage have shrunk to half hour a day when having lunch during weekdays & almost nothing in weekend for more than 1.5 years now. When one of our kid started getting addicted to TV, we suspended the subscription for 3 months. That's when we all learned to live without TV. Then once again after renewal (did that for the sake of it) suspended for 3 months

Anyway almost all the programs are now either live or available on YT or some other source

First time in my life I've thanked TRAI for charging NCF

Wondering what might be the next technology? Can we as individuals start sending our own channel satellites? Air our own programs? Have our own viewers?
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Just wondering if anyone has used one of those Chinese Android (set top) boxes such as Pendoo? From the looks of it, you can install any android app into it and stream to watch. A few youtube videos have even shown how to install the JioTV app, so that takes care of flicking channels and watching live TV.

Would be good to know the experience if anyone has already been using it.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Did that for almost 2 years now. Primarily depend on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix. For other things, its borrow the login/password for a day or two from your friend and friendly neighbors .

The reason I got read of cable is due to advertisement. Why pay so much when you have to see ad for 50% of time. Now its almost too late for d2h guys, even if they reduce ad drastically, the choice of content in online services are impossible to beat for d2h.

But then there is bad in online service too; that to get all contents, one needs to take too many services, due to the reason that major programs are exclusive to each provider. But online streaming is here to stay.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

I recently disconnected my dish tv and feel very happy about the decision. Also the Dish TV players are way too annoying close to your recharge period. They will send you reminders on email, SMS or call you. Hence inaugurated Amazon Fire Stick by cutting the cord
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

Voted "Other". I do not have an active cable tv connection in the house but it gets activated when parents or in laws come over; this has been the norm since the last 3 years or so. They are used to operating the generic remote controller and so i would rather not introduce them to streaming services.

For my entertainment i have books(!) and i catch up with relevant news in office. The wife and son have AirTel fibre services for their needs; i use it once in a blue moon to watch some good movie and that about it.
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Re: Cutting the cord - Ditching Satellite TV

My monthly Airtel DTH package costs me Rs 316(I have selected each channel I want and not taken their bouquet). My TV consumption is only on weekends and that too while having dinner. Not a fan of any of the original series on any platforms. Parents are also content with some soaps, news and spiritual channels. Do not have any broadband/wi-fi at home and everybody is content with their daily 1.5 GB quota of data that comes free with their phone connections. So I have no pressing need to cut the cord now or in near future unless something revolutionary or disruptive comes up from any company.
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