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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by Sheel View Post
The Flipkart courier service is terrible
Originally Posted by am1m View Post
Very true.
Agree too. In my town the product arrives on time but they decide to delay it for 3 additional days because reasons. Upon asking why the Flipkart customer care says it went ahead of this destination and will take that long for it to return. First time was ok (Oppo Reno 10x) but they do it for every order now (on 17th for ROG2 which had arrived but delivered yesterday). As worse as local courier service. Amazon used to have a depot here but they closed it and it comes from Nagpur. Even then they deliver it on time and without any hassles. Order only Amazon Fulfilled or Flipkart Plus so not comparing third-party seller deliveries.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Another Amazon fan. Infact have been buying from .Com since more than a decade so transition was very smooth, initially used to compare prices with FK but have even stopped doing that since the last couple of years. But don't buy perfumes from Amazon, mostly have found them to be fakes. Even flipkart has fake perfume but they have been kind enough to refund
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Let's give it to Flipkart for making us, the lesser mortals from small cities, aware of Online shopping and get stuff that is available internationally to tier 3 cities. I've purchased many items, especially electronics from Flipkart. One of my first big purchase was a Samsung Tab for Dad. And then there were many mobiles and other stuff. But I gradually moved to Amazon for almost everything and have been shopping on Amazon as first choice. I do check Flipkart for comparison sake and even order from it if price and seller are fine. My only preference on Flipkart was WS Retail and on Amazon is Cloudtail. Although now there are many sellers with good reviews.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon Prime is the reason to prefer Amazon, which comes with Video and Music as part of the package. The Music service is mediocre, but does have a decent collection comparable to Youtube/Play music, only the audio quality isn't that great.

Even among shopping, most regular items are either shipped to you the next day, this practically never happened with Flipkart who had the first mover advantage in India.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

First preference is Amazon. May be since I started using Amazon from 2000 when I was in US. I have tried Flipkart, have not had problems, but the UI is not as intuitive/friendly as Amazon.

Then again, Snapdeal is where I had picked up my more expensive purchases like my Ecodrive and a Sony smartphone. But it's back to Amazon when I got my iPhone.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Snapdeal cheats down-right. They held on to my cash for 3 months, in several instances, and on the day of delivery sent a sorry message. So my money was with them for at least 4 months! Flipkart delivery boys have a mind of their own, they suddenly decide not to service one area and deliver grocery (happened twice), and the Company wont force them or take action. Amazon has been uneventful (noting negative to report) so far.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon it is. Amazon Pay and Amazon Prime integration makes it very convenient to use. I widely use amazon pay for all utility bill payments and small ticket offline purchases. The whole user experience is seamless. Must admit that I was flipkart fanboy during the initial days. However, the superior experience with amazon has made me shift my loyalty!
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Although the poll is still in the early stages with only a handful of votes but the trend seems to be quite interesting. I never thought Amazon would trump Flipkart with such a margin.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Originally Posted by Aditya_Bhp View Post

For general household goods, Amazon is cheaper and has better collection, right from soaps to mattresses, Amazon is better. But Flipkart is better in high value goods. Mobile, Tablets and other electronics are significantly cheaper on Flipkart than Amazon, especially on Big Billion Days.
I use HDFC Smartbuy. It enables me to compare the prices of the same product on Amazon, Flipkart and other retailers. Also, I get a 10x rewards point boost for purchasing the item through this channel, thatís easily a saving of 15% on top of the discounts by Amazon and Flipkart.
Small low value rare items: Amazon
Big high value items: Flipkart
Bang on. Very useful post. I wish there was a simple +1 button for this post without getting infracted!

Electronics and home appliances (TV, AC, microwave, refrigerators, washing machine, air purifier) - buy from Flipkart. They are always cheaper. More so if you have flipkart plus membership as pluscoins can be used for additional discounts.

Amazon for everything else.

Also for people who don't have HDFC cards and cannot use smartbuy app, use any of the various cashback websites like CashKaro or Coupondunia and get some additional discounts (because these websites pass on some of their affiliate income to the shopper).
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have never had a bad experience with either of the two and nowadays both are equally good. In my case I would say 80 percent of my total orders are from amazon (especially because they give free delivery to prime members) but most big ticket items are from flipkart. I am very lazy and since the last two years or so I am buying everything online.
Flipkart usually has more options for mobile phones and is vastly better as a fashion site. I also feel that flipkart delivers big items like furniture and appliances to more locations including rural. amazon has pantry, free delivery, prime music and video which flipkart does'nt offer.

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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

My experience is mixed. Had good and bad experience with both. Amazon return policy and procedure is comparatively better than Flipkart's. Flipkart delivered bigger items to places where Amazon could not deliver.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Amazon all the way. The review system on FK seems quite fake and doctored.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

Voted Amazon.
Flipkart was good till for some reason they blacklisted my pincode and other pincodes in my area. That made me switch to Amazon and it has been an enjoyable experience so far. By then my pincode was removed from the blacklist but having used Amazon for everything, we did not go back to Flipkart as regularly as we usually would.
Have had a few problems with products shipped by Amazon but they have always resolved the issues to my benefit.
Their returns and refund policy is very good - in my experience.
Amazon Pantry is used for household stuff because they tend to always have discounts that Big Bazaar doesn't.
With Amazon I also have the Prime membership so that helps with my streaming movies, shows and documentaries.
I also find the items on Amazon Basics to be good enough - writing pads, charging cables for phones etc.

Flipkart is rarely browsed except when certain books are not available on Amazon or very expensive on Amazon.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I prefer Amazon for most of my online purchases. Most important factor for me is the delivery speed (of course I have Prime). Plus Amazon has the option to get your purchase sent to a pick-up point, which I find convenient when nobody is at home recieve the package.

I use Flipkart only for non-electronics items that are not available in Amazon.
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Default Re: Amazon vs Flipkart - Which do you prefer & why?

I have had mixed experience of both.

Have ordered multiple items from both during this triple festive sell to get maximum card discounts. Got first a 5ft and then 7ft curtain set on ordering a set of 9ft long curtains from Flipkart and finally gave up. Amazon delivered a Geyser that had rusting around the edges (urgent requirement, can't return). Other products were delivered without a glitch. Still awaiting delivery of a few high value items from each of these.

My long term experience would be on similar lines. The only difference is that Amazon seems to have better stock of niche/off-beat items and has better deals on them. Likewise, in the same category, Amazon is more likely to show costlier, high quality products whereas Flipkart will give me the cheapest deals on inferior brand. So, although I have bought roughly the same number of items from each of them, have probably paid five times more to Amazon!

Delivery (from Amazon) of Tokina ultra wide angle lens for my Nikon DSLR (bought earlier this year from Amazon) is scheduled for tomorrow. Excited like a kid!
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